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  1. Avida

    Injustice | Open

  2. Avida

    couple of kills

    use premier pro or windows movie maker obv
  3. Avida

    Oddity | Open

    IGN: HaFunny age: 16  hours: 950 previous gang: cba list  how active?: idk vouches: none probs lol
  4. Avida


    noo fone ho dis
  5. Avida

    Ts prefixes

    Actually now that I think about it I love having the freedom to put my rank in my name myself so -1 to this
  6. Avida

    Dont jinx it like me :(

    should have done it
  7. Avida

    Nocturnal 2 perk

    +1 but carrying on with what Kiran said as these do usually cost 25k each
  8. Avida

    Dont jinx it like me :(

    sounds like a shift-0 moment to me
  9. Can you smell the potatoes?
  10. Avida

    server lag

    can we give python developer cyber freak a round of applause please? Thanks
  11. ikr my mans probably gonna listen to the Irish national anthem for the whole time farming those potatoes
  12. Avida

    Advanced movement

    Not gonna ever happen lol, it’s a mod and this server will never be modded, want advanced movement? Go play modded
  13. he’s lying it’s the best day of the year for him
  14. Avida

    Ts prefixes

    Unless all the names of each tag where changed to the corresponding name, meaning we would need to remove the little dash at the start making it look a lot less cleaner