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  1. That is not possible @Billy Sprinkle What is going to happen is, Billy you are gonna get a verbal warning for RDM and @Ben Brindley you can post up a comp request. Player report ACCEPTED. Locked & Moved.
  2. @Billy Sprinkle @Ben Brindley Please set up a time that suits the both of you, Ben once you receive comp, reply to this report and I can close it.
  3. Compensation request ACCEPTED Compensation of 2,150,000 will be added to your account at the 8pm restart.
  4. @Billy Sprinkle This wasn't a server issue, in the clip you can hear the other civilian saying "cant hear you man", @Ben Brindley Obviously in the video you did pull out your gun but you aimed away from Billy, unless you were gonna pull a 360 double tap y no scope on him, I would class this as RDM, Billy you can either end this here by comping Ben for his gear or I will have to action on this report.
  5. DylanH

    Player Report - Lamar Sol - 08/07/20 - Altis Life

    Lamar sol will be given a warning for RDM, @Bandit since you havent been comped for the gear please make a comp request. Locked and Moved.
  6. You can not hear what you are saying, could have been your mic having issues, could have as something as simple as you being in the wrong channel. So since Ben could not hear what you are saying that would be classed as RDM.
  7. @HooD From what is marked down in the support case, the support member who helped believed that this was invalid initiation. I would say this is invalid initiation as Maistro did what you demanded but I can also why you did shoot him. For that I will be giving you a verbal warning for invalid initiation. Please in future be more careful when it comes to your initiations. Locked and Moved
  8. @Ben Brindley has already stated why there is no audio for his mic, but you can clearly hear the other person responding to what hes saying. @Billy Sprinkle Do you have POV of this situation?
  9. Ill be taking this report. @Billy Sprinkle You have 24 hours to respond.
  10. DylanH

    Player Report - Lamar Sol - 08/07/20 - Altis Life

    Ill be taking this case. The accused has 24 hours to respond
  11. ACCEPTED. 4.5 million will be added to your account. Locked and moved.
  12. ACCEPTED Compensation amount is 1,363,750. Locked and moved.
  13. ACCEPTED 4 million will be added to your account at the 8PM Restart. Locked and Moved.
  14. I'll be taking this case. @HooD You have 24 hours to respond.
  15. Ok boys when it comes to @Louis Vuitton not valuing his life, he was not outnumbered as he said one of your guys were in the ifirit and when it comes to him shooting you, he was fully within his right to do so. @oweN You took advantage of a rule break to initiate on Louis, you have been on this server long enough to know that what you did is against the rules. For that I will be giving you your first ban for Power Gaming. @Louis Vuitton If you and your mate lost your gear feel free to put up a compensation request.
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