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  1. U say that yet they will shit on u every gun fight
  2. Also I didn't beg to get tst just asked and I didn't get in because u have a fat rim job to aiden. Also why don't I see u at gang wars?
  3. are you trying to ddos me
  4. what the fuck is a "decamp"
  5. Wonder who got the privilege of being blacklisted by you
  6. chat shit and ya dog gets chingged ( joke btw )
  7. tbh we only asked you to push cartels as it was sleeper and i am only saying this on my behalf but i went to support and wasn't dpi glitching nor yelling, nor did i kill any off you. yes i did initiated on them but i didnt shoot. i admit that it was a bit of low roleplay standard on my part as i didnt try to roleplay however i didnt do any of the other stuff you are reporting for.
  8. Make pop up cartels pay more so that more people are enticed to go there
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