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  1. maiko

    Jamesky phoenix 5 or 6

    you have no idea what im on about lmao
  2. maiko

    Jamesky phoenix 5 or 6

    nice recoil lololololololc
  3. maiko

    V get in the bin Frags #1

    who are v?
  4. maiko

    MAR-10 Competition

  5. maiko

    Zobari | PhoenixRP | First

    Any frag montage is better than this one lmao
  6. maiko

    Looking to buy .338 mags

  7. maiko

    Opinions on the DMS

    Or just don't add it back? Combat on this server is fine as it is on this server. There was a reason for it being removed on nearly every RP server, not just this one because no one liked it...
  8. maiko

    Opinions on the DMS

    Thanks, I appreciate it! I'm glad people can understand where I am coming from!
  9. maiko

    couple of kills

    sure buddy!
  10. maiko

    couple of kills

    that all you got? lol!
  11. maiko

    couple of kills

    i doubt you can get more then 2 kills in a gunfight let alone 18 lmao