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  1. I won a day with the memes i made :D 

    1. Charlie Knight

      Charlie Knight

      Thank you Kanye. Very cool!

  2. Anyone remember Shelter?

    that shit still gets me ^.^

    1. Joshu


      Forever a bop

  3. fleur

    I'm Off

    F ❤️
  4. fleur

    Fleurs LOFI mixes

  5. fleur

    Ban Appeal - Lynx | Frankie - 07/30/18 - Altis Life

    @Frankie Wood Dispite not gaining anything from the whole senario, picking up anything from bodys is strictly forbidden (aside virtual invintory items) and i feel like a 2 day ban is more than fair for what happend expecially so that you were warned previously. you will be unbanned around 4am tommorow. Ban appeal: DENIED
  6. fleur

    Fleurs LOFI mixes

    not up to me 😛
  7. fleur

    Fleurs LOFI mixes

    i asked the community board and they said no : p
  8. Remember to follow me on the forms becuase i has the best content and i need the attention ❤️

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    2. fisher


      the guy with one more follower than you.... I know how to gain a fan base and begging ain't the answer😋

    3. Charlie Knight
    4. fleur


      Sorry i never knew, i only really pay attention to active people but if i should start expanding my horizen to include dead memes then so be it.

  9. fleur

    Fleurs LOFI mixes

    When i was really into LOFI i put this together trying to imitate a guy to prove the point "I CAN DO THAT TOO, HURR DURR" anyway enjoy DISCLAIMER: i think this might have "explicit language" (you have been warned) i do have another one of these but i cant put it on the forms due to the use of the N word (arguably the better one i made) although if you want to see it then look at my channel
  10. fleur

    Phoenix Blend:S meme

    Not trying to offend anyone in any way saw an opertunity so i took it
  11. fleur

    Darksouls gay thoughts meme

    Made 3 memes in one night, i have no life
  12. fleur

    Darksouls gay thoughts meme

    not to offend anyone in anyway saw an opertunity so i took it
  13. fleur

    Clown mass kick meme

    not trying to offend, just trying to make ppl laugh @Kevin @Matt tagged you bcuz ure in it
  14. fleur

    Sea of theifs mass kick meme

    not trying to offend, saw this and though of funny meme
  15. Ban Appeal Accepted