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  1. Frags#9 (holiday) Zico

    ey +1 but wtf do u play on? like ur frames are worse than my grandma`s reaction time
  2. Tazing being initiation

    @BigManJoe i say this when i have friends around me, risky when ur alone tho
  3. garage in syrta

    Sellers In-Game Name: [TITAN] handsordie Item Name: garage Description of Item: garage near rebeloutpost and about 4 m outside the spawn cartel Proof of Ownership: https://gyazo.com/f0b4b2a54df9d617dc2b2ac5a6284482 Start Price: 1mill Minimum Bid Increment: 500k End Date & Time: (DD/MM/YY) 20.03.18
  4. JasperChans Noodle Shop

    -1 very unnecessary
  5. Tazing being initiation

    just say "if u taze me, you will be shot"
  6. Police Checkpoints.

  7. Player Report - [TITAN] Daddu Suk :\ - 03/04/18 - Altis Life

    @Charlie Knight dont it say in like staff logs and shit what i explained in the ts?
  8. The most quality roleplay experience in one video

    +1 cuz u included my rage
  9. Auction for shit loads of stuff

    can i has for 2 mill? my money disappeard
  10. Auction for shit loads of stuff

    8mill for both rigs?
  11. Papa Smurf frag video #1

    +1 papa frag
  12. Ams scopes

    @Quinn im on my phone and i couldnt be bothered
  13. Ams scopes

    Will be selling ams scopes for 200k a piece stock: 6
  14. Bench Sniping

    fuck it implement tanks
  15. Personal Gang Base


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