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  1. I mean what would you drive across it, no runs go that way. The only people I could maybe see using it are very few driving from Pygros to Northern or cops driving from spec to northern. And even then that would be rare
  2. Calm down it only game
  3. I think making money should be a little tough but prices shouldnt be high. You cant make the rich loose their money by making stuff more expensive as they have too much so all it does is punish new players. If it was just harder (not loads but more balanced) to make money then that would be best for the new players
  4. Hunt3r take the hint and shut up
  5. Unfortunately it wouldn't
  6. @Hunt3r you trying to say some philosophical shit but end up sounding like a year 1 doing his english homework badly
  7. @Hunt3r who are these 14 years olds? I know Ted is 15 but that's it
  8. Tom Pea

    Im outa here

    bye :,(
  9. People all say you cant push because if gang size and yet evolve match us and I gang where able to push and take the base with less. It should be hard to get a gang base and not something small gangs can do
  10. Time Submitted: 09:57:05 PM | 04/24/20 Submitted By: Tom Pea Forum ID: 2160 What Does Your Suggestion Relate To: Altis Life Suggestions Suggestion Title: Reduce No. of Gang bases What Is Your Suggestion: Currently there aren't enough large gangs to properly contest three bases. I suggest you reduce the number to 1 or 2 to make it more competitive and harder for people to get one
  11. I said Lannister would comp you. As a support member I cannot "force" anything to happen so by taking the comp instead of taking it further you took it upon yourself to display to me the case was resolved. If you had insisted to refuse the comp and take it further, which I wouldn't have agreed with, I would of marked the case as not resolved and dealt with it in that manor. However you decided of your own free will to take the comp.
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