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  1. [Havoc] Lil swizz

    great guy, maybe we play again in the future! (:
  2. PC R. Dutch

    really decent man +1 for officer R. Dutch even that he isnt dutch.
  3. gratz with being 12 :D


  4. Guy gets salty

  5. Rust server

    While we're at it might as well add a Minecraft server.
  6. Roy Markus

    thanks! always doing my best (:
  7. Free Forum Banners

    can you make a police themed one for me?
  8. bye police

    why did you do this to meh ;c
  9. bye police

    atleast @Khalid is not turning into a meme
  10. bye police

    khalid is live so this post needs to be alive aswell
  11. *licks elbow*

  12. Nick is going to drive slower...

    and this is why we hear every police meeting, keep your speed to the speedlimit..
  13. HAVOC bank

    would like to see this +1
  14. Gang tags

    indeed some hobo's shouldnt need it but when there are 2 in the field supported by 1 guy with a sniper and you are getting randomly shot after the 2 are down.. first thing you will say if you read the name without taggs RDM. this wil prevent aswell people from getting salty and go to support.

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