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  1. Wallace Smith

    Blackmarket island

    Change it back please
  2. Wallace Smith

    Ewan Kingston

    First cop i have seen in a long time not just calling for backup and initiating with tazer. Thank you, and keep it up @Yin Kingston
  3. Wallace Smith

    Map aesthetics

  4. Wallace Smith

    Map aesthetics

    more water based everything, like Obsidian posted, maybe some illegal and legal runs where you have to use a boat.
  5. Wallace Smith

    APC chooses jail time.

    YES, please just add a limit of like 20min, could be more if there is a way to escape or get broken out. and also this must be added if the adjustable time goes through
  6. Wallace Smith

    stats panel

  7. Wallace Smith

    stats panel

    Make a icon or notification about that a player is banned, on the stats panel. Maybe something like this with some other text and maybe a red colour. https://gyazo.com/dbb9c4f47e332c6b558001745606412a
  8. Wallace Smith

    Just a small giveaway

    hi i am wallace. and i need money to feed @Khalid
  9. Wallace Smith

    I recommend AleksG - FiveM

    +1 always really active and helpful in the lspd
  10. Wallace Smith

    What if I want to be rob...

    4.6 Medical Custody - A medic has the right to place someone in medical custody once they are revived. If a person is in medical custody they cannot be rob, ziptied, or initiated on. change it to robbed not rob.
  11. Wallace Smith

    Executions kill AMS jobs

    -1 dont see any reason to add this, i know how people shouldnt execute people all the time, but if you win a firefight with some people that robbed you, its only fair that you execute them after they are downed so they actually get some punishment for it.