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  1. Time Submitted: 03:28:58 PM | 06/17/18 Submitted By: Proxy (2504) In-Game Name: [SPZ] Proxy Steam / Player ID: 76561198090234633 Date of Event: 06/17/18 Link to evidence (player report or video): Given to Lubo due to house location Details of Event: my house crates despawed 4 of them with mar10 10mags lrps & suppressor Compensation Amount: just like the gun and goodies back Confirmation of legitimacy: Yes I understand and agree.
  2. Proxy

    TCF | The Chosen Few

    merg with SPZ locked thread all trails need to re apply on SPZ.
  3. Proxy

    TCF | The Chosen Few

    Accepted for trail, @Kr4ken has ts info ect we will use our own
  4. TCF spots are filling up fast every time internal invites get it while the shits poppin or be denied before to late 

  5. Proxy

    TCF | The Chosen Few

    Welcome are newest member @Kr4ken bringing the love from Scottish lands @Bunny @Suntar view? Invite and see?
  6. Proxy

    TCF | The Chosen Few

    Fk me that rosta glorious, give that man more crayons
  7. Proxy

    Maintenance yesterday.

    Why else get a new host ?
  8. As for post like @ivy said just wait till low pop do the run so na from me also
  9. I'd like all runs to be buffed tbh , since I came back I notice it's just crap unless 50% is on , not extreme buff but extra 200k on some high tiers runs would be nice , weapons is decent only on sale buff , if not when the buff is on its 1.3mil after you buy the stuff running it in hemit box which is pretty shit when your spending 660k. Before coke was the thing to do making 1.6/1.9 a run depending on cartels and buff now its pants
  10. Proxy

    TCF | The Chosen Few

    are new top role player @GloriousMaximus And his big colouring book
  11. Proxy

    TCF | The Chosen Few

    Standard pro pic welcome lad
  12. Proxy

    TCF | The Chosen Few

    Awwwwww lol it's high amount to ween on the plebs its number aimed for now ,not a must but depending on if we know you /rep on server like the age requirement
  13. @Suntar  you rosta has been minced by @Lubo lol 

    1. Lubo


      noo never xD

    2. Proxy


      Admin abuse xd come play anytime lad 

  14. Proxy

    TCF | The Chosen Few

    Good to here mate we won't stand for any of that aids like before when certin people played just good lads good comms top banter We will be using my ts msg lads for pass ect
  15. Proxy

    TCF | The Chosen Few

    @Lubo and give me that money bitch mr slippy hiding in my orca @Rabs @Bunny @PJJ