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  1. After reviewing the evidence asked cake for longer video + better quality he wasnt able to upload since every time he proccesed the video it turned into bad quality so he screenshared it with me. I came to the next outcome. My dad left me Invalidly initiated from behind a vehicle and showed no RP at all in situation. Ad4m shot from the same situations aswell did not have any form of gangtags so did RDM and aswell no RP. wife beeta keef did the next things RDM (no gangtags) on 2 HSS members drove over a HAVOC in the process. no apoligy is made. then proceed by initiating on HAVOC while there were only 2 HAVOC members in CP left. and with the hole situation showed very low roleplay standard. I will issue: 5 day ban to Ad4m for RDM & Roleplay Standards 5 day ban to My dad left me for RDM & Roleplay Standards. 7 day ban to Wife beeta keef for RDM & VDM & Roleplay Standards and Attacking HAVOC
  2. since you dont have a longer video i can't acccept this player report. player report declined.
  3. accused has 24 hours to respond while i review the evidence.
  4. Declined. Active CB. please appeal with the email.
  5. i dont feel like we need a serverrule since this will make things only complicated, however i do understand it and if you see it just ask if you can talk to them. since most player who do this kind of things dont understand they are doing it.
  6. @Grongo i did speak with the support member and he told me that you didnt had a video at the time you went to support. aswell you didnt dispute the accused so there was no attempt made to resolve it at all i am going to decline the player report. please go first to support and try to resolve it with the player. just a note i do not think he rammed into the vehicle on your video it looks like the vehicle did explode from Desync because of this i recommend you to just fill in a Compensation Request if you lost anything.
  7. I can't find any supportcase of this. aswell why did you not dispute klaus berger? @Grongo
  8. accused has 24 hours to respond while i review the evidence.
  9. atleast you can walk yourself over to a medic.
  10. Here are the things we do not accept as a Valid Compensation Request: Client-side issues, for example game crashes or jumping out a car at high speed. User error, for example sending the wrong person money through the ATM Transfer. Arma 3 glitches out of our control. Perk Points that are reset. This is not in our control however we will work to reset them back but cannot confirm they will work again. Any death or loss while using the "Jump Script". Anything involving sling loading. this is a clear glitch of arma what is out of our control. compensation request declined.
  11. Roy

    Y Menu when spawning

    Maybe they can add if no reward is avaible it doesnt pop up (dunno if possible)
  12. vehicle was empty 1.1 VDM - VDM is using your vehicle to harm others, whether this is by running them over, ramming their vehicle and/or attempting to create chaos. Players do sometimes clip each other with vehicles. If an apology is made due to an ‘Accident’ This is not VDM. Vehicles classed as MRAPs are allowed ram each other while in an active RP/Combat situation. Brake Checking and Desync Ramming are classed as VDM, therefore they are strictly not allowed. You may ram empty vehicles although if this results in someones death it will be classed as VDM. Not VDM so i will decline this playerreport.
  13. Next time make sure to contact the other party if you crash into them on accident. Unbanned.
  14. Roy

    Mass unban??

    its not staffleads you are waiting for..
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