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  1. @LUKER where have i heard this song before?
  2. what is tst lmao

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    2. Inka


      cameronn and will was alright in TFU to be fair....

    3. Lester


      Its doggo smh

    4. Jamesky


      practically niu renamed with better gear 

  3. theres no competition on this server or rebel life to be infact...
  4. Yeah bro really funny
  5. thanks for the bump
  6. stop playing its dead babe
  7. stop reviving your dead montage
  8. only thing the server has done right in months gl bab

    1. Theodore


      Appreciate it mate 

  9. lasted longer then adept atleast!
  10. ma1ko


    cool are you talking to me?
  11. this must be a joke, right?
  12. @Theodore keep the bifta lit my man its working
  13. ma1ko

    alive server

    We did, and it got denied. Hence why they've all left
  14. roleplaying on the forums Jesus fucking christ
  15. I agree, but if there is to be a new community manager it should be someone who understands both the combat aspect and the roleplay too. If it's just one people will most likely leave because of changes.
  16. games already dead compared to what it used to be
  17. 5 man deep in a 4 door truck
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