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  1. Danny Devito

    The shit you do when the server is empty.

  2. Danny Devito

    Rusty Enterprises | R | Recruitment [Open]

    Name: Danny Devito Age: 19 Nationality: United States Arma 3 hours played: 1641 Why do you want to join Rusty Enterprises?: I want to join Rusty Enterprises because my friends and i met two of your men @Jack Godfrey and @iamCamoo and ran meth together. I liked that mindset they had about how to deal with people they robbed. They only took some depending on if the person wasn't a dick about it or not. My friends played with a similar style on other servers and we would like to join more people with the same play style as us. These are my bois, @Pabloand @Joe Lieberman What will you bring to the team?: I have plenty of experience when it comes to both rp and pvp. I have been playing with the same group of guys since my first hour of arma. We have plenty of hours on KOTH servers where we have become proficient at pvp in general and have played on other white listed servers before they went down. We work well with each other and others and i believe that we can be a good asset to your gang. Tell us about you: I am Danny Devito and i am originally from New York. I drove a taxi until i met twin brother who convinced me to go on a vacation with him to Altis. I didn't not know this was a scam when I arrived he had some men steal my passport and leave me in a trash can. He then returned state side and took control over my taxi business while leaving me to fend for myself in Altis. I have realized the only way to return to my country is by selling drugs and robbing others in order to get enough money to smuggle myself back to New York in a duffel bag aboard a clown car.