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  1. Happy birthday STINKER from the PhoenixRP birthday team! Me & @Alexander314804337_PhoenixRPBirthdayTeam.thumb.png.aec51ae2000102c56eb847558201455b.png.545ab4c74106c29ccb9ea6ff6ba3d733.png

  2. Alien contact Sandbox Trailer - 


  3. Hey ScouserKevin ,
    Who is going to win saturday night?

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. ScouserTom
    3. Kevin



      Question Answered.

    4. Nizwald


      They fucking did it kek

  4. `Looking for pro overcooked 2 players, Please send me a message Dimitri and me need to get boosted.

    1. Dimitri Donkov

      Dimitri Donkov

      Any help is appreciated.

    2. Ace Boyden
  5. @Daniel Woodland You know what you're talking about. Dutch guys rule!
  6. Its not the end of the month is it, you can vote the first of march.
  7. Status of the Prime Minister During my time I have many different encounters with many members of the public about various different reason, raising tax's and lowering tax's to medic's going on strike until reviving bonus is up, I have also encountered many other situation where my life was at stake and had no option but to take action on them, My residence being trashed by HAVOC , and putting me thousands of pounds lower in government funding. So it has come to the time that I need to take further action and I need to Step down from being the Prime Minister for the multi reasons stated above and my life is valuable and i don't want to lose it, but I'm happy enough to announce that I'm handing the lead for Prime Minister to my trusted friend Conner Merlin, as he has been by my side throughout the whole process of the short run as Prime Minister. I would just like to thank everyone for the support in getting me to be the Prime Minister. Good luck Conner Merlin in becoming the New Prime Minister. Yours sincerely, Jasper Chan
  8. The tax will be set to 1 percent, You're right.
  9. Vote for JasperChan 1. Up the paychecks 2. Lower the Tax 3. Free Medical Care for all 4. Medical Marijuana 5. Bring a Noodle Shop to Kavala 6. To Improve Relations within Altis Make Altis Great Again!!!!!
  10. ACCEPTED PM on ts for your tag, discord link and other information.
  11. Happy birthday from the PhoenixRP birthday team! Me & @Alexander314804337_PhoenixRPBirthdayTeam.thumb.png.aec51ae2000102c56eb847558201455b.png.545ab4c74106c29ccb9ea6ff6ba3d733.png

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