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  1. Hutch :)

    10 million giveaway

    😘 gimme
  2. Hutch :)

    Shift+1 | Action Menu

  3. Hutch :)

    Remove sliencers from all factions

    You do knwo that the further away, the harder to spot (even tho you can hear him). Have you ever used a dms?
  4. Hutch :)

    Remove rubber bullets!

    1+ Im with you on this one :))
  5. Hutch :)

    Remove sliencers from all factions

    Wouldn’t bring the "community closer" even tho you think it fights would be closer quarters. The snipers will move further away so that you won’t hear them.
  6. Hutch :)

    Remove sliencers from all factions

    How would removing them bring us clsoer together?
  7. Hutch :)


    Gromits life
  8. Hutch :)


    Okay, thanks for responding.
  9. Hutch :)


    Did a meth run with a timer this time, i did a run in 28min, igot 647000 with 1 catrel taken by a rebel group. Just after restart.
  10. Hutch :)


    Do you know how far you need to drive to do meth? Meth is awful, you get 720k with the biggest truck and backpack.
  11. Hutch :)


    I get 6 meth out of 12 barrels. Is this a bug?
  12. Time Submitted: 04:28:57 PM | 05/24/18 Submitted By: Hutch :) (2126) In-Game Name: O | Hutch Steam / Player ID: 76561198119382447 Date of Event: 05/24/18 Link to evidence (player report or video): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LPZgEGhKsxQ&feature=youtu.be Details of Event: Was doing a run with my friend, server randomly crashed again for most of us. My truck blew up when i got kicked as seen on the recording (my friends pov). We jsut arrived at the dealer Compensation Amount: We were doing diamonds, it wa all processed and it crashed when we arrived at dealer, so i lost 1020000 Confirmation of legitimacy: Yes I understand and agree.
  13. Hutch :)

    Remove LRR, MAR 10, ASP, Cyrus?

    Ehm ehh, ups.
  14. Hutch :)

    Remove LRR, MAR 10, ASP, Cyrus?

    Lets just have 1 group of rebels, DELTA and cosp then Well, so people not in a big group shouldnt ever achieve anything other then a a katiba then?
  15. Hutch :)

    Remove LRR, MAR 10, ASP, Cyrus?

    Well, not everyone wants to be in a massive ass group. "If you can't keep the weapons don't buy them" How ignorant can you be?