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  1. Culchie

    1. David B ☑️

      David B ☑️

      No pretty sure we established that is what you are.

    2. Paddy McCarthy
  2. :)

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    2. Paddy McCarthy

      Paddy McCarthy

      Hello David B! How is the district of Dublin 5 doing? I presume you will be driving your Mercedes Benz to the Late Late Toy Show tonight!

    3. David B ☑️

      David B ☑️

      Sorry I dont live in D5 for the 100th time of telling you. I live at number  45.......................................................Ireland post code ............................

      And no I sadly dont own a merc.

    4. Paddy McCarthy
  3. Staff dont want you apart of the community 

  4. Maybe @Michaels Rat is for sale?
  5. 45.1K and one of Santa's toe nail?
  6. Well it ain’t buddy been told the the general him self a lot of the weapon that are being added
  7. With the new gear for havoc on v2 if rebels don’t get a major buff Rebel life gonna be even deader
  8. 20k and a havoc work visa
  9. Ask @Scarso he knows everything
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