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  1. fleur

    For those getting DDoS

    For those who clicked on the fake link you are most likely getting DDoS. You have three options. 1. Unplug your router Leave it unplugged for around 10 mins and if your router isn't static then you will get a new IP and your problem will be fixed. 2. Call your provider If this doesnt work then that means your router is static, you must call up your internet service provider and ask to have your IP changed. Explained to them that you are constantly being DDoSed and you NEED you IP to be changed. This means you may go without internet for an hour or two but it should be fixed. 3. wait Your IP changes every once and awhile and by that i mean every couple of months. 4. cry im just repeating what i've heard. dont ask me no questions. i aint no computer guy. Good Luck!
  2. fleur

    BSB btw

    nah man its all fun and games, gave me quite the scare because you'd just killed sky and freaked me the fuck out
  3. fleur

    More things for governor

    1. yeah no i wouldnt want full control over all runs, dong such would present the problem of potentally ruining the economy but i do think some more runs should be added. 2. thats not what i ment, when you are the governor you can put an ANN annoucment up but this can only be done every 30 mins. i want this timer down to 20 mins.
  4. fleur

    End of my term

    Thanks man, i wanted to use Governor as a platform to run events and interact with people as i never really had the chance before. i know alot of people were scepticall at first but i tried my best ^.^
  5. fleur

    BSB btw

    https://plays.tv/video/5cb14ec55fd8897fc1/bsb-btw turns out he was in the water, i one shot him 5 mins later. GG you can see him at 10 secs in
  6. fleur

    More things for governor

    2. fair enough but then there is no point in the computer in my office bit 3. what if cops are not there? what if they are they are responding to a bank. its ease of acsess 4. getting governor is an achivment in its own, and dude its just a beret. calm down. 6. its gives me more power to change stuff and its more relistic and even if its abused GC can remove me. 7. last resort noun a final course of action, used only when all else has failed.
  7. fleur

    End of my term

    Citizens of Altis Hello my fellow Altians, My name is fleur knight (Ringtail) and i am your new Governor and this is my message to you. My time as governor is almost up, from the time i'm writing this i have three days left as governor. i've not been the most active governor but i've tried to make the times i was on fun for others, through events. i hope i've done my job correctly as governor and made life on the island better. i do want to annouce that i will run for PM again and if i get it, im planning to switch up my SO1 team to give others a chance. But i will not be campaining as hard as i've lost havocs support due to the fact i decided to not dick over the civis of APC lands. I wanna support chilihotdog, he was the guy i was campaining against and won against and after that i talked to him more and found out he is cool dude. much support! ❤️ #ThankYouForVotingFleur
  8. fleur


    +1 maybe not liquid but you can take it to a shop to scurb the serial code off the bars? or something
  9. fleur

    More things for governor

    i dont know if some of these things are possible but as the governor this would be helpful. 1. Able to access the same signs as SO1. if i go on as governor on my own i wanna be able to pull out a SO1 SUV/Heli 2. More places to change the laws and stuff so far the only places i can change laws (that ive found) is the government building and kav PD. could i get a location at the residence and maybe in all the PD's so i can access it throughout the map 3. able to access the armoury gate in PD an extension of no 2. even if you don’t add more places I’m unable to get through to the kav pd computer without a cop present and i would be able to use the office/meeting room on the top floor 4. More clothing items for the governor i would like to have stuff like the command berets from both the factions @Jesse Johnson and it would be nice to have the pink suit reskinned to white to match the SO1 officers. 5. Increased pay check for the governor Doing this would make the job more worthwhile and give the governor another way to possibly be corrupt if he controlled his own pay check and allow MI5 to do some investigating on the governor. 6. Have more power I’d like to be able to change the legality of more laws so I’m not limited to 6 or 7 7. tazers As the governor i would like a tazer to protect myself if all else fails as a last resort. 8. Shorten the ANN announcement timer Put it down from 30 to 20, this is really annoying this timer when im trying to do events Thanks!
  10. fleur

    More HAVOC things.

    what about a labour camp, so instead of having just the play pen we can send the really naughty boys to the camp to do some hard labour and if they deposit like a certain amount of rocks somewhere they go free. or their friends can try and break them out and havoc can respond.
  11. fleur

    Chili Hotdog

  12. fleur

    Governor Change Log | Update 5

    Citizens of Altis Hello my fellow Altians, My name is fleur knight (Ringtail) and i am your new Governor and this is my message to you. EVENT At 8:30 tonight ill be hosting another event. for this event all you have to do is find me, ill be hiding somewhere on the map and the first person to find me and high five me wins 3 mill. all are welcome to join! there's a catch however, every 15 mins ill be updating this post with clues and each clue costs 200k. so the longer it takes the more money is lost but the more information you gain. Happy Hunting! Clues #1: i can see a police ghost hawk from outside my building (prize is now 2.8mill) #2: the north sea smells nice beside this mountian. (btw im ending the event at 10, prize in now 2.6mill) #3: WOW the smoke from my bbq is sky high and i can see the people working at DP 6 (prize is now 2.4 mill) END Congrats to [Gen.] SKY for getting to me first and he won the prize! runners up are, Niklaus and chili hotdog #ThankYouForVotingFleur
  13. fleur

    Phoenix Minecraft Server

    i think people would actually play a minecraft server. for me it would be a welcome break from the arma server and it would be a place to relax. the server its self may even gain its own minecraft specific player base. i think putting time into a minecraft server would be better than a GTA server. although i think it being a faction server would be fun but not make it a RP server. so +1
  14. fleur

    Governor Change Log | Update 5

    Citizens of Altis Hello my fellow Altians, My name is fleur knight (Ringtail) and i am your current Governor and this is my message to you. The event went down semi-hectically but had a decent turnout we had five winner who 4 of which received their winnings and the last (officer raven) disappeared before i could give it to them Revive fee (CHANGE): (up) 11000 Tax (CHANGE): (down) is now 2% Base Pay check (CHANGE): (up) 10500 Next Event the next event is most likely going to be a certificate giving to the APC and so1. this will take place next week at some point I hope eveyone had a good night! #ThankYouForVotingFleur
  15. fleur

    Governor Change Log | Update 5

    Citizens of Altis Hello my fellow Altians, My name is fleur knight (Ringtail) and i am your current Governor and this is my message to you. EVENT TODAY hello ladies and gentlemen please meet me at the government building for my "fleurs funhouse" event! S01 officers will be positioned in each floor in a corner where they have two shots to take you down, can you get to me and win 100k? (if you take part in this event please be aware you are consenting to being tazed) this will take place at 8:30 GMT, i hope to see yall there! #ThankYouForVotingFleur