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  1. Ollie

    Corrupt Community Board.

    i was the admin
  2. Ollie

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    2. Sig


      Yes. You belong with the rest of the sinners, like nick batsbak

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      Wat the fuck ill become project lead fivem

  3. Ollie

    Stats page

    I'll be sorting this sometime this week.
  4. Ollie

    Can we get rid off FiveM ?

    I always love this meme FiveM makes no difference to 'other' expansions of the PhoenixRP community, so if it closed it would again make no difference at all to if Phoenix was to expand into a different game.
  5. Ollie

    Free game.

    In this instance it only carried information about where he got the link from, what campaign its linked to etc to display marketing.
  6. Ollie

    Free game.

    I mean that's quite possibly the worst suggestion ever. Anything after the ? is a variable that usually carries essential information, so removing it is going to just break whatever you're trying to load.
  7. Ollie

    I miss you old FiveM

    1. Totally agree, which is why we introduced said new features and re-structured the admin team. 2. Money which you get at the exact same time as receiving XP, which still operates as before. Yes. 3. FiveM isn't just for roleplay. 4. Yep 5. This is the exact reason why we were going to introduce a proper gangs system with shared XP and funds. It doesn't remove all aspects of group roleplay or gangs at all, that is just a complete lie. As Sons of Odin, the gang you used as an example, literally still run perfectly fine. 6. Like what? I'm yet to see an actual suggestion for this end game content. 7. Sure end game content gives civs more to do. But civs have the most freedom of anyone playing the server. You can't just focus on one aspect of the playerbase. Organising this stuff isn't as easy as you think. 8. I'm not supposed to be anything. I'm the main FiveM developer sure, but I'm also on a public forum where I'm debating my point of view on a topic and exercising my freedom of speech, take it as you wish. 9. I do realise the lack of jobs was an issue, which is why we are adding more jobs. Which we have said countless times, so your point is invalid. I don't see how me not reaching the expectations of someone "I don't know" has any relevance to this conversation, and certainly won't effect my actions. Perhaps you need to re-assess you're evaluation of me. 10. Of course its not my job to playtest. Play testing and testing are two completely separate things. I play plenty of FiveM, and I'm sure you can appreciate that maybe after spending hours working on something that I don't find it as enjoyable to then spend more time playing it every day of my life. I have tested and experienced it myself, and I was the first to say that the jobs were too grinding, before the server had even be released (which @fisher and @Cryant can vouch for), so that is a complete lie. I can tell players how the server plays like because I've played it, both servers, and I've also sat there and tested jobs, features, vehicles to levels that you would not imagine. 11. I'm not saying it isn't. What I am saying is that I personally don't tend to bother acting upon feedback that I feel is different to the direction that all 3 of us want to push FiveM. You're right, most of the feedback is good, and so is this conversation. I haven't tarred with the same brush at all. I would appreciate it if we actually stuck to the facts here to keep the conversation relevant. 12. Its applicable because quite frankly 90% of our original playerbase came from Altis Life. Who to be honest are a load of cry babies over everything they aren't used to. I'm never going to stop trying to make XP work for the server. What would be the point, we would just end up like last time... 13. First statement is invalid because I respond to most suggestion and bug threads and also spoke at the community board meeting livestream regarding FiveM. I'm not dodging at all, I simply have much better things to be spending my time on than writing out massive responses to someone that clearly can't comprehend what I am saying as I've repeated myself multiple times. The invitation was to anyone interested, if you're not interested then don't come? xxx
  8. Ollie

    I miss you old FiveM

    1. It literally happened last time, we had the guidelines set out properly and still had issues. The jobs did create roleplay, it forced people to the same areas, the same pizza drops etc. which is better than being spawn killed by 100 gangs. As for the comments about Arma, I actually don't play Arma at all and have about an hour in total actually playing on the server so that's pretty irrelevant. 2. We haven't added more restrictions we literally just changed the main restriction. We always knew that we needed more content, but like I've said before we simply didn't have enough time to implement every job and activity and reward that we actually wanted to. 3. We have listened to the players, which is why XP got balanced every update and why we are re-thinking XP right now. I mean, you do know that GTA is a MMO game, and RPG stands for Role Playing Game yeah? 4. This whole "Tightening the economy" literally isn't comprehending anything I've said in my past posts. It's literally the same as balancing XP instead we are balancing money? 5. The fact they are the same or different to last time is literally irrelevant because of the way we re-balanced the economy. 6. In reality, we have no idea what apartments would do because we've never added them to our server. As for the new cars and jobs, we've had all our jobs open before and it didn't improve roleplay at all. Adding more cars doesn't achieve that effect all, people either don't buy it at all because its not as good as vehicles that already exist or everyone buys it and its broken. Doesn't increase roleplay, its actually more likely to have a negative effect on the roleplay of police. As for factions, how is adding any of this "end game content" even relevant to them, they can't make benefits of any of it because they don't have an end game, as you seem to know all the answers enlighten me. 7. We've had issues from our LS Customs script since launch which has mainly caused this problem, this should be resolved in the next update. 8. The reason you have to do the same job is because we haven't added enough jobs. We always knew this, but you wouldn't understand that its not as easy as just downloading the job from FiveM forums. You literally have the same two pathways as last time, expect this time you are forced to follow the most efficient pathway, boo hoo. As for regards to the job about play testing, its not my job to play test hun. 9. I don't think players are trying to annoy me at all, I just think that some people don't actually comprehend decisions that were made properly. Some of that is partly our fault as we didn't properly explain XP on launch. My issue with some feedback is that people have this attitude that FiveM should be exactly like Altis life. If we wanted to make an Altis Life server we would have just worked on the one we already have. Players can't possibly know if they don't enjoy a system or not if they've literally only ever known one system, and don't give anything else a chance. Its the same reason why if you read the Daily Mail for 20 years you wouldn't enjoy reading The Guardian, its called the Cultivation Theory. Anyway I'm not going to respond on here again as we would just be going round in circles. If you want to speak to me regarding any of these points then anyone is more than welcome to message me on Teamspeak and I'll drag you in for a chat.
  9. Ollie

    I miss you old FiveM

    I completely disagree. I think its bullshit that somebody can come on and immediately have all of the end-game content. It just creates a circle jerk of a few people that never roleplay and just fight all the time. You can roleplay from day one with any loadout or vehicles, as proven by the XP system that blocked people from getting most guns on the first day. There was still good roleplay, people just don't want to put any effort in. There is helping a friend out and there is completely out-trumping someone who could have been working hard for days just because you have a rich friend. As for the comment about 6 months, I'm not really sure where you got that from because we never defined a specific time on how long we wanted someone to 'complete' the game (which is actually impossible by the way). We didn't intend for it to be a grind, what we intended for was regular players to be able to have the full benefit of end game content after putting in the work for it, and that work not to be disrespected by someones mate who got given millions on his first login and has played less than 2 hours. What people fail to understand is that the old system was literally the same, you still had to grind, you still had to do jobs, you still had to roleplay for limited resources but instead it was for money. All we did was switch it up so something else was the focus for once. The XP system was always going to be a pain to balance, just like the economy was always a pain to balance. It might seem bad right now but I could go back through countless posts about people bitching about the economy before, what's the difference now? We are working on making the system benefit roleplay as well as continue to do what we intended for, which is something we simply did not have time to do before our ALPHA launch. 1. I've already addressed point one. 2. There was never anything to do end game on the previous server. All we have done is 'lock' this mid game content behind something other than money, so I wouldn't really call it locking. We are still working on end game content, which is a hard thing to do in the timeframe we had to release the ALPHA version of the server. The alpha launch was intended to be unfinished, which is why its called an alpha launch. The end game content that people are bitching about only one person actually ended up being a high enough level to reach anyway so can't possibly of missed out on it if you haven't played long enough. We do intend to make more end game things available, but this is an RP server, its down to you to be creative and willing to make good roleplay for the end game content. We can add in as many features for end game as you like, such as apartments, new cars, more jobs etc. but really none of that actually provides a new roleplay experience for players, it just gives rich people something else to buy. The difference is that you can't put the car in your own garage or modify it, and even if you could it still wouldn't be your car so once you get pulled by the cops you can sat bye bye to that vehicle. Nobody is forced into routes of making money they might not want to do at all. You're given two paths, legal and illegal, which were the same two paths from before?
  10. Ollie

    I miss you old FiveM

    Wasn't the intention at all. The idea was to stop a brand new player coming on, getting transferred 5mil from a friend and then 5 mins in he's got a lambo.
  11. Ollie

    Status/progress report

    The issue we have at the moment is that all 3 of us that mainly work on FiveM are extremely busy in real life and we're finding it hard to organise time to sort out what we want to do with the server. I can assure you that you won't be losing progress and the server won't be wiped, or down for as long as it was last time. We are just currently deciding what we want to do to fix some of the issues we've had since launch. But more news soon. @fisher @Cryant
  12. Ollie

    Ban Appeal - Billy Something - 10/06/18 - GTA FiveM

    I'll have to look into exactly what you were doing at the time, because to be fair you've been flagged on 3 separate occasions for either teleport or health hacks.
  13. Ollie

    Fivem Experience

    We do need to refine the drop points of the jobs, and the XP will always be changing to keep it fresh. The thing is that most of the jobs are the same code base, just themed to different things, and due to us being in Alpha, creating a load of custom jobs wasn't really our priority, but is something we do want to improve for BETA, and obviously the full release.
  14. Ollie

    Fivem Experience

    Which is what we are doing already, can't have nothing for higher level people at all to do. Its always the way with systems like this that the more tedious things are at low levels, and then it gets better as you level up.
  15. Ollie

    Fivem Experience

    If we did that we would then have to replace those jobs/unlocks with something else for higher level people to obtain.