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  1. Free Forum Banners

    Thanks alot man
  2. Lottery

    Kazz Smells
  3. Free Forum Banners

    I think you skipped mine Still want some spooky skeletons ;)
  4. mushroom run

  5. Free Forum Banners

    Could you paint one for me aswell?
  6. [AP2126] Retro Lad [APC]

    Thanks bud!
  7. Well Tim isn't around tho... Sucks tho, I rly wanted to see this go down
  8. Bring back people ideas

    True that, but most times we see a quilin they are attempting to bait us to get some frags for their frag vids. Not saying they all do, cuz i have gotten some rp scenarios out of it. I also see that there is too many cops crushing vehicles whenever they can. To be honest both sides needs to focus more on the rp. Keep in mind that i haven't been a cop for too long.
  9. new death system

    -1, Most people just beg for medical custody if they die in a gunfight. But there should be like a rule that you can’t finish them off if the combat is over, or perhaps that you need like a proper cause???
  10. Bring back people ideas

    Well some groups are more intrested in other aspects of the server, such as roleplaying gasstation or bank. To do things sutch as this youll have to do runs first of all. If not making a group limit, perhaps make a rule against robbing people doing copper, or perhaps that you need a propper cause. So that big groups cant just rob beacause they are bored. Just throwing some random suggestions rly. (Keep in mind that im typing this on my phone with shitty auto-correct..)
  11. Bring back people ideas

    The big gangs often rob for the sake of action, nor roleplay or economy purpose.
  12. Bring back people ideas

    I do feel like bigger gangs get too busy with fighting instead of roleplaying. I get that combat is a part of the game, but it should be your main focus. Bigger gangs often stop new people from playing as a group of three often get ambushed and robbed by a group of 10. Some groups often get caught up with having the biggest and strongest groups. That’s why I want a limit. Like groups of 15 should continue to mass recruit on the forum.
  13. Bring back people ideas

    The main thing people do on a rp server should be role playing.
  14. Bring back people ideas

    Add group limits maybe? Feel like all the big gangs only focus on frags.
  15. Pat down/seize communications


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