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  1. sebastien


    +1 he did me mas test and he did it really good
  2. sebastien

    BLACK SPIT FIRE | Recruitment page [open]

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    Great Guy +1 I know hem Becaus “he raped Tom pea”?
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    Free Forum Banners

    Can you make me one @Adam?
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    Hello there!

    Welcome, message me if you wona patrole toghter.
  7. sebastien

    BLACK SPIT FIRE | Recruitment page [open]

    your application has been:Denied Feel free to apply in 7 days reason: not enough effort we asked for 50 words
  8. sebastien

    BLACK SPIT FIRE | Recruitment page [open]

    This application is not valid
  9. BLACK SPIT FIRE Recruitment items/skils -Rebel license -Moderate fly skills -Deacent amount of play time on phoenix -good at combat -Must know the rules of the servers -Must be mature -good behavior Application format: -IN GAME NAME: -AGE: -Steam ID: -What country do you live?: -ARMA 3 HOURS: -SERVER HOURS: -previous gang?: -Why would you join BLACK SPIT FIRE?(50 words): -What can you bring to BLACK SPIT FIRE?: -Define roleplay in you're own words: STORY: In the early day way before atlis was ever discovered there was one other great nation called BELGIUM. They ruled europe for a very long time, but europe was getting overpopulated. so there came a war. Not just a war the WAR everyone feared it was very brutal bloody like we had never seen before. so belgian decided to create the belgian special forces or nowadays BLACK SPIT FIRE. these force where the best of the best. they went through the hardest training yet known on this planet. after their training was complete. they were send on the most inhuman missions. they had completed all of them. until……., there was a new type of weapon created. it would end the war the Belgian Special Force captured it but said . to the government that this weapon was to dangerous. the war continued. many losses. the BSF also had some losses . the weapon was used europe became mostly destroyed. the government of belgium was dead so BSF decided to look for other land. so we discovered altis lived quit UNTIL now. we think this government is also going on the wrong direction. so that's we we reactivate the Black Spit Fire. and we are now recruiting again. information about members https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1SXIg21qgxRG0TtFq5Ui7QYZ5fDyfa7Obh4_bAcKYMNI/edit#gid=0
  10. sebastien

    Rusty Enterprises | R | Recruitment [Open]

    Name: sebastien Age: 17 Nationality: Belgium Arma 3 hours played: 314 Why do you want to join Rusty Enterpises?:to gete a good and actif gang. where we have some good times. and enjoy playing! What will you bring to the team?:a fun player who love leughing and loves playing arma3 Tell us about you: i arraved 1,5 months ago me main rule is having fun. i played alot on this server so i only need a good and actif gang.
  11. sebastien

    TITAN | recruitment page [OPEN]

    What is your in-game name? Sebastien Your steam64ID? 76561198419513527 How old are you? 17 In what country do you live? belgium How many hours do you have on Arma 3 and on PhoenixRP? 314 hours on arma 1,5 months on phoenix What are your previous gangs? The resistance What are your strengths? fly skils Checking corners/buildings calm(means that i i'm not a tocix What are your weaknesses? recoil communication(workin on it) Have you been banned before? If yes then why? nope Why would you like to join TITAN? (50+ words) i'm looking fore a actif and good gang. most of the time when i'm online titan is taking cartels. i hope this gang is gona help me get some money and good time's me main reason is becaus i always here allot about you guys. so i hope i can help you guys out! What can you bring to TITAN? a fun guy who cares allot of other gang members and likes to play arma 3. Define roleplay in your own words. Roll dat you cannot break.
  12. sebastien

    The Resistance -TR- Recruitment

    In Game Name :SEBASTIEN Age :17 How many Hours Do You Have In Arma :250 Why Would You Like To Join The Resistance :i'm looking fore a good and active gang. with allot of people online.i'm an active player who practice a lot on aiming and schooting now i only need a good gang. Have You Got Any Other Commitments On The Server : (The Police Force, Havoc, AMS, Another Gang Or No Other Commitments)= nope
  13. sebastien

    TITAN | recruitment page [OPEN]

    Can you plz tell me Why you Denied? so i can work on iT Thank you.
  14. sebastien

    TITAN | recruitment page [OPEN]

    Application form What is your in-game name? sebastien How old are you? 17 In what country do you live? Belgium How many hours do you have on Arma 3? 250 hours on ProjectPhoenix? 2 weeks What are your previous gangs? Belgium gang What are your strengths? not bad ad shooting good pilot What are your weaknesses? me patient is bad. Have you been banned before? If yes then why? no Why would you like to join TITAN? (50+ words) i’m looking fore a active and a good gang. I’m a active player Who likes to support and help you’re Gang. I have seen Some gang members of titan ad the rebel base they sagte That titan was a awsome gang. Thats Why i’m Here. I can help you Guys.