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  1. Roy Lester

    Breaking into expensive vehicles

    idk lost my keys mennnnn droped them somewhere.
  2. Roy Lester


    make me mayor and i say yes. 😧
  3. Roy Lester


    this would add RP. so yea why not. aslong there is an option to press share number to a friendly contact.
  4. Roy Lester

    Perks / EXP Actions

    well it would add something to the prestige then. so i would say yes to prestige
  5. Roy Lester

    Add an icon for seized comms

    yes but if you quickly go for a piss, a drink you can mis the message.
  6. Roy Lester

    Breaking into expensive vehicles

    maybe add like a vehicle lock level so every vehicle has another percentage chance you are able to get it from lockpicking. lets say by defaults you have x% chance to lockpick Gokart/quad 75% suv/hatchback/jeep 60% sport hatchback/quilin/prowler/hummingbird 50% MRAP/Orca/unarmed hellcat 33% taru/mohawk 20% Huron 15% Xian/blackfish 10% Jets 5% and this able to get increased by the perks
  7. Roy Lester

    Altis Life - Development Feedback

    so... when are more achivements coming what are not faction achivements 😛
  8. Roy Lester

    Altis Mining Company | Open

    good luck 🙂
  9. Roy Lester

    People take this game too seriously

    hmm decent RP. just let him keep the hostage right? its clearly he found the hostage first.
  10. Roy Lester

    Achievement Suggestions

    Traval 100km Travel 10 000km collect 1 000 apels and 1 000 peaches(waste people their time to the max for achivements) collected 50 mil drive a gokart go over 300km/h use a boat. use a plane use a truck use a helicopter collect al licenses(licenseman) use all public garages visit all public stores(markets, clothingstores, gunstores, blackmarket, rebel outpost, vehicle stores) use all difrent kind of drugs first time in jail 50 times in jail 500 times in jail rob a gasstation hack the bank break succesfully into a house(break down first door with your boltcutters) skip checkpoint (boltcut side gates) own a flaregun(starters pistol)
  11. Roy Lester

    Player Report - larry - 01/11/19 - Altis Life

    supportcase: 12176
  12. 1fccc056d97ea36bf1d3f52b868c459c.pngWant some more????

    1. Roy Lester

      Roy Lester

      sure. give me police and havoc command aswell.

  13. Roy Lester

    Vehicle innitition

    i mean i know where you are comming from kiran but thats why they made it a reasonable speed. but once again it is just shit that someone can initiate on a vehicle that drives 120km/h is just unrealistic as fuck tbh and is just a joke. it should be changed back because the reasonable speed rule was good.
  14. Roy Lester

    Robbable Destroyer

  15. Roy Lester

    Rule Suggestion (Vehicle Initiation)

    not gonna lie it is good as it is. there are many ways for cops to deal with it. aswell if it will be changed it will be like a hobo with a rook stepping out the vehicle.. gunned down instantly i mean most people dont even think about putting their gun in the car before exiting. this wil only increase combat. so big -1.