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  1. Headset

    G633 is the better version
  2. Euuhhhhhhmmmm what have you done.    nooooooooooo

    1. Proxy


      Using that magic wond XD 

    2. Proxy


      Ninja knows ;) 

  3. Goodbye All <3

    +1 @Craigr218 (Nick Richards) i am gonna mis ya
  4. My leaving post.

    Gonna mis you Kevin Rose was the best
  5. KBI | Recruitment

    @Proxy Smoxy accepted Please Contact @Ken Barlow , @[KBI] Marshall E. , or me to get your tags.
  6. Headset

    I am using the Logitech G633
  7. [KBI] Ken Barlow INC

    @Birdy could you please move into archive we have made a new gang post
  8. KBI applications are open. Feel free to make one

  9. KBI | Recruitment

    Ken Barlow Inc. Now Recruiting We are looking for some of the greatest Role-Players on the island of Altis with the most creative minds, your combat ability does not matter to us, however your RP ability does Requirements: You must be over the age of 16 (We are willing to make exceptions via an interview) You must not be involved in regular rule breaks You must be active You must be an experienced roleplayer About KBI: We are a group of people willing to risk our lives to protect the civilians of Altis, we are here to prevent the robberies and muggings on our streets, we are here to provide services that no other company will provide, we are KBI Us men and women are victims of a horrifying background, most of us have been victims of robberies our self. According to the local police department there are “A Crime is Committed every 5 seconds” Application Template: Age: In-game Name: Nationality: Previous Gangs: Why do you want to join: When can you play: Short Roleplay Story: *APPLICATIONS ARE ACCEPTED ON RARE OCCASIONS* Who Can Accept Applications: Ken Barlow Marshall E Ninja Story: Way, way back before Altis was an island names Stratis it was an island which few people lived, these few people were known around the island as Rebels or Criminals as everyone calls them, these `Rebels` were a group of people who didn’t care about the law or the civilians of Stratis, they did what they want, they were the outlaws. A small group of people around 3-4 came together wanting to stop these so called `outlaws`. We protested day and night gaining few followers each day one after the other we became a family preventing crimes being committed on the island of stratis. The rebels became sick of us and discovered an island named Altis an island popular for its amazing landscaped and White Wall Houses. They fled so we pursue them while protecting the civilians of Altis. Roster
  10. Names

    -1 it's now good in my opinion
  11. Happy birthday XD

  12. Happy birthday conner

  13. Happy birthday Thomas

  14. NLR

    Cops are good
  15. Happy birthday!!!

    1. Alex King

      Alex King



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