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  1. Tom Pea

    Petition to unban Nick Batsbak

    He is a martyr for us all!!!!!!!!!
  2. Do training on a private server. If you are on the serve prioritise the server
  3. mean at end of the day we also got a free LRR, so that's not a huge issue. to me anyway
  4. But this isn't slander or me trying to attack HAVOC. The post is about cops and HAVOC and I use my experience to provide context. The title is a misleading I agree but the message of the post is about both HAVOC and cops, not one faction in particular
  5. This wasn't an attack, this was more of a discussion to get the server to discuss things like this. Its not an issue with an individual HAVOC member I was more opening up a discussion about how things on the serve should be done and giving my opinions. This is altis discussions, someone is free to come along and point out why Havoc shouldn't have to respond etc. you are taking this the wrong way mate. I played this as a rebel not as a faction member so
  6. I get what your saying, and if you don't really want to send everyone its a bit annoying but as long as at least one person told up to negotiate its not as bad. In terms of the comment I was using a hyperbole to show a point. HAVOC do a lot of interaction I know
  7. Like 20 minutes ago and we asked Maj Ethan and Cake and they said they where prioritising training over armoury
  8. Right so the Police Bank and HVOC armoury are the two biggest everyday events on the server. They are designed to bring large amounts of rebels and faction members together for roleplay and/or combat. However nothing is more disappointing and nothing looks worse on the faction and server if the faction meant to be defending this high priority facility do bother to show up. This happened to us, me and some others spent half an hour, gearing up, driving over and thinking of RP way to rob the armoury. When we show up after 15 minutes no HAVOC had turned up. We saw there where more than 10 on the server so something didn't add up. Anyway we broke into the armoury with no resistance or RP and got a Mk-1 and M320 LRR as well as other guns. This is large haul for the server considering tis the only place you can get an LRR. From a server point of view its really really bad if you can get items, meant to be rare and high risk ,with no resistance. Also its boring for the player base when they get no interaction at such a large event. Afterwards we asked HAVOC why they didn't turn up, out of curiosity, and they said they where prioritising training. Honestly for a white listed faction to be prioritising not interacting with the community and not even sending one of the considerable numbers they had online paints them in a really bad light. Does anyone else agree that if they can HAVOC and Cops should always prioritise interaction rather then hiding from the rest of the server?
    1. Scarso


      Use Chrome or Firefox. Problem = Solved.

    2. Kevin


      They are still making it, just on chromium, so it may actually be somewhat useful!

  9. Tom Pea

    Police Van NPAS

    Police van spawn at NPAS causes it to blow up
  10. Tom Pea

    Opinions on the DMS

    People say all this stuff then it gets added back in and everyone hates it
  11. Tom Pea

    Cannot Bleed out when player interaction occurs.

    God no. Forced RP is an awful idea and this is not a good idea
  12. Tom Pea


    This is a good idea. Add variety to stuff on the server. Moves people around the map. From a player pov there are no downsides
  13. Tom Pea

    Advanced movement

    It's a mod, this server is unmodded
  14. Tom Pea

    Chop shop Garage

    -1. It shouldn't be easy to chop peoples vehicles