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    • Conner Merlin

      Green-zone Houses   02/19/18

      Start: 25/02/2017
      From the above start date, any house in the Kavala Green-zone being used to store any illegal items will have there items removed. This is to stop people from abusing the Green-zone rules to store items.  
    • Kevin

      Housing Limits (4 per player)   02/20/18

      Friendly reminder, we have a limit of 4 properties per player. This is to make it fair for all players and give everyone a chance of owning a property. It has been noted that some people have exploited the housing transfer system (be in intentional or not) and have managed to exceed this limit. This is a friendly warning that anyone who holds more than 4 properties has the opportunity to sell their excess properties now and move their items to their other properties. Anyone found with over 4 properties after this week will be at risk of having properties deleted without notice.


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  1. Time Submitted: 05:02:48 PM | 02/24/18 Submitted By: ❇ZETY (2466) Your In-Game Name: Acf HEn David Who are you reporting?: zodi, Gavin Time/Date of event: 16;30 24/02/18 Rule's Broken: Rdm Explain what happened: we were gonna do an oil run and i saw 3 trucks there so i circled them a few times so i could see how many people where there and then when my mates turned up they shot them down and killed us all Evidence (Video/Screenshot): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Li1c2iCIteE&feature=youtu.be Have you attempted to resolve the situation with the player?: Yes Support Member Involved?: Thomas white
  2. so what i would like is to have it so when you land you don't explode because its very annoying when you try to land and your going around 15kmph and you land and ur heli blows up
  3. Altis Crime Family Recruitment [OPEN]

    In Game Name: David Broderick Age: 16 Tell us about you (Tell us your story, how you got to Altis, what you do here, where do you want to go):David grew up in the outskirts of Kore, brought up in an ordinary family and ordinary child hood. As he grew older however, As David had found out after him and his Dad went hunting one night that he loves killing things birds to be exact, At 18 he join the army going thru 25 weeks of training to get in to be a true army man, After another 20 David left the army due to him finding the love of his life Amy Garcia marring her at kavala Chuch and getting her pregnant on that day, David is now a Father of Two is join back in the army to get that adrenaline rush again..... What will you bring to the family?:To the family i will bring my Decent flying skills and Good combat skills, Respect to all members of the family, I can bring my good role play skills to get out of any situation i might be in, I also can bring my dedicated time and effort and this is what i can bring to the family. Why do you want to join ACF?:I would would like to join the ACF due to two of my good friends being involved in your gang and they told me it was a lot of fun and i would like to try it out for myself and i would also like to improve on my flying skills a bit because I would like to learn how to fly a helicopter properly these are some of the reasons i would like to join the acf

    @CHIEF Congrats your application has been ACCEPTED

    WHITELIST WE NEED YOU TO HAVE THE FOLLOWING -Rebel license -pilots licence -Drivers licence -Good Flying Skills -Must know all server rules -Good combat skills Roster https://docs.google.com/document/d/1G4-UzUMFKSlLA1VI7BBYmhZpKyk548F5n0UVcpGWoes/edit Ranks General Major Colonel Lieutenant Sergeant Private Recruit Trainee Recruit special ranks Recruitment officers if you want to be a RO you have to be lieutenant or higher https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeT7h44I3DgE5GuGsKk6oGw7cN2uyVWsoOS8Ej3NoI41vZ6JQ/viewform?c=0&w=1 Application form -In-game name: -Age: -SteamID: -ARMA 3 HOURS: -SERVER HOURS: -Why would you join WHITELIST (50 words+): -How can you Benefit WHITELIST (50 words+): -Define roleplay: -What are your strengths and weakness: Once you have submitted your application, it will be reviewed and ACCEPTED or DECLINED. If accepted, you will be asked to attend an interview.
  6. traffic lights

    traffic lights would be a good idea because it would make it a lot more realistic.
  7. BLACK SPIT FIRE | Recruitment page [open]

    IN GAME NAME; DAVID BRODERICK -AGE:16 -Steam ID:76561197960287930 -What country do you live?:IRELAND -ARMA 3 HOURS:110 -SERVER HOURS:97 -previous gang?:NO -Why would you join BLACK SPIT FIRE?(50 words):I WOULD LIKE TO JOIN BECASUE THE POLICE KCIKED ME OUT OF THE APC -What can you bring to BLACK SPIT FIRE?:I CAN BRING SHITS ND GIGGLES AND I CAN PISS SEB OFF;) -Define roleplay in you're own words:ROLEPLAY IS ACTING LIKE SOMEONE YOU ARE NOT
  8. BLACK SPIT FIRE | Recruitment page [open]

    -Rebel license -Moderate fly skills -Deacent amount of play time on phoenix -good at combat -Must know the rules of the servers -Must be mature -good behavior Application format: -IN GAME NAME: -AGE: -Steam ID: -What country do you live?: -ARMA 3 HOURS: -SERVER HOURS: -previous gang?: -Why would you join BLACK SPIT FIRE?(50 words): -What can you bring to BLACK SPIT FIRE?: -Define roleplay in you're own words: STORY: In the early day way before atlis was ever discovered there was one other great nation called BELGIUM. They ruled europe for a very long time, but europe was getting overpopulated. so there came a war. Not just a war the WAR everyone feared it was very brutal bloody like we had never seen before. so belgian decided to create the belgian special forces or nowadays BLACK SPIT FIRE. these force where the best of the best. they went through the hardest training yet known on this planet. after their training was complete. they were send on the most inhuman missions. they had completed all of them. until……., there was a new type of weapon created. it would end the war the Belgian Special Force captured it but said . to the government that this weapon was to dangerous. the war continued. many losses. the BSF also had some losses . the weapon was used europe became mostly destroyed. the government of belgium was dead so BSF decided to look for other land. so we discovered altis lived quit UNTIL now. we think this government is also going on the wrong direction. so that's we we reactivate the Black Spit Fire. and we are now recruiting again. information about members https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/e/2PACX-1vSuDLHJlZx4Ma4GslFiYvwhngYNMhOwVaHw4G_Gj3hNDyMDiKcfb38D8SUl1sll1JVLl7hqZqK-Bkm9/pubhtml Edited yesterday at 01:05 PM by sebastien
  9. Time Submitted: 09:20:01 PM | 01/26/18 Submitted By: ❇ZETY (2466) Your In-Game Name: david broderick Who are you reporting?: [ba] luca brasi Time/Date of event: 20;46 26/1/18 Rule's Broken: 2.2 Explain what happened: well we came over to the place becasue there was alot of gun fire and when we were about to leave when i heard someone say put your hands up and when i went around the corner i just got shot Evidence (Video/Screenshot): https://youtu.be/OVOtOahmjRo Have you attempted to resolve the situation with the player?: No Support Member Involved?:
  10. £49965400 (£50MIL) Giveaway / quitting.

    Peaky Blinders

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