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  1. I do think steps need to be taken regarding the camping of traders. Although it's a red zone, and placing a rule would be rather odd due to this fact. People abusing this feature in such a way that creates community disharmony by not caring if others leave or end up disliking that particular game session due to the actions of that individual should be alarming. There are zones to capture, everyone has enough money to get by, so isn't done with positive intentions, it's done to spite other members of the community. I strongly feel like a "Do not create Community Disharmony" rule should be in place for this type of behaviour.
  2. Don't get yourselves banned again and if you do, don't blame Management/Staff Team for lack of players. ✌️

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      Perhaps. Perhaps not. 

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      omg i can't call people a mong wat a ded server innit blad im so hard

    4. Scarso
  3. This whole post suggests otherwise. You've complained to the max over something that is BI's issue? Damn. You must be fun to hang around with. 😂
  4. Doesn't belong in Suggestions. Feel free to express your opinions, but at least place it into the right Forum section. Plus, there's been tons of improvements that I enjoy. V2 for me, was definitely and upgrade.
  5. I wouldn't waste too much of your time. These two are notorious for toxicity in-game, one of which is notorious for toxicity in-game, on Discord, on TS and on the Forums. They know Havoc aren't 'scared', it's nothing more than an attempt to annoy some people whilst pulling the victim card, it's why responding to strawmanning is the worst. And nobody brought this topic into the game. Again - just another ploy to take people away from the main point of this topic to argue about something else entirely, (which never happened.)
  6. Didn't know you were DetoX, (how am I supposed to know?) xD Which means that I wasn't "taking the piss out of this post" various people count, sometimes they count out-loud for a laugh. Please see my previous post for the edited part.
  7. Situation was developed by you and your group. Disobeying simple instructions from multiple people several times. By willingly braking all of the laws that you broke, knowing exactly what you were doing, why you were doing it and knowing the outcome. It's all on you. That's how the situation developed. Havoc responded how they should have. Broke the upper-hand by taking over the situation. They did great. --Edit-- I will no longer be responding to this post, considering the subject matter has changed, and there's nothing constructive going on here. Havoc won't be announcing how many numbers there are at CP. Enjoy your night.
  8. You're breaking Havoc laws at CP. Asking you to put your guns on your back and/or inside your vehicle/Backpack IS part of their role-play. They need to ensure safety of the Havoc personnel and civilians. How is doing their Havoc duties considered not role-playing? What??????
  9. You're walking around with weapons out, illegal attachments, going into restricted zoneS, and knowing full well what you're doing. Countless times ignoring the orders of Havoc personnel. This was explained to you. Your engine was shot out so that you couldn't escape when you were engaged by Havoc. Stop boycotting it.
  10. Come to HC, we deal with rule breaks fairly seriously. As far as what I've seen personally, some of the time we ask for silencers to be put away, sometimes we ask the civilian to give the silencers over so that we can seize it. It's just the way it is, it's a law in Havoc Lands. But what do we do when that individual decides "No, I'm not giving you my silencer/putting it away" do we just say "oh ok then." If that's the case, why bother with the silencer law at all? Fact is, it's a law, follow it. No big deal.
  11. Couldn't be further from the truth. At the end of the day, CP is a main, if not, the main point of interest on PhoenixRP. For both combat and role-play. If you want combat, earn it. Provide role-play and develop a situation that ends in combat. When you're counting Havoc members; don't make it obvious. If you are planning to attack CP, you must have a gang to balance the numbers/manpower that Havoc have. And since you will be coming as a gang, utilise a helicopter, you can easily count Havoc personnel on the ground within minutes, maybe seconds. And it's also worth noting that Havoc aren't allowed to hide in DMT's with the intention to abuse the "5 or more at CP" rule and having civilians count. So you can be assured that this will never be the case. Use the equipment that you have access to on the server and you'll be perfectly fine. There's absolutely no need for us to say "there's X amount of us at CP." As again, that would be stupid in itself. Would you tell us exactly how many people you have set up around CP or in CP? Maybe what weapons they're all using and where they are? I don't think you would.
  12. And there's the toxicity. Enjoy your night. 😊
  13. The only thing you said that was constructive to this post was The rest is strawmanning, which I tend not to comment on.
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