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  1. Oi Oi.. what kingdom have you been in for the last few weeks....

    1. Ollie


      a big one :), come on ts tomorrow

  2. fat fuck


    1. Kazz


      ty bb xoxoxoxox

  3. Woof Woof

  4. Come on ts!

    1. Ollie


      I will big man


  5. Playtime Graph

    I do think there is something wrong with it, and I've reported it to the game developers. However, after looking into myself nobody has actually changed anything to do with playtimes at all according to our git, so it leads me to believe its a problem across most altis life server. I will keep you update with anything I find out.
  6. Playtime Graph

    @James Ghost I can only use the information the server gives me, and the time it displays is the time it gave me.
  7. Stats panel is up, sorry for the wait.

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    2. Ollie


      @Matt I'll IP ban you from the web server and then use it to boot you offline, respect me bitch

    3. Matt


      Oh ok big man I’ve contacted my local authorities and they’re contacted yours Oliver expect a call from them soon if you try to run they’ll issue an arrest warrant so watch yourself shit head 

    4. Ollie


      I think you'll find im on UK land and haven't broken any laws. So fuck you m8 

  8. A Few Suggestions

    I was stating a fact, which I know is true, as its what I study and I have to use both low level and high level languages myself. I was just showing you that you clearly misunderstood what Kyle was saying, and to be honest, I thought it was rather rude to classsify your self as a 'higher tier Dev' without knowing the difference between a high and low level language. Wasn't intended in an offensive way, but if you take it that way sure.
  9. A Few Suggestions

    When @Kyle™ says he is primarily a low level language programmer, he means the type of language that he codes in, not that he is a 'lower tier dev' than you, infact, low level language programming is much more skillful and has a higher skill cap than higher level languages.
  10. This thread isn't a place to talk about specific cases, if you have an issues with a case then simply file an appeal or talk to the staff leads. That situation is different to the situation being described before. In this situation the admin is involved in the case, so therefore should not be dealing the ban. However, if an admin is viewing a situation, in admin cam, or just generally observing and is not involved, it is a different question. I agree, admins shouldn't just ban someone who killed them in a fight because they are salty, and its fairly rare that they do. Admins review the footage that they are given. But it is stupid to suggest they record maybe 5 or 6 hours of playing a day just incase someone disagrees with a T1 is over the top, and just shows we have no trust in any of the team. Nobody is saying staff are always correct, which is why we have the appeals section, where another member of the team can look at the situation.
  11. This is ridiculous. Staff members are the most trusted members of our community. It is there job to enforce the rules on everybody, friend or not and most of them give up there time playing to make your experience better. At the end of the day, all of the rules are discretionary and if you disagree with a ban, you can always file an appeal. Every activity a staff member makes is logged and is constantly being checked by the staff leads and management. Making a staff member write a report on a player for then another staff member to go and review the situation is long whinded and a waste of everybodys time. If you feel a staff member has a personal bias against you, report them to the staff leads or just request them not be involved in the ban appeal. When you say 'instaban with no proof', that's not really a valid statement. A trusted member of the community, sometimes even more than one, would have seen the situation along with the other players around at the time. Unless you want staff members to start recording and spending there time uploading endless hours of footage to YouTube rather than banning a Mass RDMer then I am not sure this is the correct place for you. If you don't break the rules, or bend the rules, you won't have any problems playing.
  12. Where's my 250k bitch

  13. more statistics

    Gangs were removed from the stats panel due to the large amount of queries being done to the database to find the players gang. If you wish I can explain to you why this is the case. If I was to implement gangs in the current state, the stats panel pages will load incredibly (~3-30 seconds per page), and this also increases the traffic on the game database, potentially hindering the in game performance. Me and @Kyle™ did come up to a solution to this problem so gangs could be reimplemented, but we are just decidng how the best way to go about it would be, and overall if it is acutally worthwhile doing.

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