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  1. Time Submitted: 02:45:59 PM | 09/19/18 Submitted By: JasperChan (2472) In-game Name: Jasper Chan Age / DoB: 24 | 03/06/94 Steam ID: 76561198022808327 In your own words, what is the meaning of RP: Roleplay is acting as a character in a game and trying not to break character at all cost. Why do you want to join the EMS department: I have previous experience in the different factions(on different servers) which means that I am familiar with this type of RP. Generally when I try-hard in RP people usually have a really good time, I consider myself a pretty funny guy with a bit of sarcastic humor which I think is crucial when communicating with other people, I love making people laugh and I often succeed in doing so, which in my opinion makes me a great fit for the medics. I would also consider myself a pretty good talker when I'm out RPing in Los Santos, I usually have no problems with improvising and coming up with stories and backgrounds for different situations and roleplay scenarios. What can you bring to the department: I can bring geat RP and teambuilding skills which I hope will change the faction for the better. I sincerely believe that I can improve both the medic force and myself in terms of quality when it comes to roleplaying. I can make sure that the players of the servers will have a good time whenever I speak to them aswell as I'll be giving the force a great reputation. I can make sure that there is no ebola on the island by handing out papples. Papples are made of half a slice of apple and half a slice of peach stick them together and eat 2 a day to keep the ebola away. How many hours are you willing to put in per week: 20 Time Zone: GMT+2
  2. JasperChan

    The Kraken(Recruiting]

    `Good luck
  3. JasperChan

    Player Report - Arcus Ling Wong - 09/14/18 - Altis Life

    Like i said i dont want a comp thats not what i am here for, + You have been long enough on the server to know the rules, You dont get why you dindt value your life. Like you where there all alone trying to spray down 3 people.
  4. JasperChan

    Player Report - Arcus Ling Wong - 09/14/18 - Altis Life

    You were there on your own bud. Your friend was litterly in a helicopter 200m in the air. So he couldnt have helped. There was no one else around..
  5. JasperChan

    Player Report - Arcus Ling Wong - 09/14/18 - Altis Life

    He was Litterly in a helicopter flying about
  6. Steaming some Arma 3


  7. Time Submitted: 03:14:49 PM | 09/14/18 Submitted By: JasperChan (2472) Your In-Game Name: JasperChan Who are you reporting?: [ARCUS] LING WONG - 76561198298018358 Time/Date of event: 14-09-2018 Rule's Broken: 1.12 / Lag Switching Explain what happened: We attempted to rob someone at black market. However he did not value his life, resulting in him shooting me. This appeared to be lag switching as well. Whilst trying to resolve this situation in support he called us shit and claimed to never see Nick on the roof, despite looking at him and speaking to him. Evidence (Video/Screenshot): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vXlOlPeKR18 Have you attempted to resolve the situation with the player?: Yes Support Member Involved?: Proxy Smoxy
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    Altis Crime Family (ACF)

  9. Back to streaming some Overwatch


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  10. Streaming some Arma 3


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    Altis Crime Family (ACF)

  12. Steaming some overwatch.


  13. gratulerer med medlemskapet i brukerstøtte lag.

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    1m for both blue berets