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  1. If you can go to rebel and there's a purchase last loud out button would make it a lot easier to re gear.
  2. Isn’t there a way to whitelist infistar banned people for the server in the info star config?
  3. As much as i would like this, I feel like it will just make the mission file more laggy as more spawned in items make frames drop.
  4. @CRACCOON Did you try waiting a minute or so, did the same to me but eventually caught up...
  5. But i did wait 20 minutes and lost my gear... My friend who was shot was revived in 5 minutes and let go...
  6. Moto Moto

    House Inventory

    https://gyazo.com/0f4918db1734d6cfb1ec0257d7dc7f37 My house inventory doesn't show up, all of my gang said the same. Admins can open it but civs cant.
  7. Ok, so when you are initiated and they push up the stairs at agios bank and all you can see is the tip of their nightvision and one shot later you're tased and a 700k loadout is down the drain. Is that easy to counter?
  8. Yes, but we still have taser pistols. just having a full auto taser rifle is one, unrealistic and two, completely op and unfair.
  9. First of all, I am writing this as a member of the APC. I feel like the spar-16 taser mode should only be available to PCSO and once you have the rank of PC it should be lethal only. The reason for this is because when i was sitting in a bank at the top of the stairs a PC was able to push me and before i could see anything but his night vision, i was tazed. Then my 700k load out was gone after one bullet and i couldn't do anything about it. This is the case for multiple people who are also rebels and not just APC. I feel that it would lift the rebel life if little things like this weren't a thing.
  10. I was basically clearing my Drive.
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