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  1. gonna be smokin bare doobies
  2. Name: Rasta Jetski Steam ID: 76561198296187960 Timezone: English 1 Hours in ArmA: 1500 Tell us a bit about yourself: im Rasta jetski and i like jetskis Members of SC that can vouch for you: Crayon
  3. PeePee PooPoo. you were best modic
  4. ill throw them at u if i see ya
  5. that hurt my feeling and me and matt will have ya
  6. phoenix peak???????
  7. IGN: yobby or Skeng or sometihng Steam ID: 76561198296187960 Arma Hours: 1400 Previous Gangs: Izinganekwane and a few other Divinity Can anyone in the gang vouch for you?: John, Craccoon
  8. who tf is this guy
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