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  1. Proxy


    I eat cornflakes for breakfast
  2. Proxy


    Lol.first deny in 4 years 😉
  3. Proxy


    IGN: Proxy Age/Country: 34 old geeza Bank balance: around 14mil haven’t logged on in while but money isn’t hard ( my garage is stacked and I have mar10 sup that needs being used ) Previous gangs/Faction units: SPZ ,Vo Hours on Arma *screenshot: 7200  Can any members vouch for you *no trials?: Joshh the sket
  4. Proxy

    d u s t - Recruitment Thread

    Got mar10 burning gold to be used geeza
  5. Proxy

    d u s t - Recruitment Thread

    Slurp your man works chef life yeh all ours of the day you slag
  6. Where did all mk1 and big guns go here I came on after good few months away no advance ?

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    2. Alexander


      Its bugged because @Sig is a script editor

    3. Sig


      I'll have you know I didn't even touch this one Alexander Pechtold

    4. Potter


      @Sig whats wrong with our politician from the d66?

  7. Proxy

    Virtual inventory items

    Hahaha barrrryyyy
  8. Proxy

    Virtual inventory items

    I’d bang one out in that time and still have time for dinner
  9. Proxy

    The shitpost giveaway

    Mans ain’t poor mate I’m good
  10. Proxy

    Virtual inventory items

    Copy n paste the number and bang it’s done
  11. Proxy

    The shitpost giveaway

    Only 3mil pifft
  12. Proxy

    d u s t - Recruitment Thread

    Liability lads Haha all on snooze on steam xd
  13. Proxy

    d u s t - Recruitment Thread

    Msg me on steam when your on other wise I’ll find others who active my little ones , freelance fighter
  14. Proxy

    d u s t - Recruitment Thread

    As long as I can fish hook pingu
  15. Proxy

    Vanquish | OPEN

    IN-GAME NAME Proxy  STEAM ID Fk knows AGE 34 old cunt WHY DO YOU WANT TO JOIN Come give out some top role play in form of my mar10 sup ams  YOUR PAST BANS Suspected duping was cleared as wasn’t me WHO HAVE YOU MET FROM THE GANG  your self kazz