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  1. Ninja


    Pizza is great😀
  2. Welcome to the Altis News recruitment page ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ About Altis News A long time was Altis News guided by Alex King. Then Altis News was inactive and they stopped with filming. Now i've heard that Altis News no longer exists did i adopt it from Alex King. So my plan is to bring Altis News back to Altis with hopefully more active reporters. So we are going to start with a newer Altis News soon. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Information We want to make clear that all the old Altis News stuff is gone. This means: No pay-check, No van/heli, and no office or clothes. Also is Altis News no longer protected by the law. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Office We got a lot of work in Altis News. This makes us split Altis News in 2 jobs. When you join you can choose between Reporter and Journalist. If you choose Reporter You will go on the streets and go interview people. If you choose Journalist You will have to go and write some articles but you can also come outside. Roster (comming soon) ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ application Application status: Open Click here to apply! You will be Accepted, Denied or On-hold ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  3. I just adopted Altis News form @Alexander 😆

  4. Ninja

    Cheapo Airlines

    What are you doing @Alexander If you make an airport then am i going to make a gang that is even better
  5. Ninja

    Comming back to Phoenix

    I am back after being away for a couple of months. Due to my potato Pc but now i did i bought myself a better one with the advice of @Stefan ° . And i did some things wrong in the past but that isn't going to happen again. can't wait to see you around in the server and RP with you guys. I came back mostly for the FiveM server that is comming soon See ya in game Ninja aka. ClemeX
  6. Ninja

    {KBI} Ken Barlow INC returning!

    @Ken Barlow Can i come back my friend
  7. does someone know something about pc's here? I need some advice so send me a pm

  8. Ninja


    Who are you?
  9. Ninja


    I am giving away a qilin because i don't play anymore Arma atm. If you wanna win just write me a nice note why you want to win and type in the reactions kaas.
  10. Ninja


    Bye everyone it was a good run At one day will i come back. But when i come back is a big question.
  11. Ninja

    Just a small giveaway

    I want to win because i want more SUV's
  12. Ninja


    I got a question since this server has now a lot of streamers. I am going to build a new pc soon ( with an AMD Ryzen 5 2600 or an intel core 8400 with the GTX 1060 6Gb and 16Gb ram )and i want to stream with it so i have a couple of questions. I saw people using OBS but i did also read that Bebo is way more lightweight for your pc. So what are you guys using for streaming and is OBS that hard for your pc to run?
  13. Happy birthday😀

  14. Ninja

    Alex King has a nice chest

    Why is @Alex King looking like a chicken