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  1. Blackstone

    K bye lmao

  2. Blackstone

    MontelMarshmellow Frag #1

    Sharp bitch
  3. Blackstone

    In a bit

  4. Blackstone

    Seeya Phoenix

  5. Blackstone

    So long...

  6. Blackstone

    In a bit lads.

  7. Blackstone

    MontelMarshmellow Frag #1

    Hi there Montel, I'm gonna have to inform you that you wrote Phoenix wrong in your youtube title. Enjoy your day! @MontelMarshmellow
  8. Blackstone

    Matt Black is boarding the 3:30 pm flight.

    Been fun Matt ❤️
  9. Blackstone

    Leaving everything

    You kidding me? I still need to give you that 20mil back dude, shit...
  10. Blackstone

    Hard Knocks Montage

    If this was on TV, I'd be watching TV again. S I C K
  11. Blackstone

    Thanks Phoenix! It has been fun.

    Sir yes sir! Its been fun Teddy, thanks!
  12. It has been fun! o/

    1. Kiran


      I forbid this

    2. Tiger


      Cya man have a good one

    3. Khalid


      oi boy, woah

  13. Blackstone

    Thanks Phoenix! It has been fun.

    For over the past 10 months I've enjoyed myself on Phoenix, its been a lovely journey and I want to thank everyone that was a part of it! I am leaving on good terms for personal reasons Yours truely, Blackstone
  14. Blackstone

    Compensation Request - [TPK] Norbert Howard - 08/09/18

    For some reason I can't watch the video Norbert, is it uploaded correctly? @Norbert Howard
  15. Blackstone

    Compensation Request - [TPK] Norbert Howard - 08/09/18

    The evidence you provided is showed on a website with non english language. I will be able to review it if you for example upload it on Youtube.