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  1. ClemeX


    U happy now
  2. Weird to see you with that tag lol xoxo And @Ace Boyden if you go I go with you!
  3. I chose for Cyber for CM
  4. Thats a good question...
  5. What about making one post where you put reactions on?
  6. ClemeX


    Hello my friend welcome.
  7. ffs i bought the game like a week ago
  8. ClemeX

    Back after 2 Years

    hello, if you need help feel free to message me!
  9. yes, nice to meet you
  10. Activate your windows ace
  11. Nah. I mean go and sit with lims at the bench of you heli 😁😁😁
  12. ClemeX

    Rusty Out!!

    bye bye bye bye bye bye
  13. Prob. never going to be inplemented
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