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  1. Tom Pea

    Player Report - [APC] Reece Smurf - 09/17/18 - Altis Life

    Right and if you believe that have a chat with Reece about it with a staff or support member present and afterwards we will see how it goes. Does that sound fair as Reece didn't come to support when you where there, which is annoying I know, but he did come which shows he does want to resolve it with you. So is there any harm to you to talking about this. @Reece Smurf @Neil Wilson?
  2. Tom Pea

    Player Report - [APC] Reece Smurf - 09/17/18 - Altis Life

    You should always try to ID them 100% but sometimes that not always possible, its Arma of course. However as you and Reece both missed each other in support sometime tomorrow I want you both to go to a support room and speak about this. If you cannot resolve it there then I will have to look further into the report.
  3. Tom Pea

    Player Report - [APC] Reece Smurf - 09/17/18 - Altis Life

    This is clearly a mistake, you where running around with DGN, in the car with them and following them about. Also I can see how your uniform would look similar to theirs at a distance. True Reece should have been more perceptive, but he is a gunfight which he is losing and is not particularly close to you form what I can see. However that doesn't mean you should have been shot. Where you revived by a medic afterwards?
  4. Tom Pea

    Player Report - F Potter - 09/09/18 - Altis Life

    Denied - There is no evidence that Potter took the money. Also I don't believe it was intentional VDM and so therefore I will not ban him for it.
  5. Tom Pea

    Player Report - F Potter - 09/09/18 - Altis Life

    This was clearly an accident form both parties, why can't the money Spike lost just be returned to him?
  6. Tom Pea

    Player Report - F Potter - 09/09/18 - Altis Life

    I fail to see how this is Stefan's fault at all he is traveling at a relatively straight line. He pulls slightly towards you yes but you are also pulling into his lane for a lot longer than he was into yours, he would of found it very hard to avoid you, instead he tried to pull ahead and across you, a stupid move but his only choice other then swerving off the road into a bush as you where pulling infront of him, I would recommend you take the comp offered by Stefan
  7. Tom Pea

    Player Report - ryan - 09/09/18 - Altis Life

    Accepted: Game Ban issued
  8. Tom Pea

    Lawyer clothing shop not named.

    The clothing shop at the lawyer HQ is not named so you can just select an invisible shop
  9. Tom Pea

    Add Gag and Blindfold script

    No to gag but I don't personally see and issue with a blindfold
  10. Tom Pea

    Ct trying to taze me

    Out of 3 of them they had one taser and the guy with it couldn't even shoot it 🤣
  11. Looking for suggestions to put on APC most wanted

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Nikos


      The entire police 😉

    3. Thomas White

      Thomas White

      Ex-COM Foxhound. he's gone rouge.

    4. Avida
  12. Tom Pea

    APC | Most Wanted

    well I aint paying ya
  13. Tom Pea

    APC | Most Wanted

    Dear Citizens of Altis, In the interest of public safety the APC has deemed it fit to release of the most dangerous and wanted criminals on the Island of Altis. As a warning if you happen to encounter one or more of the individuals listed DO NOT approach them. Instead return to safety and contact emergency services immediately. These criminals have committed numerous atrocities and murders between them and will not hesitate to do so again. 1. Maximilian Frey The self styled General of the terrorist state the so called "HAVOC" Maximilian is a powerful and dangerous individual. He command hundreds of loyal followers willing to kill and burn at his command. He is ruthless when it comes to punishing anyone that dare appose him and believes instilling fear in all the citizens of Altis will allow to one day control the Island. The so called "HAVOC" is not afraid to use any means to achieve this goal, whether that be summary executions of citizens and Police Officers alike to the burning of those they deem in opposition to their goals they will stop at nothing and let no one stand in the way of Maximillian's ambitions. 2. Lubo Lubo is a Colonel in the so called "HAVOC". He is Maximillian's right hand man. Where as Maximilian rarely partakes in the heinous himself Lubo is his enforcer. He takes a morbid pleasure in the torture and execution of those who appose him. His list of crimes include innumerable murders and mutilations. If you fall into his hands, God Help You. 3. Asgard Frey The commanding officer of the so called "HAVOCs" allegedly elite special operations division HSOS. Asgard Frey has lead many covert strikes against the population of Altis in an attempt to disrupt Law and Order and to spread terror amongst the people. He and his group of "highly trained" killers show no mercy in battle whether that be killing innocent civilians of Altis or the valiant APC officers defending them. 4. Jasperchan Once the cold and cunning Mob Boss of the Altis crime family Jasperchan has struck out on his own since its fall. However this does not mean he is not dangerous. With the help of his brutal enforce Nick Batch Jasper cuts a path of calculated destruction where ever he goes. He is not as powerful as others on this list but his sunning more than makes up for it. To any lonely traveller on the roads of Altis you best hope you do not catch him on a bad day. 5. Nick Batch Nick is the enforcer for Jasperchan. Where as Jasper is cunning and calculated Nick is head strong and violent. He attacks anything he says with guns blazing, no matter who you are he will try to kill you. He has no rhyme or reason but merely enjoys the slaughter. This list is the current of the APCs most wanted and is subject to change at anytime.
    1. Moh Lester

      Moh Lester

      I didnt even jump out that hotdrop was terrible lol.