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  1. Strand

    PhoenixRP V2 Bugs

    Why will garages on warehouses only return in the future? It was so usefull and no warehouses are useless. The gang funds displaying is nice to have because you can keep track easier on profits made from cartels , please add it back.
  2. Strand

    PhoenixRP V2 Bugs

    - Gang funds dont display in the group menu. - Warehouse's garage option is missing. - SDAR is not available in Rebel stores for turtle poaching.
  3. I am truly sorry I will work on also getting better internet
  4. 2.7 Combat Logging - Logging off at any point during an active roleplay situation or firefight is considered combat logging. If your game crashes you need to contact an admin straight away. How I will ensure it never happens again. I will Imediatly send all admins an message in the server with my Cellphone hopefully not getting banned after a few minutes.
  5. I have 6mil ! Why would I Combat Log!? I Loose basically nothing. Seriously I got kicked by Battle Eye.
  6. Like I said. I did not "leave" the server. I went AFK (after getting killed) and when I came back I was kicked by Battle Eye. I then reconected and had some my stuff exept for my gun. You could have teleported to me or called me to Teamspeak but yet you choose to just Ban me for 2 days without truly knowing what happened. I did Lag with the Orca. I ALWAYS play with 180 to 300 ping and with that get Lag spikes now and then. Do you not Believe me or what? What can I do to make you believe me!
  7. Time Submitted: 05:26:37 PM | 01/19/18 Submitted By: Brock Lesnar (2272) In-Game Name: Brock Lesnar Steam / Player ID: 76561198250107702 Administrator who issued ban: Jord Date of ban: 07/31/00 In your opinion, why were you banned?: When I died I went AFK and when I came back I was kicked of by Battle Eye. I rejoined and had my clothes and backpack and also my magazines. I ran around for 2 minutes and got kicked of for "combat logging" . What reason was given for your ban? Combat Logging Why should you be unbanned? I really feel like this is unfair to get banned for something I can not really control. I really feel that the admin should have come to me and handle the situation better. Please picture yourself in a situation like this. What platform / server were you banned on?: Altis Life (Server 1) Link to initial report (if applicable):
  8. Defence for Armand https://ibb.co/ipB8tR
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