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  1. Happy Birthday Cryant! Greetings from @Alexander and me, the PhoenixRP Birthday team.


  2. Like i stated in support, on my screen you were next to the garage sign whenever i initiated and you ran off after my initiation sadly i dont have a recording off this. So my guess is that it was desync or arma lagg or something like. Also i came to support to attempt to resolve the case however Loly had none of it and wanted to report me straight away on the forums. As you can clearly see from the video i had my gun out and the initiation was clear enough. Also its imposible to knock someone out inside a vehicle so there for you can tell it has be desync/ lagg.
  3. Having a donator-fight or ? :D 


    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Zinner


      so far Phoenix takes my time and my child takes my money xD


    3. John Wolf

      John Wolf

      Zinner needs more coders.. should have atleast 2 more, that can both make and fix things if needed..  but if you think that your child is taking your money now.. wait about 10-15 years form now.. ? 

    4. ClemeX


      In 15 years Zinner baby asks RTX 3080TI for only £ 3,000

  4. Happy Birthday Graham!! Greetings from me  @Alexander,the PhoenixRPBirthday team.


  5. Happy Birthday Mito! Greetings from me  @Alexander,the PhoenixRPBirthday team.


    1. Mito


      Thank you Jasper and Alexander. I didn't know we had a Birthday team, well first for everything ! ❤️ 

  6. Who else is going to play Red dead Redemption 2 tomorrow?

    1. Messiah


      You are not. Get back to police gate, Sgt! ?

    2. Tiger



      Heard you can play online 

    3. ClemeX


      Already played it on my ps4

  7. Sad to see you go, You were a 10/10 COM. We will miss you ❤️.
  8. Do you want our pov, you guys actually started to desync ram us and in the end you just stop your hunter right in front of a hemmit to make it go kaboomie.
  9. The most recent event that took place was in my opinion BAD. As soon as the gold convoy started driving all server rules went out the window. This includes RDM, VDM and Low standard Roleplay. So can we ACTUALLY get a event that INCLUDES ACTUAL roleplay. So people can enjoy a fun event, instead of just murdering each other every single time. Kiss Jasper Chan
  10. Thank you to everyone who came to our wedding! Much Love❤️❤️ ❤️
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