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  1. Nx | Noxious

    just wondering too lazy
  2. Nx | Noxious

  3. Nx | Noxious

    u the pingu i know?
  4. Wag wan

  5. Wag wan

    who is this shitter
  6. Bank

    A lot of fun, according to you this is more fun than going into combat 10 times as its an rp server.
  7. Bank

    Ok, so if you come up with an amazing roleplay story you are saying we will get a higher reward from the bank then if we would kill all the cops?
  8. Bank

    Make rp rewarding?
  9. Bank

    At the end of the day it's an RP server, and have you ever seen an rp server where people don't kill each other in a bank robbery? Combat and " frags " is the lifeline of any Arma 3 server, and anyone saying a server could live of only rp needs to open their eyes
  10. Bank

    If you are so upset rebels want to rob the bank with force to get a bigger payout, who don't you suggest another bank being added for rp purposes? Or actually make it worth it for the rebels to rp there? Because at the moment killing the cops gives ut 3 times the money in the end.
  11. Seismic | s | Recruitment | OPEN

    We have decided to deny your application, as we don't feel like you put any sort of effort into your application. Regards, Seismic Council
  12. My reaction

  13. Seismic | s | Recruitment | OPEN

  14. Seismic Background

    We only rob at the black market if we have a reason to do so, just like every other gang?
  15. Seismic Background

    Thanks bud

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