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  1. @MAISTRO_TR After reviewing I decided to Accept your compensation request. A Mk-1 EMR Will be comped.
  2. After reviewing the evidence with other members of Staff we came to the conclusion that there was no initiation given. Therefore the Player report is Accepted Diego Fernadez will be issued his first ban (24 hours) for RDM.
  3. @Simon Cat Simon Kot is the best medic and person on the server.
  4. Clemex

    Ace Boyden | R6S Edit #4

    Nice Edit Mr Ace
  5. Hello @Dr Pepper, Your compensation request is accepted and a compensation will be issued.
  6. Hello Admin

    1. Liam Johnson

      Liam Johnson

      not admin

    2. Jamie.



    3. Simon Cat
  7. Hello Simon Dog

    1. Simon Cat

      Simon Cat

      Hello Clemex.

      Remember to fulfill your moderator duties!

      oh wait

    2. Clemex


      I'm doing as many moderator patrols as I can Mr Simon

  8. no you did 12mil i did 12 pounds
  9. Clemex

    Vel Is out

    @Vel It was an honor to work with you in the Staff Team. I'll also never forget deaing with you in support when you joined the community. Also, you where one the best staff members, you where always supporting to work as a team in staff. Sad that this didn't always work out :(. Will never forget us being the meme CSO's in cops and etc. thank you vel for being such a good friend to me and supporting me with all my work in and out of the staff team. #VelbestModeratorof2020
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