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  1. fleur

    NLR Rule

    +1 2 hour long gunfights is bad mmmmmk
  2. fleur

    Industries need to go public!

    +1 i dont need the details but i want it.
  3. fleur


    Can we have an option where we can save a 'favourite' in a shop. so we can just enter the shops hit 'favourite' and we have the gear we want. would save time and save the stress of going through the shop finding what you want every time, ecspecially for factions.
  4. fleur

    Found Footage

    I was doing my daily job and stopped off at a gas station to refuel when on my way out in the grass i found a note looking at what it sayed stunned me to i took it home and watched the video is the prime minister corrupt?
  5. fleur

    Knight Family | Inv Only

    Knight Family The Knight Family is a branch of the Reddington tree. originally we were given a separate name to signify the fact that we were the side of the family who were in the cops but due to certain events most of the knight family are now in HAVOC. The Knight family started with Charlie and Fleur Knight and only continued growing. Joining is invite only Family Tree Here
  6. fleur

    Prime Minister can and can't

    Didnt mention tax becuase i thought that ment he knew about the tax stuff, idk that sentence was hard to read.
  7. fleur

    Prime Minister can and can't

    He can change certain laws Select their SO1s gets involved with faction head meetings. change the base paycheck. (thats all i can remember rn)
  8. fleur

    World Health Organisation Letter of concern

    Step one: Declare Altis its own country Step Two: not listen to WHO Step Three: Profit
  9. https://plays.tv/video/5c54b5a49da017f193/i-have-3-havoc-hostage-here lmao @Conner Merlin @Nick Coca @Chang @alex pence (cant find ure form tag)
  10. fleur

    Event | PhoenixRP Art Contest Results

    if i cant vote for my self imma vote for my son @JinX gets my vote wow im the only one who didnt have any software that edits transparency 😧
  11. https://plays.tv/video/5c3a864fe5743276b8/when-your-given-one-second-to-react lol, putting this here becuase its about bad initiation
  12. fleur

    Fleur Knight for next PM

  13. fleur

    Fleur Knight for next PM

    People should know that jasper and i are not enemys in the election. we have an super secerate (totally non corrupt) agreement
  14. fleur

    Fleur Knight for next PM

    with ideas like that you will be my next secretory! 11. i promise to make interspecial/CHUNGUS relations legal!
  15. fleur

    Fleur Knight for next PM

    this is why its in the meme section -_-