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We have upgraded to IPS 4.3, if you notice any issues please PM @Kevin or @Conner Merlin with details.


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  1. Ollie

    Changelog - FiveM

    HOTFIX - 08/04/18 Players should no longer wrongly get banned for speed hacking.
  2. Ollie

    Changelog - FiveM

    07/04/2018 Added medic vehicles to their garage (if you can’t see it at you’re rank, you ain’t high enough to get it) Fixed Air ambulance spawning (Head medic only) Added new cars to carshop: Audi A4 Audi R8 Ferrari California T Mitsubishi Evolution 9 Ford Raptor BMW i8 Lamborghini Aventador lp700 Nissan Skyline R34 Range Rover SVR Audi RS6 Volvo 242 Updated server to the latest patch Various Handling tweaks to existing civilian cars Fixes to broken police cars Police National computer is back. Tweaks to come. Issues with medic Rank 2 resolved Police Motorbike fixed Police Evo 9 fixed Blocked names with non-alphanumeric characters to ensure a smooth experience for all players. Thanks to @fisher for most of this update!
  3. Ollie

    Stats page

    Hi, Please clear your cache and try again and this should be solved.
  4. Ollie

    Changelog - Stats Panel

    Oh boy, it's been a while. 06/04/2018 HAVOC playtimes are now on the playtime graph CSS changes Navbar fixed and dropdown added Death gear logs for admins to view what each player had when they died Altis News whitelisting Other minor fixes
  5. Ollie

    Stats Page

    Hi, Playtimes for Havoc aren't shown on the stats page because I can't get that kind of information due to the way the Altis life mod stores playtimes. Playtimes for Havoc are not stored on their own like police and civ but if I remember correctly just add onto your civilian playtime.
  6. Ollie

    GTA RP

    Hi If you can provide videos of police not giving good RP be sure to send them over to @fisher and he can sort them. As for the staff, the same thing, if you have some videos send them over to @Cryant and/or @FoxHound and they should be able to help. For the vehicle prices, we have kept them fairly high to encourage a more realistic economy, but changes can and will be made in the future. The rules are clearly laid out on the loading screen and at
  7. Ollie

    Lost car upgrades upon rest in GTA V Five M

    Hi @nijack Before any planned server restart players are warned that the server will be restarting and to save their vehicles. The modifications you make to your vehicles won't be saved if you don't save the vehicle in your garage before the server goes offline. Obviously if the server has crashed this is not your fault. But I strongly reccomened that you always save your vehicles as soon as you are done modifying them. If you let us know what time roughly the server went down and provide proof of the modifications made you will be compensated and we can establish if it was due to a planned server restart or a crash.
  8. Ollie

    Changelog - FiveM

    Fixes to police vehicles Updated police helicopters Added better admin tools and discord tracking Solved issue of people being banned randomly Added a nice bit of James Blunt to valentines day, because you're beautiful can you hear my bumhole? @Tim @fisher @Cryant
  9. Ollie

    Changelog - FiveM

    FiveM updated to the latest version Prevent vehicle flipping when overturned Vehicles stronger and take less damage 12 minute respawn timer to 10 minutes Drug prices low when 0 cops online, back to normal with 1 Robbing stores 3 cops online instead of 4. Time between robbers set to 2500 seconds instead of 2000. Cop vehicle updates New admin tools added Admin tools updated Unbans/bans now working fully this is what happens when you don't listen to me @Tim @fisher
  10. Ollie

    Money Glitch

    Anyone still getting this issue? @Adam
  11. Ollie

    Meth Sales is broken

    Just as a side comment, me and @Larz had the same issue. At the moment if you stand completely still when selling it should sell. @jonocrawford
  12. Ollie

    Changelog - FiveM

    Fixed issue with Police3 vehicle remodel Removed sniper from police armory Changed names in police locker room Added new police highway patrol uniform @Labrador New admin menu design Fixed bugs with bans p.s Z menu works @Tim
  13. Ollie

    Changelog - FiveM

    New police vehicles added - thanks to @fisher @Tim Police ANPR system added Fixed errors on loading screen Removed tints applied to vehicles spawned using the cop menu General misc fixes
  14. Ollie

    Changelog - FiveM

    Changes to admin menu Bans can now be removed without the need for a restart Police tazer is now yellow to match all other UK police textures Police alert language fixes
  15. Ollie

    Changelog - FiveM

    Phone is now fully in english Other language bugs fixed Bug where AIs don't spawn correctly fixed New loading screen added

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