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  1. yes but still for a playerreport it falls under RDM, we need to see if there was no initiation earlier. so we need a 3 min video.
  2. i was about to reply but it just didnt deserve it. because this is just unneeded 😛 just because HAVOC has something doesnt mean APC needs it same way around. factions need to keep their identity.
  3. @TV_Conway Kettle to prove RDM you need a 3 minut video, aswell as the accused stated he wants to resolve this in support are you open for this?
  4. After reviewing both video's i come to the conclussion this is a invalid initiation since only your head was visible during the initiation he could not confirm if a firearm is used. @Simon Ross you are looking in 3rd person over the edge and it looks valid from your point of view however if you look at @BladeForged video (you have to pause it to see it) you can only see your head sticking out what would make it invalid. I will issue a warning for RDM to @Simon Ross Please next time make sure you are visible.
  5. Video isnt send so i will continue the playerreport with the evidence i have. (Evidence from other playerreport) Ban issued of 3 days to VanDerLinda for RDM.
  6. alright after reviewing the evidence i come to the conclusion this is RDM from @Sharkyz however it isnt taken to a supportcase so i give you a chance to come to a solution with @Arctic_dwarf you guys can do it here or talk with a supportmember present in a supportroom on TS. @Arctic_dwarf if you just want me to continue the playerreport it is also an option
  7. @Arctic_dwarf still waiting for a longer video to prove RDM you need 3 minutes before shots are fired to prove there wasnt any initiation before
  8. Time Submitted: 05:20:16 PM | 02/18/20 Submitted By: Roy (2483) Your In-Game Name: Roy Who are you reporting?: Big Shaun | 76561198352161734 Time/Date of event: 16:30 Rule's Broken: 1.2 RDM Explain what happened: Were robbing a ganghouse from his gang and after we killed all of them we started to move in and actualy take the items away. at this point Big shaun connected to the server and spawned in the warehouse and instantly started shooting. and killing me and Kr4ken. he claims it was an accident but it pretty clear in my eyes it isnt this is why i am taking it to a report. Evidence (Video/Screenshot): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rbpf7ixC5Zs&feature=youtu.be Have you attempted to resolve the situation with the player?: Yes Support Member Involved?: Tom Pea, Cat case 20491
  9. @Ant Shagman Can you explain in your own words what the rule NLR means? aswell how can you assure me that you wont do it again?
  10. Some actions have consequences in this case its a 3 day ban what is fully justified and you should sit out and wait. I hope next time when things get a bit heated you wont do it again. Ban appeal declined.
  11. Hi @Arctic_dwarf why did you not try to resolve it with the player? aswell to prove RDM i need a 3 minute video before the shots started.
  12. Roy

    Laser Degs

    i want my toy aswell 😮 10m
  13. Warning issued to Dirtnap for RDM. since he was not using gangtags he cant use group initiation.
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