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  1. Avida

    Buying DMS or any sort of sniper scope

    holosight (SMG) - £5 and a fredo
  2. Avida

    audio static

    theres ICUE
  3. Avida

    audio static

    wheres that and where do i do it
  4. Avida

    audio static

    does anyone know how to fix audio static on the HS60s? like honestly this is making me want to neck.
  5. Avida

    Longer daytime/shorter night-time

    Make it at least 85% day and 15% night please, nobody likes night like honestly, people just refuse to go on the server when it’s night some times
  6. Avida

    Longer daytime/shorter night-time

    +1 just remove night like honestly pisses me off
  7. Avida

    gang tags

    +1 makes life easier
  8. Avida

    Spike strip hot key

    what mathematical degree?
  9. Avida

    A New Meme Is Born

    literally dude shut the fuck up nikos, stop tryna stir shit for ur own enjoyment
  10. Avida


    funny meme +1
  11. Avida

    Altis Life - Development Feedback

    shit still fps
  12. Avida


    +1 best
  13. Avida

    Alex for acc

    Third option - No for your option to count, reply to the post with +1
  14. 300k then idk but i had over 10mil