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  1. [KBI] Marshall E.

    {KBI} Ken Barlow INC returning!

    Were bringing the real RP home
  2. [KBI] Marshall E.

    [KBI] Ken Barlow INC

  3. [KBI] Marshall E.

    [KBI] Ken Barlow INC

    @Ken BarlowAight no problem
  4. [KBI] Marshall E.


    Great RP always has some new RP every time he joins the server
  5. [KBI] Marshall E.

    alex king

    +100 Never see alex leave support channels always helping out when needed, amazing RP ingame
  6. [KBI] Marshall E.


    +1 Great RP Nice Guy
  7. [KBI] Marshall E.

    Marshal for support

    @fleurCheers pal
  8. [KBI] Marshall E.

    Marshal for support

    Thanks guys appreciate it a lot <3 always trying my hardest ingame helping people out whenever possible.
  9. [KBI] Marshall E.

    Player Report - Blake - 01/04/18

    I do not sorry like i said i was afk for a minute in the house above the taxi building and i heard the car alarm and saw him stealing my offroad sorry about that i wasnt expecting to turn my recording on so i didnt catch all of it but i told him to go to the website and read the rules as he told me "I never knew there were rules" We did however resolve it i just want someone to keep an eye on him incase he hasnt read the rules like i recommended him to.
  10. [KBI] Marshall E.

    Player Report - Blake - 01/04/18

    Time Submitted: 08:07:09 PM | 01/04/18 Submitted By: [KBI] Marshall E. (2348) Your In-Game Name: [KBI] Marshall Who are you reporting?: Blake Time/Date of event: 7:56 PM, 4/1/2018 Rule's Broken: 7.1 Stealing vehicles from greenzone Explain what happened: I was AFK for a minute so i could get a drink and i came back and heard a car alarm so i though someones stealing a vehicle in GZ i went and had a look and realised that he was stealing my red offroad i told him to stop he may not have heard me but after that i dragged him into support and told him what he did wrong and the rule he broke, I asked him if he had read the rules and he replied no i told him to go read the rules and also the website before the wrong person sees and he gets his self into trouble i have solved the situation i just though i would put this up as he hasn't read the rules and have a feeling he won't there may be a few more rule breaks in the future if he doesn't Evidence (Video/Screenshot): https://youtu.be/yWk5kTg7UWE It doesn't show the part of me telling him to stop. Have you attempted to resolve the situation with the player?: Yes Support Member Involved?: None
  11. [KBI] Marshall E.

    Charlie Knight for staff

  12. [KBI] Marshall E.

    Ken Barlow

    Great guy his RP is top notch amazing gang leader and always there to help when needed, never had as much fun in RP than i have with ken @Ken Barlow
  13. [KBI] Marshall E.


    Cheers mate <3 @Tripps
  14. [KBI] Marshall E.


    Thanks guys appreciate it just trying to help out and give some RP let some guys have fun instead of robbing them blind, glad you guys enjoy my RP hopefully in the future i can help the server out a lot more
  15. [KBI] Marshall E.

    Player Report - James Wills & Antoine Sold'evida - 01/02/18

    I have uploaded video of James Wills on the report i made of him