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  1. Rasta Jetski


    Yes cobra you tell him
  2. hush you mr npas chief just because hes frag hungry might mean he hasn't eaten in a while
  3. ok bit of afk farming method while you do other runs. +1 from me
  4. if it will be like turtles where it takes time to do it. dosent sound that bad if the payout will be good
  5. Accepted but you forgot to add paw patrol as a previous gang
  6. obs dont wanna get killed by the twig on the m25 when tryna get a taser from the police
  7. Will we get cyber trucks
  8. accept come ts for interview
  9. nice especially the profile pic
  10. Pls calm down sir he just vibe checked you
  11. Rip always liked OG i gang
  12. U say that yet they will shit on u every gun fight
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