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  1. ClemeX

    Tom Birkett [KV6937]

    @Roy Lester is also a good roleplayer he should get promited to spc this week 😂😉
  2. ClemeX

    Points on your driving license

    So, No one is using the msr these days and why would you have to pay a ticket and getting a warning point. I feel like this would be more reasons for cops to pull you over. For example. Cop stops when not breaking any rule but because of 1 warning point on your driver license.
  3. ClemeX


    Altis Discussion =/= General Discussion.
  4. ClemeX

    Make night shorter or turn off night.

    These time have already been edited a while ago.
  5. ClemeX

    Time to say Goodbye.

    Goodbye Boss❤
  6. ClemeX

    Huron Cargo Container

    I bought it for the swag!
  7. ClemeX

    Huron Cargo Container

    When is it ending?
  8. ClemeX

    Huron Cargo Container

    My bid is 8 mil mate
  9. ClemeX

    warning points

    Nah you get them, you keep them.
  10. ClemeX

    Expiring Forum Warning Points

    Support +
  11. ClemeX

    The Johnsons

    Welcome! If you need anything except from money hit me up
  12. ClemeX

    Faction Commands

    As Kevin said. If im havoc command and nhs command and i put 0 effort in the NHS after being command for a while then will NHS command/CMO's decide to demote me or not. And if someone wants to put his time in multiple factions let him do it.
  13. ClemeX

    Lack of roleplay by police

    Maybe the Police Officer wantd or is going to roleplay with you after being in handcuffs. I know that officers run up to and instant ask you to put your hands on your head. But what i do is first a bit of talking with the person and then depending if the outcome i ask him to put his hands on his head. And thats how it should be. If this happens again feel free to come to our Support Rooms on ts.phoenixrp.co.uk and we will help you with your issues or questions
  14. ClemeX

    Want to Buy Aircraft

    With skins you can't get anymore. Don't think any one wants to give them away then😀
  15. ClemeX

    Lack of roleplay by police

    Atleast we're not havoc
  16. ClemeX

    SPARTAN | Recruiting

    This gang is good! One of them gave me free Mk1. Big thanks
  17. ClemeX

    Encurage more ground runs

    To start off that text is long mate. But i would say that this is a good suggestion
  18. ClemeX


    Once a month i would say
  19. ClemeX

    Being Dutch is not bad!

    Being dutch is bad!
  20. ClemeX


    Let them stay in the Red Zones.
  21. ClemeX

    RDM = One way Gang Initiation

    Btw do you guys know we have a good feature on the forums. we have a +1 button look. http://prntscr.com/mxc497
  22. ClemeX

    Theo Wright [AT0373]

    Stop spamming me 😡
  23. ClemeX

    warning points

    There is no way i think to appeal them. But you don't have to worry about it since it is only a warning point. I can understand that you are upset. But if you feel like you have been warned falsely contact a staff lead then. I hope this helped you. If you have any questions feel free to ask them.
  24. ClemeX

    RDM = One way Gang Initiation

    Nah its fine now. Youre going to make even more confusion