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  1. Batesy

    Cryant gets cooked

  2. Batesy

    bye lol

    bye my g's
  3. I had this issue, its a anti-virus problem. Something to do with battleye or arma was put in my virus chest for susp shit.
  4. Batesy

    SFG Boys

    how do you know what rp is you're a cop
  5. This is seriously just going to cause more chaos. What would you rather do, loose your money or kill the cops trying to take it?
  6. Batesy


    I'm doing my exams you cheeky boi
  7. Batesy


    I left medics again lol
  8. Batesy

    Role play names

  9. Batesy

    Increase on the legal traders

    Every time they turn you down you nick their shit
  10. Batesy

    Role play names

    *Cough ctrl+v* What whats that I see what? Is it being so fucking stupid? Hell yeah +1 to the rp names Also its Moe Lester. Its a kind of play on words and a somewhat witty and in a way offensive one but if you get triggered about it then stop existing.
  11. Batesy

    Fake ID

    I'd say +1 for the ones that the porkies hate but just roleplay it off like I do, just change your voice, your name and your hat and you're all good.
  12. Batesy

    Seize cash

    -1 I'd join cops just to seize everyones money on the server
  13. Batesy


    true that I know of two cops that actually rp with you unless you're combat hungry memes, Lamarcus and Shaun (something idk hes an SPC)
  14. Batesy

    bounty hunter perk

    It doesn't matter if its a %, if its above 50% of the bounty the kidnappings will begin anything below 50% wouldn't be worth it unless the bounty is stupidly high