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  1. David B

    Back after 2 Years

    Don’t know who you are but HIIIIIIII
  2. Have to have an accepted player report to get comp.
  3. Logs are not checked unless the amount is over 10 million Declined Lack of evidence
  4. Any evidence that you sold that meth?
  5. “I didn’t do anything wrong, I just said KYS’ I am sure you are aware that kys means killyourself with is verbal abuse and if someone has bad metal health it could make them do something or they could have a person that they knew that did do said thing and bring back bad memories Make a new appeal when you have learned about what you have done wrong please DECLINED
  6. For the player report from the video provided all I can hear from you Lewis is “out of the Heli” or something along the lines of that. For what is going to happen just going to leave it with a note being but on Lewis’s name that he didn’t initiate properly and to be punished if it happens again because I know Lewis has been here for a long time and knows what he had done wrong, will learn from his mistakes. hopefully take this into account the next time he initiates. Accepted
  7. Do you have any evidence to backup your claim jimmy, if so pm it to me?
  8. Need to feed your belly everyday somehow!
  9. Lewis if he fired back or not it still started via invalid initiation. Jimmy because you did shoot back you cannot get comped unless Lewis is willing to, so do you still want me to continue with the player report?
  10. Peter was not the guy who initiated it was Lewis Jones. Make a new player report with the correct info Declined
  11. If you do dupe any items again by accident contact staff like you said that you will do know I will be accepting this appeal but due to the fact that it was a GB you will be unbanned a week from when the ban was issued. will expire 2019-05-17 17:59:29
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