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  1. Jim Creosote

    Academy DSGT

    If you have suggestions for the APC please send it to us through this form. Thanks
  2. Jim Creosote

    New specialised unit within the APC.

    Would be much appreciated if you guys could start using this for APC suggestions instead of here. since it's not really an issue for the developers (unless it's cleared by Gold command first). Thanks. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSc_FlqvZem_Nph_69fmg3HOcg-I6K60pb161Fh8rs-JUoBNew/viewform?usp=sf_link
  3. Jim Creosote

    Cops gear

    Not this again. Seriously? please read this topic and this one we have already discussed this in these topics. As for HAVOC paying for weapons, they can afford it, they're a rebel group and are allowed to, do drug runs, rob the bank, take hostages, etc. Whereas, as cops we are NEVER allowed to do these things during our time serving the APC (even if we play as a civ). therefore our income is way lower then that of a rebel or HAVOC and thus it would be completely unfair.
  4. Jim Creosote

    Delta Embassy

    +1, would be nice to have more interactions with DELTA at the embassy since i never really see anyone there.
  5. Jim Creosote

    Allow rebels to initiate on choppers

    -1, if you need to initiate on a heli in the air use warning shots 3.3 Air Vehicle Initiation Police & DELTA: The Police & DELTA must send a Open Air Broadcast message with clear instructions to leave the air space or land. Failure to comply with the message means the Police or DELTA can open fire on the helicopter. Civilian: Three unsuppressed tracer warning shots must be fired to the front and back of the air vehicle. Failure to leave the air space means you can open fire on the air vehicle. shooting your own heli down means it will respawn next restart. Also seems unrealistic for rebels to have OAB since in real life it would require someone to sit in a radio tower. which rebels probably wouldn't have access to. admittedly it is annoying having someone steal you heli and then having to destroy it to get it back, but i feel this would create more problems than it solves.
  6. Jim Creosote

    +1 Reaction

    -1, we use the comments to express why we +1 or -1. so just reacting wouldn't work. Just like the post and put a comment with +1
  7. Jim Creosote

    More options for the police when someone is downed

    this is true Yeah its because when there are no medics it enables the interaction menu so that we can revive. if it was enabled all the time, it means cops would always be able to revive people. not sure if there's a way around this.
  8. Jim Creosote

    Community Support Car

    -1, Based on a couple of things. Firstly, PCSO's are not meant to have freedom, they should always be with a higher ranking officer when patrolling, and if no other officers are on they should really be patrolling in kavala green zone. Secondly this would use up mission file space which police already take up a large amount of. I appreciate that you're suggesting things for the police though, and if you have any other ideas/suggestions for us, i would be willing to speak with you about them.
  9. Jim Creosote

    add new server

    -1 From a police point of view, we would not have the numbers at the moment to patrol 2 servers, and i'm pretty sure it's the same for DELTA.
  10. Jim Creosote

    MB 4WD (LMG)

    When i was playing as undercover i bought the MB 4WD (LMG) it said that it was rented when i tried to store it in the garage. I double checked and bought another one, and it had the same problem.
  11. Jim Creosote

    Cops pay for 7.62

  12. Jim Creosote

    Cops pay for 7.62

    This proves my main point, you don't see what happens outside of your own experience with the police. It happens all the time, i get people saying "just send me to prison already" when i try to RP with them. Some people just don't like being stuck somewhere in restraints waiting for something to happen, I know the majority of people are great at RP but its a few cases on both sides.
  13. Jim Creosote

    Car gps

    That's pretty much the only extra thing you need to add to this suggestion, +1
  14. Jim Creosote

    Cops pay for 7.62

    I'm not trying to be rude, but you are telling us that you're only trying to improve the APC and we don't know how to do it ourselves, yet you don't know the weapons we're allowed or the circumstances we can use them in. I recommend reading the police handbooks yourself before bringing suggestions like this up. Furthermore we haven't been trying to "roast" you guys, we're just simply telling you why from our point of view this suggestion would not work. We're open to suggestions but we will tell you if we disagree with them and why. And we've done that with this suggestion. I'm not sure if you notice because you're only involved with the police in-game and you probably don't know everything else that happens outside, but we're always changing the APC and improving it. And just because you think this is a good idea from your point of view it doesn't mean you're right. 7.62 are not the reason that some police have failed to value their life in the past. If you care that much then you would try to deal with it either in an IPCC or support, I'll help you out a bit with this, If a cop breaks a server rule, then take it to support. you should only bring something to an IPCC if it breaks the police SOPs (you can find these in the handbook).
  15. Jim Creosote

    bounty hunter perk

    To both of these points, that is just wannabe cops having rebels arrest other rebels makes no sense. If you want to be able to arrest people join the APC, Also the idea that you could bring them to jail makes no sense, from a real life point of view bounty hunters find criminals and hand them over to the police. As for arresting people, you have zip ties you can already restrain, and it's not the rebels job to go around sending people to prison and detaining suspects, as i said before, if you want to do these things, join the police. if you want a bit more of a military twist with that and also still want to be able to play as a rebel then just go and join DELTA. -1 not a bad idea, but it doesn't need to be added for you to RP as a bounty hunter.