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  1. Roy Ling

    Server Kicks

    i am already used to be only allowed to play for around 45 min before another kick of the server >_<
  2. Roy Ling

    Cops gear

    well it could be true if the 2 other ct members are still alive and the did die at a sit he is alone waiting maybe moving in idk but yea before saying it is proof would be nice.
  3. Roy Ling

    Cops gear

    i like your idea 🙂
  4. Roy Ling

    Will o' Boston

    if it aint dutch it aint much 🙂
  5. Roy Ling

    [HAVOC] Fox_Eagle

    -1 he is such a bully <_<
  6. Roy Ling

    Close The Gate

    he drove into a closing gate i call in that the cops need to go to support now >_<
  7. Roy Ling

    Cops gear

    nice note 10/10
  8. Roy Ling

    Cops gear

    That were his complaintssss nothing against ct bud 🙂
  9. Roy Ling

    Cops gear

    i ment about the redzones cause rest of cops dont go there! 😛
  10. Roy Ling

    Explosions Executing People

    what is the issue? that you died from an explosion? deal with it happens in real life aswell >_<
  11. Roy Ling

    Cops gear

    sounds like an IPCC case aswell if they do it sounds like CTFO. not all of the police.
  12. happy birthday!

  13. Roy Ling

    Executing People with pistol only

    +1 is sad that you sometimes accedently execute someone aswell gives pistols extra value.
  14. Roy Ling

    Coming back for a bit

    lucky for you we have about 40 sgt's now a day >_<