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  1. I would like to wish @Ninj a very happy birthday :)!!!!!

  2. Course its pepe

  3. Ninj

    +1 didn't steal my document
  4. Altis Life Best RP moments and videos

    I will happily take Fleurs money
  5. Bye

  6. HAVOC - Rozzer Peace Treaty

    That is but espionage is not ;)
  7. HAVOC - Rozzer Peace Treaty

    I think that depends HAVOC shouldnt be obliged to help but if its a crazy mass murderer or something then realistically they wouldnt offer them safety
  8. HAVOC - Rozzer Peace Treaty

    +1 HAVOC and police should have some tension. It would allow for good roleplay. Nothing like a full on scale war though but a cold war type of mentality would be great for both factions i believe
  9. Bu-bye lads

    @BatesyI cry
  10. Farewell

    Sorry to see you go
  11. APC | TRA Meeting

    @Demian+1 @y0rkieBest Driver in the APC
  12. APC | TRA Meeting

    YOU CAN SEE MY LEG!!!! OMG IM FAMOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Glad to see you are sticking around
  14. Lottery

    Kazz smells
  15. LoA


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