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  1. Batesy

    Charles McKnight

    Big shame tbh
  2. Batesy

    Charles McKnight

    Jokes on you nerd my medic days left me dickless! *draws shotgun from my ass* nevah mess with the ooga booga tribe, COWAAAAAAAAAARD ReeeEEeeEEeeEEeeEEeeE *shoots YOU in the dick* Enjoy being a lady
  3. Batesy

    Charles McKnight

    Cobra you wanna catch these hands Mate I'll win in a sword fight Draw your sword, COWARD!
  4. Basically we were doing that silly thing with them dumb towers n stuff and I had a brilliant idea to meme some TITAN bois so y'know I did don't get salty when I say dumb shit like SVDs instead of SDVs and stuff like that I was stupid back then still am :/
  5. na bruv 1st place 10mil don't be cheap :P
  6. it was fun lets do it again
  7. Batesy


    Genuinely good dude tbh And a dev with a funny side its scarso btw all the other devs are cool like, but I like Scarso more
  8. Batesy


    (Disclaimer; I don't know if you can do this now, but when I last tried you couldn't) Since I am such a fish fanatic and I believe the primary reason that fishing was 'fixed', I have taken it upon my self to try and slide in something a bit more engaging than sitting in your boat cranking it to a extra sexy tuna. A very old server I played on had fishing and it was a suitable job, being able to give you sufficient money for hard work. You were able to swim up to any fish (not turtle) and pick it up with windows key, enabling people to pick and choose the fish that they want and expend the effort to pick the most expensive fish and thus making more profit. My suggestion is pretty basic: Make people able to pick up all fish with windows keys without having to kill them beforehand. Now I have no bloody clue if this is possible anymore but I don't know, it'd be more fun. Little bit extra; Make fishing a lil bit worth while, or easier. Like make the storage space on boats more idk.
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