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  1. Cya later guys ill be back ingame as civ every once and a while thanks for the great times
  2. Its been a great run ive had so much fun on PhoenixRP however sadly over the past few weeks i have become too busy with work as its becoming summer i have a lot more jobs to do, i will be coming back every once and while as civ however i will be resigning as support and AMS, Thanks to @Nickand @Ken Barlowfor the great times in PhoenixRP Its been fun cya later guys!
  3. Great RP always has some new RP every time he joins the server
  4. +100 Never see alex leave support channels always helping out when needed, amazing RP ingame
  5. Thanks guys appreciate it a lot <3 always trying my hardest ingame helping people out whenever possible.
  6. I do not sorry like i said i was afk for a minute in the house above the taxi building and i heard the car alarm and saw him stealing my offroad sorry about that i wasnt expecting to turn my recording on so i didnt catch all of it but i told him to go to the website and read the rules as he told me "I never knew there were rules" We did however resolve it i just want someone to keep an eye on him incase he hasnt read the rules like i recommended him to.
  7. Time Submitted: 08:07:09 PM | 01/04/18 Submitted By: [KBI] Marshall E. (2348) Your In-Game Name: [KBI] Marshall Who are you reporting?: Blake Time/Date of event: 7:56 PM, 4/1/2018 Rule's Broken: 7.1 Stealing vehicles from greenzone Explain what happened: I was AFK for a minute so i could get a drink and i came back and heard a car alarm so i though someones stealing a vehicle in GZ i went and had a look and realised that he was stealing my red offroad i told him to stop he may not have heard me but after that i dragged him into support and told him what he did wrong and the rule he broke, I asked him if he had read the rules and he replied no i told him to go read the rules and also the website before the wrong person sees and he gets his self into trouble i have solved the situation i just though i would put this up as he hasn't read the rules and have a feeling he won't there may be a few more rule breaks in the future if he doesn't Evidence (Video/Screenshot): https://youtu.be/yWk5kTg7UWE It doesn't show the part of me telling him to stop. Have you attempted to resolve the situation with the player?: Yes Support Member Involved?: None
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