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  1. Wallace Smith

    Less rain

    +1 rain toasts my computer
  2. Wallace Smith

    initiating on a spun up helicopter

    i agree, i just want it to be a rule so we can stop unnessecary arguments and support cases
  3. Wallace Smith

    initiating on a spun up helicopter

    i think it should be made a more clear rule on whether or not its a rule break to initiate on a spun up helicopter. i think if this rule would be made or something to say its allowed or not, would be great and it would help prevent a lot of heated discussions and unnecesary support cases
  4. Wallace Smith


    +1 for this
  5. Wallace Smith

    Moonshine needs to be drinkable

    +1 also make som booze shop or something maybe?
  6. Wallace Smith

    Time to say goodbye!

    see you around
  7. congrats on community manager. well deserved :)

    1. KLW


      Thank you buddy <3

    2. Vince Johnson
  8. Wallace Smith


  9. Wallace Smith

    Let Police check bank accounts

  10. Wallace Smith

    Suggestion - Highways Agency

    me too
  11. Wallace Smith

    Cops pay for 7.62

    excatly Make it so you can only use a certain amount of weapons each reset, or something.
  12. Wallace Smith


    @Alex King sorry he was already sold.... to shacky
  13. Wallace Smith


    We will clean him for you
  14. Wallace Smith


    Sellers In-Game Name: Wallace Smith Item Name: Connor Pepe (DCC) Description of Item: Well used Connor Pepe Proof of Ownership: (Screenshot/Video) https://gyazo.com/5be5255402aa75457f83a2e5cca8a8c5 Start Price: 500k Minimum Bid Increment: 100k End Date & Time: (DD/MM/YY) 18:30 11/04/2018
  15. waterfall are ear on your hands, with wide colors


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