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  1. £49965400 (£50MIL) Giveaway / quitting.

    Peaky Blinders.
  2. Bullet Proof bank walls.

    To op please nerf
  3. Top Hobo Fragger

    Best is to just fk about with setting pal can do loads on vegas
  4. PhoenixRP or Phoenixpvp

    Rp on 100fps
  5. PhoenixRP or Phoenixpvp

    Fight or flight , people choose the to fight , we won't change how want to play
  6. PhoenixRP or Phoenixpvp

    Could you please stay on topic Ps FYI I call everyone names irrelevant of gender
  7. PhoenixRP or Phoenixpvp

  8. PhoenixRP or Phoenixpvp

    Sorry baby cakes
  9. PhoenixRP or Phoenixpvp

    My advice it make getting guns harder and have to work for it , more civs less gang life so to speak , it's v easy here even in a week I got my advance twice , gear has little to no value imo and if I had to value my gear more I'd probably not trying kidnap people 24/7 , and btw no one have ever once comply for me to even RP and kidnap , pure for value on gear and might see a change Trolling
  10. PhoenixRP or Phoenixpvp

    #banthecombatgangs let's make it happen Does your 100 pure RP need armed hell cats and red zones
  11. PhoenixRP or Phoenixpvp

    Had to edit it little timmy
  12. PhoenixRP or Phoenixpvp

    TL dr , can't force people to play how you want it to be played , admins don't like it ban us all then oh wait yeh we all populated your server
  13. PhoenixRP or Phoenixpvp

    3 only banned btw
  14. PhoenixRP or Phoenixpvp

    We have become bored in vo of the wettys and stop playing because of OG amount of moistness here If you all won the fights you wouldn't be moaning #sitingreenzone

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