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  1. Retro Lad

    Cartel Capping

    Not rly they are were easy to spot from land as black swimsuit and blue water dont rly look the same. You can often fit your gun in the backpack aswell whilst carrying the sdar.
  2. Retro Lad

    Cartel Capping

    Not sure why people do it, but there is ways to counter it. Therefore i dont think we need to remove the ability to do so.
  3. Retro Lad

    Cartel Capping

    Park yor heli so that its front aint poiting towords the water?
  4. Retro Lad

    Cartel Capping

    Just fly to rebel outpost 1km out and buy a sdar. Not that hard.
  5. The Outlaws gang-base has a bugged ground vehicle garage/store when buying ground vehicles they insta blowup. Lost a gear set and offroad armed due to it.
  6. A nice fellah who values Roleplay. Thumbs up to you
  7. Would also be great if the negotiator unit within APC were added back. I imagine having people who specialize in RP and negotiating once again would make hostage sits, bank robberies and etc alot more enjoyable
  8. We can’t just make everything cheap. This would result in less needs of runs than it already is. The issue with this, is the fact that there already is close to nobody doing runs actively. This makes it so that there are no runs for people to rob or APC to interfere with. Instead of robbing people doing runs, even more people will start robbing random people on the street just for the fun of it. I rather suggest that we have mess ups like we used to do. Mess ups with prices, where weapon parts and exctacy got an over the top pay out. Which resulted in spikes of high amount of people doing runs. This brought back life and motivation for a lot of people and also gave more opportunities for rebels, APC and HAVOC to interfere with. When it comes to the stronghold, i believe any kind of explosive weapons (suicide vest, grenades or RPG) no matter the cost, would be destructive for roleplay or general feel of the server. I can just imagine people initiating then blow up themselves and everybody around them with suicide vest. Same comes with rpg where groups would have people hiding in bushes with their rpg while a guy initiates on them. However, I believe balancing factions is still needed. Instead of nerfing their guns, we could rather limit faction population compared to civs. Example was yesterday, where at some point there were 25-35 civs and 20 cops. This shouldn’t be a thing. The tasks cops have to do should be changed. Back in the days cops actually patrolled on a regularly basis instead of just capping every single cartel on the server. Ways to make this happen could be making Kavala great again. Move more runs towards Kavala with a good payout. Which makes cops patrol these areas actively and lures rebels towards them. Overresponding is also a huge issue, example to this was yesterday. A cop spotted me with a weapon jumping into my zamak, within 1 min of me driving away from him, i had 2 hatchbacks, 2 SUVs, 1 prowler and a heli chasing me. This chaotic event simply ended with me and some officers dying from dcync and crashes. Perhaps we could make it possible for people to easier see what gangs people who are online is a part of. This makes it easier for people to spot populated or big gangs, which might lead to them wanting to join them. This helps with balancing rebels and factions as rebels biggest disadvantage is their group size.
  9. I love sneaking up behind someone processing drugs and not being able to initiate. Instead I gotta have a conversation over a nice meal with some coffee. This make robbers lose any kind of advantage and allows the victim to pull out his gun aim at your head and just wait for your initiation.
  10. +1 if it is removed for rebels only
  11. 1+ Would be fun. On the other hand, it would nerf the ifrit, strider and hunter tho.
  12. Isn't the whole point that you are too wounded to help yourself out?
  13. -1 I like it the way it is
  14. Time Submitted: 12:58:47 PM | 05/27/19 Submitted By: Retro Lad (2126) In-Game Name: Steinberg Steam / Player ID: 76561198119382447 Date of Event: 05/27/19 Link to evidence (player report or video): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8cbbeEvkD4s&feature=youtu.be&ab_channel=HenrikSmurf Details of Event: I stopped by a vehicle, started repairing and suddenly it exploded. Compensation Amount: 350-400k i believe. spar, clothing, night vision mask, helmet, vest, backpack, spar 16, 10 mags and items. Confirmation of legitimacy: Yes I understand and agree.
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