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  1. Ban Appeal - Dalle - 03/20/18 - Altis Life

    Should you need it for your case @Alex King The video evidence: https://plays.tv/video/5ab19a7a18f027e067/medic-shot-by-accident
  2. Weed permit thing

    Medical Weed, Its indeed Medical Cannabis. But the idea is good tho :p
  3. contributor + contributor = donator

    Mission failed, We'll get em next time boys.
  4. Police Quadbikes

    I like quadbikes
  5. Khalids arrival

    We need to act together! As one.. AGAINST the FAKE NEWS
  6. [Havoc] Lil swizz

    Swizzle is indeed doing a great job in HAVOC, and is overall a great person, keep up the works!
  7. Ethan

    Ethan is a lovely overall players and a great addition the medical team
  8. Blackstone

  9. In my opinion, people would be to chop-shop hungry. You can rank up your skill level to get a higher chance of making the vehicle you're own, this is very unique and I do like it this way. so +1 on @Scaw
  10. rebel zone

    I don't think its needed, Its kinda rebel code not to rob each other at Blackmarket / Rebel outpost.
  11. Hello!

  12. Hello!

    Welcome to the Community! If you have any questions on your journey, just come to Support for a good chat
  13. Chop shop Heli’s?

    Visit HAVOC Chop shop today and get a free drink! Please come again
  14. VDM can be fun (Don't do this)

    I love some proper VDM from time to time, but the HAMMER will hit you like the morning after.
  15. cops/firefighters

    Is this question regarding Altis Life or FiveM ?

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