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  1. fleur

    Comrade Merlin's Adventures

    Dont know if im their becuase im the person ppl go to for help or becuase im the girl freeking out helpless it made me chuckle, great vid man!
  2. fleur

    Comrade Merlin's Adventures

    @Conner Merlin
  3. Again congrats to Ethan on cracking my Cipher

    "They Watch The Midnight Suns"

  4. fleur

    Win 5 mill!!! (in game)

    the end came and every one sighed as they knew developer Ethan had won the prize smarter than the rest he came and went grabbing an easy 5 mills to spend on what ever he may wish but to be honest i didnt think this would be over so quick!
  5. fleur

    Win 5 mill!!! (in game)

    The unfortunate souls doomed in failure are Kr4ken Ivy Jord Nikos Stefan lester Shacky Perhaps not trying would've been better, that way you wouldnt of lost
  6. fleur

    Win 5 mill!!! (in game)

    everything you need is what i've said, if you cant get it then you may as well be DeAD
  7. fleur

    Win 5 mill!!! (in game)

    Right to make it easy to distinguish say MY GUESS IS: [your guess]
  8. fleur

    Win 5 mill!!! (in game)

    It is NOT "its fleur" a Cipher is not a question, a Cipher is a Cipher
  9. fleur

    Win 5 mill!!! (in game)

    *cough* Just so people know my form ID is 2413 *cough* Wrong, you do not win!
  10. fleur

    Win 5 mill!!! (in game)

    Just to make it tricky! you have a single guess, so make know the awnser so.
  11. Hello My lovely ducklings!, it is i! Fleur!!! To day i have a Cipher for the talented and brainy! for a chance to win 5 mill from ye ol' pockets can ye decode a feaky message perhaps like a chicken you can or like a tiger you cant but all i know is the dogs dont know but you should, right? i've given you a clue! now show me how you do! Ysis Nfegb Kmp Qcustkbk Xfrm was that a red herring or no? i doubt it but it could be so
  12. fleur


    on the bright side, fleur is a free elf!
  13. fleur

    BIA and Cops :)

    they did not know it but, infact, they were all my hostages. xD