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  1. Blackstone

    PhoenixRP | The lollipop and lead's

    Yes, this is good
  2. Blackstone

    How to upgrade your TS Ban to a Community Ban

    Marios on PhoenixRP Communist server..... lets rookbang aimbot hack CTSFO before other people notice it
  3. Blackstone


  4. Blackstone

    PhoenixRP | AMS and support problems

    Lovely video, next time a little bit of blackstone involved ? hehe
  5. Blackstone

    Ban Appeal - B I Will'o Boston - 06/15/18 - Altis Life

    @Will'o Boston Whenever your free today, hop in teamspeak Join for Support and I'll get you the officers involved including myself for a good chat.
  6. Blackstone

    Ban Appeal - B I Will'o Boston - 06/15/18 - Altis Life

    @TeddyBear System wasn't working properly so I requested Conner Pepe to ban him, that ban didn't go though as well then. In regards of this situation @Will'o Boston , since you already open lethal force on a officer and killed him, the situation turned into a firefight, additional units were already responding and therefor we decided to continue the situation rather and going back to the negotiations stage, we were past that point. At the end of the situation the other officer took down the hostage taker, and the police hostage was set free, mission succesful. Not value of life of the hostage is also an internal police problem instead of a server one.
  7. Blackstone

    Sanders #1

    I like the part were the bulets actually hit, mine never do
  8. Blackstone

    Cobra | Fragtage #1

    I likey Approved!
  9. Blackstone

    Not being able to defend against cops in a green zone

    Its fairly easy to just follow the laws in GreenZone. Not like you're gonna need your assault rifle there anyways.. right.. since you know.... yeah..... you get it....safezone..
  10. Blackstone

    Been a good time

    Enjoyed you being here Yozza! Goodluck to were the future may bring you!
  11. Valid points were made, however I don't think the post is currently going the correct direction. Locked on request!
  12. Blackstone

    When Blackstones RP bullets actually hit...

    Very True... Welcome to the Team Hehe, Atleast I didn't carry a Cyrus when getting knocked over the head xD Special Boy, special poses.
  13. Blackstone

    Comrade Merlin's Adventures

    This video is unrealistic.. My bullets never hit. Honestly I love those kind of videos, great video, great naming, just great
  14. Blackstone

    Academy DSGT

    +1 | This would provide a nice chance and would help alot.
  15. Blackstone

    Ban Appeal - John Lemon - 06/10/18 - Altis Life

    Pefect, Ensure this doesn't happen again and make sure to read the entire server rules section to prevent this from happening again ( Tazer Initiation ). Ban appeal accepted!