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  1. Roy

    NLR on Gang wars

    i dont like the rule tbh makes it less fair for people with a low bank account.
  2. it is the truth yeah
  3. could be russian internet trolls that entered our forum to vote.
  4. After seeing some evidence from craccoon side. i've decided that craccoon did nothing wrong. however @Mirofsky it showed very clear that you did break RP aswell that you RDM'ed (your initiation wasn't even finished and you opend fire) therefor i am going to give you a GB for RDM and Breaking RP. please for next time wait in support and try to solve it when a staffmember is present. aswell if you want to dispute someone press the home button and dont scream ingame about this since this is breaking RP.
  5. Dont forget to vote on my best stafflead poil i hope we all vote for kiran and zyn.. 

    1. Stefan♦


      dont worry i voted for kiran

  6. after some discussion with alex i need to ask this question...
  7. I am not going unban you because what you have said is not accepable at all. you should never ever say this to another person. however i am willing to reduce your ban. to show how serieusly we take this Verbal Abuse/Discrimination i am going to reduce it from a perm ban to 45 days. this means you will be unbanned at: 2019-07-19 17:42:40
  8. I am going to lock the playerreport, wish to speak to you tomorrow @CRACCOON. about your video i am on all day tomorrow.
  9. if you have a video from your side it would help the see what happend in the situation. aswell @Mirofsky you have 48 hours to provide me your evidence so we can continiue the report.
  10. only way to counter is rewarding runs aswell with amount of player on, so if there are 100+ people on you get a big bonus for your run completed.
  11. can you please show me the evidence?
  12. how can you assure me this wil not happen in any other situation?
  13. only if i could vote you would have my vote, HAVOC brigs cant even vote... system rigged.
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