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  1. Where is the evidence? All i get is u gave it to your friend?
  2. Read this post and then make a new post.
  3. The green zone marking goes outside the hospital meaning cant kill people who are hugging the wall/ on the doc
  4. You were banned for NLR 5.1 NLR (New Life Rule) - This rule states that once you die in an active Roleplay situation. You may not return to that area and continue in the same Roleplay situation. You may not come back for any vehicles or gear. You may not remember what happened in your previous life. You may not use your knowledge of what happened to influence the new situation. You may not return to within 1.5km of your death for at least 15 minutes. Exceptions: When you are RDM'd, VDM'd, you die due to an in-game glitch or during gang wars base bidding in the red zone. You may return to the area. You may retrieve gear and vehicles. You may remember what happened previously. You must record this incident to avoid a ban (Prove your innocence). The ban is only for 3 days and as you were warned previously for it i see it as a fair ban so you can wait it out Ban info - Expires: 2019-07-15 21:08:03
  5. Use the template provided in this post
  6. Please read over this post post a new one once you have!
  7. The reason you died is because you jumped at a curb and they make you fly, Using the jump script is at your own discretion and we don't compensate for this
  8. Any changes for factions in general?
  9. I will unban you on the basis that you will remove the autoclicker when on the server. And 76561198804024164 is your steam id
  10. TBH dont want to DMT's at cartels.
  11. Like when you are storing VI from a vehicle to a person you can take all, Should be added to houses
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