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  1. You're a dead game 😛 I love FS
  2. ClemeX

    Joshua Myers

    Never seen before. But i think he is a nice guy, correct me if i am wrong.😉
  3. ClemeX

    Fav Founder!

    Why did you make this?
  4. ClemeX

    Option to BUY vehicles not RENT for HAVOC

    I am gonna lose money instead of making money when playing as havoc
  5. ClemeX

    Good Job

    We need it. We're HAVOC we want a xi'an!
  6. ClemeX

    Option to BUY vehicles not RENT for HAVOC

    +1 renting is expensive
  7. One year ago did i join PhoenixRP.  When i joined i had poor roleplay but phoenixrp  learned me to roleplay.  last year was amazing so i decided to be here for another year.:D

    1. Ciaran


      Clearly we haven't taught you to spell yet but maybe this year we will :D. Just kidding bro ❤️

    2. ClemeX


      @Ciaran typing english while studying french isn't good. 

  8. ClemeX

    RULE 2.9

    I know how to fix this. Do Roleplay 😏
  9. One more day😇

  10. ClemeX

    Server issues..

    There should be more roleplay
  11. ClemeX

    Server issues..

    +1 . Sometimes the server is boring because you can't do much more then doing drug runs as a rebel. And I am not going to sit 10h a day in Kavala waiting for someone to roleplay 5 minutes
  12. ClemeX

    SCO-19 VS HSOS

    Not me
  13. ClemeX

    Connecting Failed

    Question is already solved!
  14. ClemeX

    Bye 👋

    Why would you sell your pc?
  15. ClemeX


    What do different gang tiers do?