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  1. This player report highlights everything wrong with the server rn. When people die they pick through the sit and find something to report someone on. The guy was 3 feet away behind a car yet he gets reported. That is just stupid but that is the attitude of Phoenix rn. You kill someone get ready for the support case
  2. Tom Pea

    No nlr at OG

    Ben suggestion is better. I just have visions of never ending waves of HAVOC otherwise
  3. Cops have number sometimes, rebels other times. Gangs like APEX usually have equalish numbers to cops. Other smaller gangs dont. If you can't take the cops then dont play like an idiot and avoid them, hide your guns, its not very hard.
  4. No beacuse if there is 8 cops and I don't think I can take them I get in my car and drive off. And if I cant escape or kill them I say fuck it, have a chat and some RP with them and usually get off without losing much. Because im sorry to tell you sunshine that you cant win everything. so how about you stop making a suggestion for something you are in complete ignorance of go play the server, have some fun and maybe join cops. Then if you've done all that come back and tell me you want this rule. Because at the moment you are just throwing idiotic ideas about without any thought into the practicality of them
  5. Because if you had played cop you'd know how stupid this suggestion is. And the fact you have played cop and are sill suggesting it shows me this suggestion is born out of saltyness.
  6. @Atrello have you ever played cop on this server or any other server
  7. I mean I play with one other person usually and we are fine. And if there are too many cops then just escape. It's not that hard. What appears to have happened is you've gone and tried to fight 8 cops, died and then got upset.
  8. Tom Pea

    In a bit.

    I've watched enough porn to know how that end 😉
  9. You dont seem to be listening. Your suggestion is impractical and borderline impossible. You are making this suggestion with no clue what it's like to play cop.
  10. How, gang tags are added in game so they don't show up in player menu. Not all gangs use TS channels. Plus thats alot of effort for the cops tabbing in and out meta gaming to see how many are on honestly mate stop trying there is no way to make the rule work
  11. Go play cop and tell me that. Also how do you know its two. What if its TITAN and Cobra's up a hill sniping or Trojan and ones behind a building. If i where you go play at least 5 hours of cop and you'll realise how nonsensical this suggestion is
  12. I do get where you're coming from. However, you havn't been in cops. Right now its a cluster fuck of 60 million rules to follow with ridiculous punishments. Adding another rule to them inst fair. Especially one that is almost impossible to properly organise and communicate with others about. Also how would you decide how many cops can show up? You cant base it on the number of rebels because most the time in gun fights you dont know how many there are. You cant base it off situations as they adapt and change. A simple speeding or auto theft can turn into a gunfight. And what if lets say there are more cops than allowed to respond to something in an area. You start gunning down cops two streets away, max number of cops has been exceeded, should those cops just drive away? you see how silly that sounds. While i get the annoyance of it and get where your coming from this suggestion is born from a lack of experience.
  13. Silly suggestion and almost impossible to communicate and control. The reason so many cops respond is there are so few people on the server and/or so little happening that they all go to it because there is nothing else to do. The way to fix this issue unfortunately is to get more people on
  14. For My Sexy DGN A Love Poem by Paul Walker Roses are red, Violets are blue, My APC is lovely, And so are you. Missiles are dangerous, unlike your shots. Your personality is dispicable, No wonder your a bunch of thots. Magnolia grows, With buds like eggs, Your perception is crippled, And so are your legs. Sunflowers reach, Up to the skies, Your look is troubled, And so are your cry's. Your voice is shaky, And so is your aim. Keep telling yourself, Your good at the game, A cartel is capturing, Your battle is badly fought, You all were killed, So its straight to support. I see a message, In the corner of my eye, Seems like DGN, So I prepare for the cry. I join the channel, And begins the dispute, Copying Leo Sanders, Sucking managements flute. Credits: @Paul Walker "he will be missed"
  15. Tom Pea

    In a bit.

    who even are you?
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