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  1. yes mate you in game now @TK9451 @Charlie Wong https://gyazo.com/3be08a2bd5f7041d457a8c591737f127 comp send
  2. @Mikey Munchy i will comp you if you like PS I'm involved as i am in one of the ifrit
  3. Time Submitted: 09:04:09 AM | 04/30/19 Submitted By: The real Matty ✔ (227) In-Game Name: Matty James Steam / Player ID: 76561198058569136 Date of Event: 04/28/19 Link to evidence (player report or video): na Details of Event: lost all my perks when switching to havoc Compensation Amount: rank 34 Confirmation of legitimacy: Yes I understand and agree.
  4. how much do strides go for



    1. Stefan♦


      idk like 5mil

    2. Michael


      like 40k, ill give you 50k

    3. KLW


      ill pay 2.5 mill

  5. Leader | Matty James | Background Among the chaos of the Altian Wars, A crack Mercenary group was sent into the conflict as a guerrilla group on the side of the NATO alliance, part of Task force SCORPION. They're objective was to cause as much disruption to the enemy as possible, hunt down enemy partisans and eliminate and destroy key targets around Altis. The group made up of members from all over the globe, and containing members with mixed skill sets obliterated the enemy, and assisted in bringing the war to an end and possibly shortened the war by many months. After the war had ended the Island became a British Oversees Territory, and was brought back to life. But although provisions were made for Altis itself, no provisions were made for Task force SCORPION. they were left stranded on Altis, and disavowed by the NATO alliance, The newly established police force were given orders to betray and hunt down SCORPION. The experts of the frontier evaded the attempted back-stab and managed to hide out and regroup in the wilds of Altis. After this, SCORPION wiped all relation they had with the NATO alliance, law and order, and as such renamed the organisation to VENOM. And instead of fighting other peoples wars, they fought and made money for themselves, and they excelled in this trade. Although still fighting and protecting the Oppressed people's of Altis. However still fighting the Oppressors of Altis, like the police force and other gangs who would try to gain more influence than VENOM. Gang Application Template Name - Age - Hours on Arma 3 (Minimum 500 hours +) - Steam ID - Previous Experience - What you Can bring to the group (Min 5+ points) - Why do you want to join Venom? (Min 20+ words) - Why Should we accept you (Min 120+ words) - Can Anyone In The Gang Vouch For You? -  If you have any issues filling out the application please don't be hesitant to speak to one of us for help/support | Roster |
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