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  1. gratulerer med medlemskapet i brukerstøtte lag.

  2. Khalid

    Altis Crime Family (ACF)

    wife is good @Anonypocs™ yours?
  3. Khalid

    Altis Crime Family (ACF)

    In Game Name: Karen Mclaren Age: Previous Gangs : Tell us about you (Tell us your story, how you got to Altis, what you do here, where do you want to go): What will you bring to the family?: Why do you want to join ACF?: Any previous bans?:
  4. Khalid

    No Value of Life

    if someone tells you to get out of your car and points a gun to your head irl, im guessing you wouldn't pull your mk1 out and shoot im
  5. Khalid

    this dude needs to shut up

    yeah, i dont really do it my self, thats cause i dont play with sound on arma though
  6. i guess you are getting quite old since you have many birthdays in a year

  7. Khalid

    Anti APPA Association | Applications OPEN!

    thanks man
  8. Khalid

    Anti APPA Association | Applications OPEN!

    Application; Name - khalid Age - 3 Money - 11m Hours- 1700
  9. Khalid

    this dude needs to shut up

    you could just take your headset off for 3 sec?
  10. where do i apply for founder? please link me.

    thanks in advance

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    2. Potter


      watch out khalid. thats an IP grabber.

    3. Matt


      This post is such a meme 

    4. Khalid


      oh shiet... my account

  11. Khalid

    bf4 rpg

    dunno if anyone rly plays this game anymore, just got kinda lucky 😉 Unfortunately there is no sound though, my reaction was quite the thing
  12. Khalid

    arma dead game | suk duk

    eg har røyket g
  13. Khalid

    yer mum wears combat boots

    tf is this lmao
  14. Khalid

    Gang Thread Cleanup

    kill it @Alexander
  15. Khalid

    I'm Off

    mash and bangers... gl my man. be active on snap 😉