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    • Conner Merlin

      Gang Initiation   03/22/18

      Please note the below rule is now in affect!
        3.4 Gang Initiation - If you or a gang member are involved in an initiation, any other identifiable gang members are also initiated. Gang tags and gang uniforms can be used to help prevent confusion, this is not classed at metagaming reading the players tags. If a gang of 4 or more people want to use this rule they must have gang tags in their name. Failure to do so will mean the gang initiation is not valid.


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  1. I Kr4khead

    To think I let you boys off with uranium runs other night , to the chop everything goes now because one of your doggys cant keep his lipstick in check
  2. Gang base

    see new base up north put up and heard its gonna have bidding on it?
  3. Gang base

    when this gang base bidding
  4. Kr4ckhead

    You did the unicorn mate congrats
  5. Squirrel's Visa has been spotted!

    Don't people stalk you more like nick He never returned my calls I've been used again as a sock how could you @Nick
  6. big blackfish and huron to harley x

    Just use the new PAM program that they made you get it instant then
  7. Huron

    Last thing on my list holla md prices
  8. Do I need to use this new toy to transfer my stuff or do I have to wait still for it to do manually been waiting long ass time for my helis
  9. Good I'm waiting 5 days just got taru and mowak in my garage cough cough will all the current old transfer be done before having to use this @Kevin ?
  10. Quinn you got huron you ain't using ? 

  11. Proxys Liquid Beats

    Feel free post your own fav tracks within the electronic/Liquid genre these are just few new and old tracks I listen to daily
  12. Pilot Helmets

    Not like we grind for all our stuff hey and have risk bringing any of it out cuz yeh rolly P 🤔
  13. Pilot Helmets

    @Woodzy looks like you seen this before
  14. This can be deleted - Mistake

    more toys yess
  15. Impound lot

    I smell porkies I know where this came from ;) rather new place just came out eh

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