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  1. I’m a washed gamer and I still wipe you lot, that’s saying something as well x Just like you then, twinning x
  3. +1, Alt 1 to land or be shot or Alt 2 to fly away or be shot
  4. -1, people will dupe them with no problem and aids will start to happen.
  5. Time Submitted: 06:57:05 PM | 01/08/20 Submitted By: Ryn. (2166) In-Game Name: Ryn Steam / Player ID: 76561198283428669 Administrator who issued ban: Kiran Date of ban: 08/17/19 In your opinion, why were you banned?: I was banned for two reasons which was combat logging and being a "known" hacker. What reason was given for your ban? The reasons for my bans are very simple. I'll start off with the least important one which is the combat log, This was a simple ALT F4 due to complete rage after dying and shouting while doing a destroyer raid i didn't think anything big of it until i got messaged and i realised maybe i shouldn't of quit the game at that specific time especially straight after dying. I wasn't expecting it to be such a big deal at the time. Now i'll go into depth on my other ban for being some what of a "known" hacker, and it's very simple and i can understand why Phoenix and other communities thought i was hacking, I was in many dodgy discords that were selling Arma 3 Cheats as i got invited by friends and so on and to be fair i don't care what discords i am in while being in this discord the man himself Kiran had joined the discord and i am guessing noted it down that I and a few others were in these discords, a couple days/weeks later there was rumours started that I and a few other people were hacking and some communities took action and warned me that if i was i'd be gone forever however Phoenix took another route which was somehow getting proof from their anti-hack or something that they "saw" me hacking with a menu and then banned me, This isn't the end of it Kiran continued to punish me for "hacking" by going to infistar and getting me globally banned from Infi Protected Servers which i later appealed and Infistar realised while looking through my history and ticket that there are no dirt on my hands and it was just a pure mistake and quickly unbanned me, Now i'm here appealing this ban. (If you need any more information i'm willing to come on Teamspeak) Why should you be unbanned? The reason i should be unbanned is because in my eyes i am completely not guilty except from the ALT F4 i did and i hope that i can get a second chance on a server i am very well known on and have good respect with people. I'd like to thank @Zinner for unbanning me on forums to appeal this ban What platform / server were you banned on?: Altis Life Link to initial report (if applicable):
  6. I'll take the Combat logging, i know i did it cuz i died and alt f4'd out of rage but hacking? ahaha wtf, that's another level of a meme

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    2. linky


      Who wants to buy my cheats go to arma3boxesandshit.esp

    3. Alexander


      What did you do to get banned on reborn? @Ryn.

    4. Kiran
  7. You're not a hacker but you're a known hacker :)

    1. Ryn.


      Ikr, known hacker btw, don't know where this is from but ok.

    2. Ben.


      Banning people for "known hacker" now, the fuck is happening to this server

    3. Kiran
  8. spacer.png

    1. Inka☑️
    2. linky


      personally i think the best part about this is that your ''known'' +10 ego points right there

  9. Right, nice 16 seconds of memes wanna see a meme here’s one
  10. Wtf is this, is there any need for this?, just release the montage when you can, Omds Yeah, because trash like this gets uploaded, xD jk
  11. Sorry for it being so short but cba to clip anymore Enjoy
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