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  1. Connor Pepe

    Police able to remove the Lawyers License

    If they are on the wanted list then why would they still be a lawyer? +1
  2. Time Submitted: 04:01:06 PM | 09/08/18 Submitted By: Connor Pepe (2211) Full Character Name: Connor Pepe Date of Birth 02/24/01 Age 17 Character RP Story: Connor Pepe was a man of many talents in the coastal town of Brighton in England, he started his own talent show in the center of the town, after many attempts it failed. It came to a point where he had to loan money from a gang of loan sharks, he was unable to pay them back and after a visit which made him lose his pinkie finger he had to leave, he found the cheapest airline online and made his way to the city of Los Santos in San Andreas, upon arrival he went to the talent industry but didn't get far, ended up having to pay thousands to get himself in a very well made talent agency, two weeks later the agency got shut down by the LSPD, Connor met an officer in the LSPD and started dating her, he asked all these questions and ended up applying, this is where we are now. Why do you want to join LSPD?: The main reason that I want to join the LSPD is I want to start and get into playing FiveM with all of my friends. and want to expand my role playing opportunities inside of FiveM and look at things in a different perspective as GTA V is mainly from a criminals perspective. Why should we choose you over other candidates?: Because I like to think of myself as a good roleplayer and personally just a good person overall. I have experience in police forces such as being in one on the Arma Community. Im also not a shy person and am most of the time talk to people and just want to help improve FiveM
  3. Connor Pepe

    hello all

    @Cyber Freak You missed Jesse, Kiran and Isaac
  4. Connor Pepe

    Up CTSFO quilin count

    To me it sounds like you're trying to up the amount of Qilins in CT, not give havoc a nerf.
  5. Connor Pepe

    Up CTSFO quilin count

    -1 HAVOC is a rebel faction and we are not. Just because HAVOC have something doesn't mean that the APC should get it to. We are 2 COMPLETELY DIFFERENT FACTIONS.
  6. Connor Pepe

    APC | Handbook Revisions

    Altis Police Constabulary | Police Handbook ** Re-Added Seizing/Crushing rules, Section Bluezone. ** Handbook Revision 17 - Handbook Altis Police Constabulary | Police Handbook ** Added HAVOC Land Rules which you need to follow when playing as rebel ** Handbook Revision 18 - Handbook
  7. Connor Pepe

    APC | Handbook Revisions

    Altis Police Constabulary | Police Handbook Any handbook revisions will be posted here with a small change log to outline what has changed. ** Re-Added Seizing/Crushing rules, Section Bluezone. ** ** Added HAVOC Land Rules which you need to follow when playing as rebel ** ** Changed Collar Number ** ** Added Specialised Unit Lead section - One weeks notice ** ** HAVOC Lands - 8 Hours rule changed. ** ** Added Police Ride-Along rules ** ** SPC Rank + information ** Handbook Revision 23 - Handbook
  8. Connor Pepe


    Its called negotiating not demanding
  9. Connor Pepe


    All these people telling cops to RP, maybe rebels should learn first.
  10. Happy Fake Birthday!

  11. Connor Pepe

    I'm Off

    can we all press F to pay respects ;(
  12. Happy Birthday, like 5th one this month and we're only on the 6th day lmao.

  13. Connor Pepe


    Sure, why not?
  14. Apparently it's your birthday, So Happy Birthday

  15. Connor Pepe


    wow @Raymond Reddington just wow