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  1. Peanus 

  2. Tom Pea


    that rule was one of the shittest things they tried.
  3. The server is not as good at the moment because everyone wants to cry and report everyone, 'he is too combat hungry', 'he said the word "ban" in game'. Honestly a lot of the people here need to grow up and remember you are playing a video game. It's got really pathetic lately, every time a cop tases someone he has to go to IPCC, if some people here stopped taking this so seriously the server would be a much more fun place
  4. Just remember with events that the people doing them are new to it. Most of the Altis Life Events team have great ideas but the refining process still needs work, this is just something you will see come in time. So stick it out with the events and they will get better and more complex as time progresses
  5. So lets encourage people to camp the red zones, what a great idea!
  6. So? Its Kav square, FPS isn't needed there
  7. I mean FPS in Kav Square isn't important, the only time FPS really factors in is in combat or chases, considering little to none of those happen in Kav square and it being there doesn't affect performance on the rest of the map, what's the issue with it?
  8. nice profile song, what did u think of the movie?

    1. Matt


      Nice nothing nerd!

  9. Right so I am comfortable unbanning you, however in future I would recommend you don't play with people who are likely to do things to get you banned. Also please try and see who you are shooting first just so a situation like you shooting the medic can be avoided. Ban Appeal Accepted
  10. The new rules mean you know have to RP before initiating, so going around and initiating will not be tolerated at all now. Can you confirm to me you will stick to these new rules?
  11. Right so I have some questions about this, did you end the negotiations and if so why? and also why did you not apologise to or address the medic that you killed?
  12. I kinda liked reading peoples goodbyes, it was nice
  13. Accepted: Next time message an admin please
  14. Let's have a type of bank or large scale thingy at each location. Then no one can complain
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