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  1. Retro Lad

    O | Outlaws | OPEN

    Applications are now ON HOLD
  2. Retro Lad

    Gang Bases

    Not usre what happend to this: https://gyazo.com/ce1ee0567f0fc179fd095ab1115cc7d2
  3. Retro Lad

    Can we get rid off FiveM ?

    As long as you dont pay to keep the dead FiveM server up, I don't see the issue.
  4. Time Submitted: 08:26:51 PM | 11/26/18 Submitted By: Retro Lad (2126) Your In-Game Name: O | Retro Who are you reporting?: Wissam Time/Date of event: 26.11.2018 Rule's Broken: 1.2 Explain what happened: Spawned in, tried to talk to a guy, he decided to just shoot me. Notice: I don’t think a harsh ban is necessary. From what I could understand during the support case, he is extremely new. I’m not the admin handing punishments. However, I suggest having an admin to talk to him, tell him about the forums/rules and explain what he did wrong. Evidence (Video/Screenshot): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q8PgpBKcZ6g&feature=youtu.be Have you attempted to resolve the situation with the player?: Yes Support Member Involved?: Daniel Woodland
  5. Retro Lad

    shit guns

    suv for all
  6. Retro Lad

    shit guns

    100k for all
  7. Retro Lad

    Opinions on the DMS

    In the poll on this page: You can see that 80% voted for the return of dms. Therefor i dont think most people want it gone,
  8. Retro Lad

    Opinions on the DMS

    Thanks for sharing your opinion. You actually changed my mind and I totally see where you are coming from. Your arguments and examples are very impressive.
  9. Retro Lad

    Opinions on the DMS

    For, im tired of people just quick peeking behind rocks and/or running and guning. Before the shiposting SCO members start commenting "This is becuse you are bad" or "You salty cuz fragged", dont bother. You could rather start actually coming with some arguments and make us see your point of view.
  10. Retro Lad

    Opinions on the DMS

    You only see the reason it got removed. Totally ignoring the fact that it also were added several times?
  11. Retro Lad

    Opinions on the DMS

    You could set up for hostage sits, gang wars and/or evidence/armoury. If you are apart of the gang, the guy with dms would be in the distance able to back up the units up close. If people have a guy set up 1.5 clicks out and then sends in a rook guy to inn, its bait. 1.7 Baiting - Baiting other players into a situation with the intention to just kill them is not permitted. If people follow the rules, the dms shoudnt decrese rp. Having a guy 1500m away or a 300m away, does not affect how the rp turns out. If a guy has been caught with piss poor rp several times due to disputes, the rule would step in.
  12. Retro Lad

    Opinions on the DMS

    Wont decrese rp as we have the rp standard rule :))
  13. Retro Lad

    Opinions on the DMS

    Gets removed and people hates it.
  14. Retro Lad

    Opinions on the DMS

    I hope they would add it back one day. Combat these days are the same and boring thing. People sit behind some sort of cover waits for someone to run infront of them and then quick peek. I feel like a dms would spice the combat and bring a new aspect. Its not like its mad op. Back in the days even when we had a lrr and ams/dms, it wasnt like people would get sniped 2.5km out all the time.
  15. Retro Lad


    I like drugs +1