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Check out this massive giveaway being done by @Tiger. Good luck to everyone!

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  1. Connor Pepe

    Just a small giveaway

    ill like to win cause im a meme
  2. Connor Pepe

    revive your friends now

    Personally, I think it'll be abused as civilians would just revive their friends as soon as they get downed.
  3. Connor Pepe

    Community Support Car

    -1 First, another skin will take up more mission file space and as ive heard, the APC takes up most of the mission file, also PCSO's don't get access to cars because they're still a training rank, they're supposed to be patrolling with other officers and observing them.
  4. Connor Pepe

    Can We Get A Jump Script For The Server?

    Why is a jump script needed anyway?
  5. Connor Pepe


    @HappyHour, @John Schneider, @Shacky^, @vM | Matty, @EthanD, @Wallace Smith, @Ming, @Kirmanic, @J O S H, @K H A L I F A, @Ragnar-OG, @Dingle, @Moh Lester, @Marios, @Ciaran - I missed some people because I couldn't find their name. And now for the winners, 1st - @K H A L I F A 2nd - @vM | Matty 3rd - @Moh Lester 4th - @John Schneider 5th - Wosoo Congratulations for all the people who won and thank you everyone for participating.
  6. Happy Birthday!!!

    1. Charlie Knight

      Charlie Knight

      Cheers bro

      And yep I’m 15 xD

  7. Domino's or Kebab for dinner today?

  8. Connor Pepe

    The rules regarding 'airsoft rifles' and 'offroad vehicles'

    Weapons can have other attachments if the firearms is legal such as a protector or sting. I'm basically saying that a sight for a sting is legal. Howerver, If it is a MX with a sight, the sight would be classed as illegal as it is being used on a illegal firearm. No matter what though, Suppressors are always illegal, Even on legal firearms. @Peter @Alex King
  9. Just browsed the whole of Videos/Screenshots for HAVOC screenshots/images for a banner that I'm creating, unfortuantely I didn't find any, If anybody has any, send them my way :D

    1. Shaun Johnson

      Shaun Johnson

      @Connor Pepe I got a perfect screenshot for you

      Look, it's me! 😛

  10. Connor Pepe


    It’s a relatively old photo but I’ve not updated it since, only thing I have updated is my keyboard which is now a RAZER Ornata Chroma
  11. Connor Pepe

    Alex King

    Hello? @Jelle
  12. Connor Pepe

    [DELTA] Blackstone

    +1, Is a great person and very kind.
  13. Connor Pepe

    Ban Appeal - JDL - 04/14/18 - Altis Life

    This is a Battle-Eye Filter ban, Please come to teamspeak and talk to one of the online admins.