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  1. Rebel Stuff

    -1 100mil for black guns that costs more an flashbangs that costs more then many 5.56 rifles?
  2. £49965400 (£50MIL) Giveaway / quitting.

    Peaky Blinders.
  3. Capture zone

    -1 Love flying in with my plane and eject into the water. And I have been shot when i was under the water many times. Just get some big boy guns.
  4. Blackmarket

  5. Balaclavas

    Add for blackmarket, its black and there's few to no clothes at blackmarket clothing store atm.
  6. Ally system

  7. Rebel Licenses

  8. KOS if stealing cop car

    Well, forget it then haha.
  9. KOS if stealing cop car

    Well, I’d rather have them rubber bullet my tires then getting kosd as stated in the topic: "KOS if stealing cop car"
  10. HUD

    Alot of text is annoying tho
  11. KOS if stealing cop car

    Haha, didn’t mean that you should shoot tires when you leave the car. Shoot them if the thief pick locks it and drives of.
  12. KOS if stealing cop car

    Just shoot tires or simply lock the car.
  13. black market

    +1 Want some good ass black clothing <3

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