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  1. fleur


    35% of the time he would awnser you stright away when asked something thats leaps better than the 3% of the time other managment members do i fear the curse of the community manager got him but he done a good job dispite that. i hate you as a civilian but i liked you as a community manager Cheers!
  2. fleur

    Shooting Hobos

    i feel like you like to be hated (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ
  3. You are Accepted, when possible contact me via TS or PM on the forms for a offer.
  4. You are Accepted, you will be put in a "inactive status" for now, contact me for a full debrief when you will be active again.
  5. https://youtu.be/KoaY9xhvGug
  6. Starting my first proper gang! hopefully it goes well and is sucessfull!


    1. Messiah


      Best of luck, man :)

  7. Klaww Gang "Saevus? Fortasse. Sed necessarium!" The Klaww Gang is looking to recuit new members to help support in their conquest. In return, members will be able to be in a gang that has good combat, rp and income. Rules Dont break server, forum or TS rules Respect each other Dont be a cunt 24/7 RP Background After a few months on the island the Klaww Gang realised that guns and drugs were a much more profitable operation than chasing ancient weaponry. Keeping their goals realistic, the Klaww Gang decided to first take over the island rather than the whole world… That would come later. Roster Click ^ ==================================================================================================================================================== App Form Name: Age: Hours on Arma (Minimum 600) : Steam ID: Faction Commitments: Apple, Square or Dolphin?: Will be active? (Semi/Yes) : ==================================================================================================================================================== Good Luck!
  8. Its been fun havoc, shame about brig but i had fun none the less ❤️ 

    1. Kiran


      why u not get brig D: 

    2. fleur


      Split vote is a no vote

    3. ÑiḴØŠ


      You have been removed from the friendship circle

  9. +1 and a delay in showing id
  10. My POV in this is that only one Major crime can be done on the island at any given time. a major crime would be anyhthing that would trigger a ANN banner. I think this not in the view of rp reasons but for game balancing, in no way would it be fair for the APC to have to fight on three potential fronts and havoc on two. also for the nation part, i asked a question. it doesnt necesarily reflect my view
  11. we make sure that we dont rob civis, rebels who attack us is something different.
  12. They can attack CP and kick us out but server rules dictate they cant camp a rebel area for more than 15 mins and as havoc is a "Rebel Military faction" that makes it that they cant stay
  13. Its no longer illegally ocupied becuase its recognised as not their land anymore by another government. the weapons are legal in per havoc laws and are used to protect havoc members and havoc citizens i can see why you'd be confused but no need to throw shade. please read up on the argument before calling someone a fool otherwise your being a fool youself ❤️
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