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  1. I didn't vote for anyone. Who does meetings these days
  2. ClemeX

    Its time......

    thank you for yeeting me into the support team more then a year ago prob. wasn't the best decision to put a kid from Belgium in it but yh okay. Bye bye thank you
  3. hello my friend do you like wodka

  4. Time Submitted: 04:25:26 PM | 01/11/20 Submitted By: ClemeX (2128) In-Game Name: Clemex De Witte Steam / Player ID: 76561198258704064 Date of Event: 01/11/19 Link to evidence (player report or video): N/A Details of Event: Some hacker yeeted my 52 milion Compensation Amount: 52, and a bit more... I think £52.300.00 Confirmation of legitimacy: Yes I understand and agree.
  5. ClemeX

    Vote Gov Vel

    he is no good at english BTW
  6. ClemeX

    Vote Gov Vel

    When you copy paste a text!
  7. you need to know if you sell your vote then you fucked it up TBH
  8. As I said to the lowest sir
  9. Clemex For Governor I’ve seen a lot of good gov’s in the past and it will be hard to be as good as they were but I will promise that I will do everything to be a good governor. I listed myself up to do my best to give medics what they deserve. At the moment they only get one sandwich as lunch, however I will make it all you can eat! Also higher paychecks for the hard working factions such as the medics! I would also like to make more jobs legal, because I don’t want be the governor that only steals money out of people pockets by making them do illegal jobs on the island. Also I would like to give the citizens of altis a safer living, Since we all know the cops are only there to make your life bad. Then I will also keep the taxes as low as possible since I feel like to government got enough money from last gov’s! I will not focus on Police lands only, No I will also go to HAVOC lands from time to time since the weather is better over there. Also I want to try and get less jail time for criminals, since it only takes money of the government. Everything could be easily solved with a ticket. More Cases to the Judge Decisions made by a police officer are sometimes one sided therefore I would like to get more criminal cases to the judge so the decisions made are fair. Also fuel price will be at the lowest! Why?, Because we all know the earth is NOT warming up but cools off, Thereby I would like to request everyone to use as many fuel as possible to protect mother earth. Thereby I want to be the governor that Isn’t hiding after all of his SO1 protectors, No I want to walk a bit around without any form of over protection. Of Course 1 or 2 SO1’s will be somewhere close to me but you can get to me without any problem for a little chat. There also be a TV playing Samson & Gert at all time as well as the new movies of Frozen and NEW KIDS (New Kids only available in dutch and german)!!! There will also be free PC’s where you can play Arma3 on! Hope to see you at the elections! ____________________________________________________________ The Political Party Click this link to see the roles Roles Directors _________________________ CEO Mr. Clemex Chief Operating Officer Mr. Stijn Chief Human Resources Officer TBA Chief Information Officer TBA Employees* _________________________ Team Lead Mr. Walter Officer Mr. Diogo *Employees might be paid for protecting the governor! Our Role Model _________________________ Retired Gov. Mr. Montgomery Piftiffin 2nd Retired Gov. Mr. Fleur Join the party? _________________________ We are always looking for new people to join our political party. Just pop a message and we will come back to you. ____________________________________________________________ Let’s Make Altis Great Again!
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