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  1. Avida

    Selling ASP with 10 mags

    the mags I think
  2. Avida

    Mad Lads

    Mad Lads Who we are: We are a bunch of mad lads who are here to engage in some quality roleplay and some fun gunfights. Requirements: none Application: hours on the server - age - steam id - why do u want to join - applications - OPEN roster
  3. Avida

    * Star - On Hold

    IGN:Avida Age:16 Previous Gangs:none of your beeswax Steam ID:76561198284661496 how many hours in Arma:800 but leave me alone
  4. Avida

    Pictures of Dexter

    +1 also wonderful signature ben
  5. hello my name is avooda smooth and i would like to say i hail @Michael's dog every day dexter is cute dog and DEFIANTLY not a rat! grr i do not appreciate these words being used against DEXTER
  6. Avida

    Get rid of Havoc

    @Michael+1 bb
  7. Avida

    Get rid of Havoc

    +1 fuck it make it KOTH
  8. Avida

    Get rid of Havoc

    actually +1 why not delete the server whilst we're at it
  9. stinky

  10. Avida

    Get rid of Havoc

    erm sure sounds great
  11. Avida

    Havoc CP

    +1 but put it in chakira or whatever its called
  12. Avida

    The shitpost giveaway

  13. Avida

    Phoenix #2 | CTSFO | Maybe last

    bro how much fucking recoil control, how doesnt your arm hurt after long gaming sessions @L 1 A M
  14. Avida


    Name - Avida smith steam id - later age - 16 why u want to join - cos my bestie kazzie boo is in it and I was in original vanquish your past band - none who have you met - kazzie boo
  15. Avida


    Boat man