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  1. Marios

    Vel For Governor

    Good luck you got my vote.
  2. If the acceleration isn't buffed to the point of extreme there won't be any ifrit going with 200 mph and it would be fun to play against since nobody would dare to get out of it as it would need quite some time to slow down to a reasonable speed. + imagine a hatchback sport having the acceleration it previously had. that would be fuuuuuuuuuuun
  3. Marios

    First person

    I would be up for it but not a lot of people can play without third person spray
  4. 100 ping + I was top of the leaderboard what u on about?
  5. Marios

    Sniper scopes

    That s the whole point of some sniper scopes too. I m pretty sure they are to be found at the airdrop which is once a restart.
  6. Marios

    Sniper scopes

    Would be fun, but then it s we woud be playing KOTH.( with lower loadout prices )
  7. Marios

    Sniper scopes

    Well I have to say that if sniper scopes come back we should also have a sniper available instead of sniping with a DMR.
  8. Marios


    I'd say that if shipwrecks were introduced they could contain a percentage of having gold or even better a smaller percentage of an Virtual Item that would give you a buildable weapon/attachment.
  9. Wouldn't mind if gang skins on vehicles were permanent, and in my opinion such vehicles would be kept as a memory to the gang for actually owning a gang base. All in all +1
  10. Law and order pepe

  11. Marios


    There you go, you answered to yourself, read the post next time.
  12. I realized already. Thanks for the response though
  13. @Ranger Did you have the same problem of the game PATCHING for 4 hours and never finishing?
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