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  1. thanks to raymond for the idea!
  2. Well, one way the "buffed" rebel life was by nerfing faction life.
  3. fleur

    Happy Birthday!

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    Cops & Scrapping

    then whats the point of this thread x_x
  5. fleur

    Cops & Scrapping

    i think one should wait untill a combat sit is over till you scrap something. like how, when rezzing in medics if your brought 1.5km outside the combat zone the medic should have to wait till combat in that sit is over before rezzing. think there should be a general rule to cover that kind of loophole. "anything involved in a combat sit should wait untill that situation is overbefore taking further actions to stop the alteration of that situation" or something like that : p
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  7. Time Submitted: 06:48:48 PM | 04/30/19 Submitted By: fleur (2413) Your In-Game Name: Fleur Knight Who are you reporting?: Ckj, James, scott Time/Date of event: 30/04/19. 5:30 pm - 7pm Rule's Broken: NLR, 3 mins rule Explain what happened: cp was under attack, during that time ckj, james and scott were shot. and some were even executed (as the video shows) and after i was killed and ckj was executed there was no shots for 3 mins and then we were shot at to keep initaiton. after us being shot at and me getting back up came back and participated in the same initation. we were still defending the cp from rochers and we were killed by the same people. raven (low rank in havoc) was also invloved in my situation and disputed the others. Evidence (Video/Screenshot): case: 15180 and 15178 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QoKDTPOsO38&feature=youtu.be Have you attempted to resolve the situation with the player?: Yes Support Member Involved?: Clemex, Jedi cobra
  8. yes becuase you've won all the gun fights with havoc since you've joined the apc becuase your that good! yes you are, you are a happy little fragger arent you! yes you are, yes you are! https://tenor.com/view/lol-no-gif-9242755
  9. bruh im not even gonna try anymore your stuck in your toxic viewpoint that cops are better and that we are just the oposition and are bitching that we want something you dont . learn to view from both sides rather than just say YOU BAD, ME GOOD. im trying to find a solution and all your doing is bitching becuase you cant face the facts the havoc are equal, factions are litterly designed to be that way. you truely wanna do something like this make a post on altis discussion titled "APC are better than havoc change my mind" and youll get the agrument you want there. otherwise please stop commenting here untill you can actually bring something usefull to the table like a possible solution to the upset becuase aside from humoring you thats what i've been trying to do and this is the purpose of this thread.
  10. by 5, we outnumber currently by 5. whereas you currently outnumber us by 40ish people. therefor you are morelikly to have more people on and therfore more manpower in situations. you currently have more people in your specialised firearms unit right now. again we still pay for our gear and therefor are discourraged from taking out larger weapons due to bank balace (fair on ya we can do illegal runs). your paychecks are better (unless they have changed, please correct me if im wrong). dispite what you say, we are equal. you are not better, the cops are not better and vice versa with the havoc. i really think you are viewing this from a biast stand point. please try see it from all angles and if you can then provide a solution that would solve the current upset. that is what im doing, im not bitching. "gold command cannot over rule any rule in the handbook, it doesnt work like that. we're not HAVOC" also yes they can, they are gold command. they can do what they want, and you cant even say im wrong. look at my signature. im ex DCC i know what it means to be in gold command.
  11. 2/3 i didnt know how many ppl were in NIU command but i knew it was either 2/3. and you cleared that up for me. thanks. but gold command can overrule any rule in the handbook, mind im listing the positions that can have acsess to 7.62.
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