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  1. Jim Creosote

    Cops pay for 7.62

  2. Jim Creosote

    Cops pay for 7.62

    This proves my main point, you don't see what happens outside of your own experience with the police. It happens all the time, i get people saying "just send me to prison already" when i try to RP with them. Some people just don't like being stuck somewhere in restraints waiting for something to happen, I know the majority of people are great at RP but its a few cases on both sides.
  3. Jim Creosote

    Car gps

    That's pretty much the only extra thing you need to add to this suggestion, +1
  4. Jim Creosote

    Cops pay for 7.62

    I'm not trying to be rude, but you are telling us that you're only trying to improve the APC and we don't know how to do it ourselves, yet you don't know the weapons we're allowed or the circumstances we can use them in. I recommend reading the police handbooks yourself before bringing suggestions like this up. Furthermore we haven't been trying to "roast" you guys, we're just simply telling you why from our point of view this suggestion would not work. We're open to suggestions but we will tell you if we disagree with them and why. And we've done that with this suggestion. I'm not sure if you notice because you're only involved with the police in-game and you probably don't know everything else that happens outside, but we're always changing the APC and improving it. And just because you think this is a good idea from your point of view it doesn't mean you're right. 7.62 are not the reason that some police have failed to value their life in the past. If you care that much then you would try to deal with it either in an IPCC or support, I'll help you out a bit with this, If a cop breaks a server rule, then take it to support. you should only bring something to an IPCC if it breaks the police SOPs (you can find these in the handbook).
  5. Jim Creosote

    bounty hunter perk

    To both of these points, that is just wannabe cops having rebels arrest other rebels makes no sense. If you want to be able to arrest people join the APC, Also the idea that you could bring them to jail makes no sense, from a real life point of view bounty hunters find criminals and hand them over to the police. As for arresting people, you have zip ties you can already restrain, and it's not the rebels job to go around sending people to prison and detaining suspects, as i said before, if you want to do these things, join the police. if you want a bit more of a military twist with that and also still want to be able to play as a rebel then just go and join DELTA. -1 not a bad idea, but it doesn't need to be added for you to RP as a bounty hunter.
  6. Jim Creosote

    Car gps

    I Like the idea, but how would you get around NLR? if you are killed and your car is stolen then you cannot remember that in your new life, however this may cause the same problem as the Y menu where people use it to track their car after dying and therefore break NLR.
  7. Jim Creosote

    Cops pay for 7.62

    As for this, was it ever brought up to Police command? I don't remember seeing this or any other clips. You guys keep saying "cops don't value their lives" but there is a system in place to prevent these things from happening. If you want something done about this then bring it to police command so we can deal with it. Because i assure you that every high ranking officer does value their life, and making us pay for our gear on top of the restrictions we already have and the hard work we put in to getting these privileges is just a punch in the guts. I can see where you guys are all coming from, but you have to trust us on this, we have a lot of experience within police command and i hope you guys can do the same and understand where we're coming from on this topic. As i said previously, you can come to police command with these issues and we will sort them out for you. It's a lot better for both sides if you try to solve this in a nice manner rather than storing videos and then generalizing that to the whole police force, don't forget we've had hundreds of officers withing the last couple of months and for the most part they are good at what they do and they follow the rules, don't just assume all of us are like that.
  8. Jim Creosote

    Cops pay for 7.62

    This would not work for the APC and would turn us in to a large rebel faction pretty much. but i do understand where you're coming from. On the topic of all other posts for this topic, Not to be rude or anything but all of the reasons that explain why this topic would not work have been spoken about ,. Just go back and read Zyn's, Jesse's, Paul's, Charlie's, Alex's, Yorkie's and my own comments. I don't see a reason to keep bringing up the same points.
  9. Jim Creosote

    Previous Crimes List

    @Khalid yes
  10. Jim Creosote

    Player Report - [AGENT]SINCO - 04/14/18 - Altis Life

    Alright but in future, please still go to support even if they don't respond to any messages. as you would have found out that he was already banned for this. Report Declined (was already actioned)
  11. Jim Creosote

    Cops pay for 7.62

    We have a police rule that states if you are outnumbered 3 to 1 they must comply. if they disobey that then bring them to command, however it doesn't count if the cops can't see that they are outnumbered.
  12. Jim Creosote

    Cops pay for 7.62

    when do cops not value their lives? I've seen a few comments saying this, but its a server and police rule, and from what i see almost every cop always values their life. think about it, how many police get robbed and taken hostage (a lot) and that's because they are valuing their lives. If there are any situations where officers do not follow these rules then bring it up to command. however this does not mean i want to see everyone bringing cops to support all the time just because they lost the gunfight and aren't happy they lost against police. If it is a legitimate rule break then feel free to bring it up.
  13. Jim Creosote

    Player Report - John White - 04/14/18 - Altis Life

    Actioned, Game Ban issued for combat logging so that he has to speak to staff about what he did wrong.
  14. Jim Creosote

    Cops pay for 7.62

    We don't want to make more money from it, with the restrictions we already have and what we have to do to get access for the weapons that is our way of earning the guns, Rebels make money and do illegal things to earn their gear, and you guys want cops to do that on top of what we already do. as an RTO i used to spend hours every day training people just to get a promotion and as a command member I am dedicated to running the police as efficiently as possible and i did all of that to get where i am now. To make us pay for weapons is just putting more on top of all that. and as many people have already said, where's the benefit of doing all the work just to have to pay like rebels do. I understand you guys are saying at a discount price, but even if the gun was 100k we would then be making no money what so ever. and in fact would probably lose money. we already have restrictions on 7.62 whereas the restriction for the amount of 7.62 that rebels have is that fact they have to pay.
  15. Jim Creosote

    Cops pay for 7.62

    It is fun, but the point I'm making is that to have access to these weapons, we do need to work hard. for a rebel you can simply play the game. for a cop to get high ranks we need to show dedication and hard work both in-game and out of game, as command a lot of paperwork and database management comes along with the privilege of the good weapons.

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