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  1. Answer is I uninstall arma @Sanik

    1. -Pingu-


      you haven't already?

    2. Sanik


      Answer is I install arma

      fixed it for you bby

    3. Proxy


      Haha I got mar10 suppressed AMS in here xd 

  2. Proxy

    Extortion - Open Recruitment

    Bookie mofo
  3. Still here ya wetty

    1. Abdul


      on and offs yeah

    2. Proxy


      To many dribbles 

    3. Abdul


      @Proxy true, surely they're ganna free sonny soon x)

  4. was a great meme that @Jackkk

  5. Life's servers = effort . Cherno exile is the spot

  6. Robbing is my sport 😆

    1. Moh Lester

      Moh Lester

      Sporting is my rob.

  7. Proxy

    Kahlia (Old) to be added.

    Drive about till shot at , decamp and shot 30m in front xd
  8. Tits you say 

  9. Proxy

    gang wars every saturday

    Heard you particularly good at sneaking in gang wars lad 😉
  10. We're this gang then lad I don't find anyone 

    1. Moh Lester

      Moh Lester

      Just got back from drinking smoking and sexy times so ill be back on the server tonight.

  11. Proxy

    Make Rebel Life Cheaper

    Bread n butter of life servers runs and robbing . Kavala is nice thou for a chat
  12. Proxy

    Make Rebel Life Cheaper

    Then they have no balls and should stay in Kavala with a rook grow some balls it's 5 year old game and no time to grow a fanny is it . Imo runs should pay out now what's on 50% as standard
  13. Proxy

    Make Rebel Life Cheaper

    Prices are fine your server isn't expensive you want big loadouts you pay for them or you decrease the price then moan everyone and there nan has mk1s then nerf again . Biggest loadout cost 1.2mil and isn't fk all tbh you try were I came from taking over 2mil a pop , loadouts don't need changing the runs need a buff for high val ones because without 50 on it's just pants
  14. Proxy

    Blue zones

    Why do police have bs training ground taking up fps up north mmmmmm do it on private server imo and yes to what teddy said