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    • Conner Merlin

      Green-zone Houses   02/19/18

      Start: 25/02/2017
      From the above start date, any house in the Kavala Green-zone being used to store any illegal items will have there items removed. This is to stop people from abusing the Green-zone rules to store items.  
    • Kevin

      Housing Limits (4 per player)   02/20/18

      Friendly reminder, we have a limit of 4 properties per player. This is to make it fair for all players and give everyone a chance of owning a property. It has been noted that some people have exploited the housing transfer system (be in intentional or not) and have managed to exceed this limit. This is a friendly warning that anyone who holds more than 4 properties has the opportunity to sell their excess properties now and move their items to their other properties. Anyone found with over 4 properties after this week will be at risk of having properties deleted without notice.

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  1. Ban Appeal - Magicz - 02/18/18

    unbanned 1 week no gun ban and you need to become a medic
  2. Ban Appeal - Pingu - 02/07/18

  3. CTAC responding to robbery

  4. Ban Appeal - Promethus - 02/21/18 - Altis Life

    you need to contact infistar we can not unban you Denied
  5. Compensation Request - cRusty - 02/21/18

  6. Compensation Request - [TITAN] J.R - 02/21/18

    @EnJuuso can you upload a video of the server crashing

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