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  1. hmmm but they are so ban hungry!
  2. Roy


    dont agree very fast with you but this i can agree with, your own responsibility on the end of the day.
  3. @lostcarmine do you have any prove that your PC crashed? what is your steam64 ID?
  4. Since the accused did not responded and the accused did not keep his word when trying to resolve it. I am going to issue a 7 day ban for VDM and Combat storing the helicopter.
  5. Roy


    cant roast the guy if i dont know the guy. please do this on another time.
  6. @7sheep I've found the supportcase, it was marked as resolved why did you decide to make a playerreport?
  7. accused had 24 hours to respond while i will review the evidence.
  8. the ban is correct and is not going to be lifted. sit out your day.
  9. i am going to look into your ban.
  10. after reviewing the evidence and spoken to the support member, I agree there is a rulebreak here from tiger since it weren't clear warning shots. the evidence provided from your side @Tiger is that you shot far left and far right from the heli aswell the heli was flying very fast. this i dont count it as warningshots since it wasnt clear. and ended up in RDM after this been told to you in support you didnt want to offer comp. this is why i am going to accept this side of the playerreport. For the part that @LUSTR3 used a discriminating term i will keep this on a warning (support member involved warned you already) 3 day ban issued for RDM to Tiger.
  11. @Alexander please do something with this man.
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