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  1. Congratulations to the following winners: First Round: 1st: Donald Rump 2nd: Le Canard Colvert and Albert Stuart 3rd: Hanzup Ordye and Toxic Joker Second Round: 1st: Buxton Still and Jason Kangeroooo man 2nd: Hanzup Ordye and Toxic Joker 3rd: Donald Rump
  2. more like 5-10 mil anyway yea +1 for discount on gear 🙂
  3. Time Submitted: 07:46:37 PM | 12/11/19 Submitted By: Roy (2483) In-Game Name: Roy Steam / Player ID: 76561198033158241 Date of Event: 12/11/19 Link to evidence (player report or video): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ru5bZTF3kb8&feature=youtu.be Details of Event: server was lagging mid gunfight what killed me. Compensation Amount: Mk1- 350k silincer 7.62 - 150k AMS - 350k Vest - 50k Clothing - 20k mags/Vitems = 50k 970k total. Confirmation of legitimacy: Yes I understand and agree.
  4. Offroad GTA Race. Always wanted to shoot during a race? Ram your offroad into another? This is your chance! How it will work? The Event will be hosted by the Altis Events Team. The Event will start at Kavala Square. You and your teammate will be teleported to the start position and will be given a loadout. (Please ensure you have no gear on you) Each team will get an offroad to drive with during the event. The route of the race is the route seen above. You are NOT allowed to shoot before getting a dispatch. Whoever finishes first, wins the race. Server Event Rules: You may shoot/ram other players after a dispatch has been sent about this. you are not allowed to leave the vehicle to shoot. however, you may leave the vehicle to repair it. Teaming with other players that are either involved or not involved is not allowed. How do I take part in this event? You can join alone or with a friend. Make your way to kavala square and wait for the events team to pick you up, Please ensure you have no gear on you. When? The Event will take place on Thursday 12/12/2019 at 8:30 PM GMT, Staff will notify you in-game 15 minutes before. Prizes: 1st: 5 Million 2nd: 2.5 Million 3rd: 1 Million We hope to see you all at the event! Thanks, Events Team Next event after this will be large scale if all goes to plan
  5. For PBJ Ranks are still very broken, Proxy isnt able to give me an higher rank than now even when he is the gang leader aswell we have no Gangtype. we dont have 13 ranks that is also an issue gang id: 8297
  6. Roy


    4-five is cop only weapon
  7. just because someone else breaks a rule doesn't mean you can break one. i think you should think a bit longer about what you did wron before appealing your ban. ban appeal declined.
  8. Roy

    Truck flip

    moved. 🙂 + edited so you see the video on the site
  9. not needed, is better for RP aswell if you use get out instead of eject it will turn off the engine automatic..
  10. use the shop a lot and never been robed at it.
  11. compensation request declined. not given the required information that is needed to compleet the compensation. aswell @ImAGamer you can only request compensation for yourself. please read:
  12. since K.O.S failed to come to support and respond here i will issue a 5 day ban for VDM.
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