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  1. get up man, time for school

    1. ShacK^



      Its ok, i start elektro soon


  2. Khalid

    LUKER | PhoenixRP 5

    I can see that you are not really fond of havoc xd nice tage
  3. Khalid

    10 Million Giveaway!

    im a goblin therfore i need the money
  4. Khalid


  5. Khalid

    Phoenix #7 ❤️

    honestly, nice tage
  6. Khalid

    Jamesky phoenix 5 or 6

    nice, i just wondering is it 5, 6 or 3?
  7. Khalid

    Good old days

  8. Khalid

    FT salty

    i feel sorry for your computer
  9. Khalid

    CroX Frags #4

    very choppy, other than that very noice
  10. Khalid

    Altis Crime Family (ACF)| Recruiting

    she good, what about yours?
  11. Khalid

    Altis Crime Family (ACF)| Recruiting

    In Game Name: Khalid Age: 17 Previous Gangs : outlaws, acf and some other shit Tell us about you : Karen Mclaren is my girl, Bollace BMW is Jaspers daughter, Lana lamborghini, Susan Suzuki, last but not least Tommy Toyota What will you bring to the family?: High quality rp, and frags Why do you want to join ACF?: good gang, good rp, good boysAny previous bans?: Duping, suspected hacker, RDM, fleeing to gz
  12. Khalid

    throw over shoulder

    what moh said