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  1. dhodgy

    dhodgy - Resignation

    sorry to say but I am leaving the police force for a number of reasons already laid out in obsidians resignation post so I won't cover them here as well. but mostly because the server has gone from an RP server to a hostage simulator eg. I was taken hostage TWICE while doing the same FA and I was also killed by a group that was in the process of taking a cop hostage. I have gone on patrol and have been taken hostage more than enough times already the lack of RP is shocking on the server currently. you get taken hostage, they want operation vests for you. cant have them. calls it off and shoots you in the head. rinse repeat until you get bored maybe throw in a bank robbery every once in a while if there are enough cops. it has been a good run, made a lot of new friends you know who you are ;) I'll see you all around !!
  2. dhodgy

    Obsidian - Resignation

    I do not blame you, buddy. one FA started in kaval, didn't get passed garage, took hostage. then restart happened. spawned in Kavala again (to try and get roleplay for the FA) get shot while cops are being took hostage (not me this time) internet times out (while I'm dead) so get back in .. boom took hostage almost straight away again!
  3. dhodgy

    Project Tulip

    I see you are making good use of your time on police holiday then.
  4. dhodgy

    £49965400 (£50MIL) Giveaway / quitting.

    Peaky Blinders
  5. dhodgy

    Rebel/Cop Imbalance

    +10000000000 current rules: 5.9 Single Officer - If there is only a single officer online they may not be robbed or taken hostage. if there are only two - four officers online likely they are going to patrol together. this makes taking one hostage hard enough, the likelihood is you will take 2 maybe 3 hostages leaving one or two to negotiate. From what I have seen most rebels ask for money/items that are way above what the person is valued at e.g two low-rank officers and the rebels want half a mil. this creates a problem straight away as new players may not have that kind of money to trade for life and even if they do, having the possibility of only one other officer to back them up should it fail means there is just simply no way of getting the hostages back without them getting killed.
  6. dhodgy

    3 Minute Initiation at the bank

    +1 had it a few times where a lot of cops die leaving only a few left and if we push in we die .. our only option is to basically fall back because if we wait, its then RDM even know the bank is still full of rebels and they are just hiding in there knowing full well if we push they have the advantage and will likely win. we could watch every entrance no rebels come or go but they just wait for the 3 mins to pass then we basically have to run out into the open to say something like hands up or be shot .. just to be shot by another rebel watching his back still inside the bank compound. it does not make sense to have the 3 min rule when you know there are the exact same people still inside the bank doing the exact same thing they were 5 mins ago, also the 3 min rule makes the cops rush (to some extent).
  7. dhodgy

    Problem with TS

    could be something to do with permissions .. can you take a screenshot of TS and slap it in here ?
  8. dhodgy

    Problem with TS

    Go to Tools ->options->Application, Under subscribe select "Subscribe to all channels", Click ok?
  9. dhodgy

    Problem with TS

    there is an "eye" type icon on the top (beside mute) it hides people in channels or shows them, might just have to hit it?
  10. dhodgy

    Replacing Wasted

    +1 vote for Obsidian !!! WOOOOO
  11. dhodgy

    APC Attitude

    +1 have spoken to a few cops on my travels and they seem alright and wanted to role play a bit. only properly been involved with the cops once (taken to the station) and it was the worst role play ive seen in a long time to the point there was almost no role play, it was basically sir you have a weapon .. now you dont. ticket end of story. there was no real interaction i tryed a few times to make him explain etc etc but he was having none of it.
  12. dhodgy

    Player slots

    yes other days its below 100 .. holidays will change that and friday and yesterday the population was changing from 60-90 most of the time, if you reduce it to 80 its not going to fix the crashing and it will limit the people that can only come online on sunday cause they are working the rest of the week.
  13. dhodgy

    Player slots

    have to agree with a new server, if you lower the population limit down then then people will miss out and move communitys cause they cant log on due to the server being full most of the time. a second server would give the overflow somewhere to go and open up new doors for other people.
  14. dhodgy

    The Resistance -TR- Recruitment

    In Game Name : dhodgy Age : 25 How many Hours Do You Have In Arma : 3300 Why Would You Like To Join The Resistance : because im amazing (not to blow my own horn ehh) and ive known Obsidian for years and we work great together Have You Got Any Other Commitments On The Server : nopeeeee