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  1. Blackstone

    Matt Black is boarding the 3:30 pm flight.

    Been fun Matt ❤️
  2. Blackstone

    Leaving everything

    You kidding me? I still need to give you that 20mil back dude, shit...
  3. Blackstone

    Hard Knocks Montage

    If this was on TV, I'd be watching TV again. S I C K
  4. Blackstone

    Thanks Phoenix! It has been fun.

    Sir yes sir! Its been fun Teddy, thanks!
  5. It has been fun! o/

    1. Kiran


      I forbid this

    2. Tiger


      Cya man have a good one

    3. Khalid


      oi boy, woah

  6. Blackstone

    Thanks Phoenix! It has been fun.

    For over the past 10 months I've enjoyed myself on Phoenix, its been a lovely journey and I want to thank everyone that was a part of it! I am leaving on good terms for personal reasons Yours truely, Blackstone
  7. Blackstone

    Compensation Request - [TPK] Norbert Howard - 08/09/18

    For some reason I can't watch the video Norbert, is it uploaded correctly? @Norbert Howard
  8. Blackstone

    Compensation Request - [TPK] Norbert Howard - 08/09/18

    The evidence you provided is showed on a website with non english language. I will be able to review it if you for example upload it on Youtube.
  9. Blackstone

    Compensation Request - Tom - 08/09/18

    Hello there Tom! Server Restarts are being done every 4 hours. If you wish to start a run, I'd recommend taking at least 1hour for said run. The server does not compensate you for scheduled restarts, if an unscheduled restart or crash occurs, then the server does compensate. Therefor I will be declining your compensation request.
  10. Blackstone

    Ban Appeal - Eliott - 08/09/18 - Altis Life

    Explain to me why you think other people could find your words offensive @Eliott3D
  11. Blackstone

    Ban Appeal - Eliott - 08/09/18 - Altis Life

    What you did still is unacceptable. Why should I give you another chance ? You have been banned five times now and I think that your just gonna break rules again.
  12. Blackstone

    Player Report - Tom - 08/09/18 - Altis Life

    Player report declined due it being resolved. Locked & Moved
  13. Blackstone

    A minor accident.

  14. Blackstone

    Compensation Request - Jacob wick - 08/07/18

    Accepted - 2.400.000 will be added to your account at the next restart. Locked & Moved
  15. Blackstone

    this dude needs to shut up

    You can also tab out, or put in your earplugs, or remove your headset from you head 5seconds? The voice is nice for new peeps