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  1. Obsidian

    Im ganna go

    Wish you well on your endeavours dude, was fun getting to know you. :)
  2. Obsidian

    I'm kinda pissed

    Does it make a big thud when you whip it out? Or is it more like a strand of boiled spaghetti?
  3. Obsidian

    APC Border control

    Right, but even if I didn't hold this position I would still feel the same... We offer just as much role-play as Police.
  4. Obsidian

    APC Border control

    Then I guess we're at a complete difference of opinion. We'll have to agree to disagree. I don't feel Havoc is useless, despite my position within the faction.
  5. Obsidian

    APC Border control

    -1. I understand the interest in having a Border, however don't cops have placables that they could set up for temporary checkpoints? I'm confident somewhere in the training (unless removed) this is very briefly covered. I don't see the need in a full-scale CP for Cops. There's no use. Plus, it takes more away from Cops' duties to patrol and interact with the Civilians on their side of the island. It's well known that cop lands have more civilians than Havoc lands. Maybe just patrol them? Or come by the border and ask someone in charge if it's okay if they take over the border for a little while within RP, if we're on good terms, i don't see why this would ever be an issue unless a situation has come up. The one thing that sets this server aside from others (at first glance) is the two separate sides which gives off more of a different first impression than most servers. It's not generic, it's different. And that's why Havoc was made, has continued to exist and will continue to exist until the death of this server. We're a Rebel Faction with principles, rules, role-play, structure and discipline. Name one gang on this server that has those qualities to the high standards that we do? There'll always be a few within each faction or group/gang that need a good boot to keep those standards high, but this quote is a bit of a wild comment to make...
  6. Obsidian

    NLR Rule

    +1. The rule doesn't make sense in any way, besides catering to combat-oriented players. Within role-play, we're intending to imitate real life to some extent (obviously keeping in mind that this is a game), but this is one of those situations where the entire fundamentals of Altis Life has been taken away because in theory an entire restart, a gun fight could go one for the full 4 hours. And before anyone states, "Well, you know, it's your choice to return, if you don't like it, don't return." If people didn't return, it'd be a loss. Nobody wants to lose, you get into these gun fights to win, so all of the hard work you've already done as a group or individual goes to waste if you just "don't return." so that argument in my opinion is strongly invalid as to why we should keep this rule in place. It's not sufficient. This caters to combat-oriented people and I understand why, it's to keep those people on the server, but half of Havoc lands is a red-zone, Rebel Island is a red-zone, we have cartels, pop-up cartels, gear that you can get... Essentially for free as a Civ. I've played on many servers in the past and during my time spent on them, this current era of servers practically gift you these weapons. I remember the current equipment being millions, the grind was actually real. Here, you do one run and get an entire load-out. I have no issue with that. I just have a concern that if this server continues going down the path of combat, we're essentially Wasteland with initiation. We've catered enough to the combat-oriented people. We have places on the server that you can constantly return to (red-zones) without NLR, we have everything under the sun for this game style. This NLR rule-change has taken away so much from Role-play and we're forgetting the roots of Altis Life entirely. Worried about losing playerbase? Develop and make a Wasteland server that somehow ties into Altis Life. Link the two in some way, maybe exchange Wasteland money to Altis Life (Albeit a harsh exchange rate) and even it out. There are so many things you can do to cater to combat that doesn't take away from Role-play. In my opinion, and I have to state this very hard considering the position I hold on this server, MY opinion, this rule-change really sucks. A gun fight lasting 4 hours (potentially), No one wanting to give up, the fight spreads across the entire map, holding those Civilians/Faction members hostage of what to do and where to go. Despite the fact I don't really go to red-zones or cartels, I do enjoy Combat, I kick ass on Wasteland and I get into some CP attacks, I do enjoy it, but I alongside many others come here for role-play. It's unfair to push those players out, just to keep in the edgy combat players. I do apologise to those who this offends (if it does,) but I feel strongly on this topic and I fight for role-play as much as possible.
  7. Obsidian

    Taken over 48hrs

    Depends on the faction you've chosen to apply for. If you've applied for the Police, I believe they accept applications much quicker than Havoc Applications. This is due to restrictions on how many people can be in Havoc - meaning most times, Havoc are full. If this is about a Medic application, I honestly have no idea how they work.
  8. Obsidian


    During the Lead faction meeting, Zyn said he'll be looking over Moonshine to make sure it's where it needs to be.
  9. Obsidian

    Put your hands up... 1... bang bang bang

    Or just don't rob hobos as often full stop. "hands up or die" isn't role-play. Where's the fun in that for anyone? Even the attackers don't get anything out of it. A mere 100k-200k tops from a hobo. Who can then barely able to make ends meet on the server. The only way for a new member to survive here is to immediately join a large gang.
  10. Obsidian

    Put your hands up... 1... bang bang bang

    All of these videos confirm exactly what I've been talking about for SO long now. How in the world can new players enjoy the server when this is the first thing they see? First thing that they experience? They get out of the green zone and are robbed within 2 minutes. Is it really that difficult to instead of kill everything that moves (this is not wasteland and should not be the case however you look at it, there are red zones, cartels, the lot), work with the newer players and maybe show some interaction, or does the term "role-play" really offend the majority of larger gangs on this server? Being robbed once or twice is fine, but being robbed constantly, almost as soon as leaving Kavala is ridiculous. These massive gangs are the ones that complain about this server dying when the population is low, and they're so quick to think of ways to fix it with means of more and more and more combat... And then this happens? What do these large gangs expect? "Oh I died lol and lost half of my wealth. Oh well I guess I'll keep going until I have virtually nothing on this server. Oh and even then I'll keep playing." Consider giving the new players a chance, considering giving them some role-play or at least a good time on the server. Give them grace, leave them the hell alone. I'm sure your frag montages can do without another hobo being killed... The Civilian life is diminishing, and I've said it in a past post, the only people that can fix that now, is the community. I hope the poster takes every single video he has as far as he can go with them. Tip: Don't look for compensation, just take it as far as you can. As far as any Support or Staff member is able to take it. Let's get these people off our server and actually start working together as a community. They rammed his van with a SUV ffs.
  11. Obsidian

    Time to Come Home

    Enjoy your time, mate. Pleasure having you around!
  12. The awkward answer is both. The more definitive answer is Role-play. I understand any Life server needs the combat element in order to survive (as combat is end game,) However this should not be the "focus" of the server. I say this time and time again, Combat should be the result of decent role-play. If you want to solely do combat, go to cartels or join a Combat-oriented server like Wasteland, KoTH, Domination, Epoch, Co-op missions, single-player missions, there's so much that ArmA provides in the way of combat-oriented gameplay, I mean shit, there's MilSims... But, we as a community need to understand that this is a role-play server. And it's okay to say "Well, if you remove too much combat the server would die." And that's true, but the same argument can be made for role-play and has already been proven... If you remove too much role-play and focus too much on Combat, we lose a massive chunk of role-players and a specific audience of our player-base. We need the correct balance. With how easy it is to get weapons and how much money everyone already has on this server... Load-outs are already way too easy to obtain and afford. One run gets you at least 2 load-outs... And let's be honest, most people do runs at night anyway - no risk! In conclusion, we need a balance. We need role-play to be the forefront, and combat to be secondary. If a situation evolves from something civil and turns into an argument, insults, a huge disagreement or whatever else, turn it into a combat situation and win it. Baiting is not role-play. Hands up or die is not role-play. "Hi. I how are you? I hate you. Hands up or die." is not role-play. It's all low standards and it's about time a lot of people on this server realise that this place has been combat oriented for a long time, all it does is annoy people, have people continuously in support over almost every single gun fight... We hardly say GG after a gun fight anymore. It's just Gun fight > cry > throw insults > come to support. The community in some ways has disconnected from what a Life server is and should be. We need that element of role-play back. We need those members of the community to go back to helping out the noobs to the server not with money, but with a good experience to keep them coming back. Sit down and have a chat with them while they gather peaches instead of robbing them. We need the community to work together, rather than being toxic with each other. 'Cause when we act like that, we're no longer a Community, just a bunch of angsty teenagers with egos. I'm not saying remove cartels, pop-ups, red-zones, make anything more expensive or whatever, I'm not saying that. I'm just saying that the server, new players, factions and everyone else would benefit from a Community that values the role-play without relying on the grey areas.
  13. Obsidian

    Theres No roleplay in the roleplay server

    How does this give back to the server? So you'll be aggressive and provide low standards of role-play because of some script that indicates you're an old player, as opposed to giving good role-play (as you should anyway) or avoiding new players altogether? I don't think separation is the key to solving the problem.
  14. Obsidian

    Theres No roleplay in the roleplay server

    +1 Agreed. I was interested to see how the red zone below Pyrgos would pan out... In my opinion, it was a failure and should be reverted back. It's hardly ever used as it was intended. And with Moonshine and Weapon Parts becoming illegal again, it would only seem sensible to revert the red zone anyway. As for the role-play standards, again, I agree. Just yesterday the Police and Havoc have come to an understanding that will allow both factions to focus on the Civilians to improve their experience on this server. This should stop the amount of robberies considering the Police will be focused on their lands and actually protecting it, and the same with Havoc. It would be nice for both factions to even sit and chill with a Civilian who is doing a legal run and leave when they're going to the next phase of the run. This would improve relations between the community and provide better insights to the factions for the Civilians. However, truth be told, everybody, or at least most people have completed this server. They have tens of millions, houses and vehicles for days, to the point losing a load-out, or a vehicle is almost futile because it's easily recovered. So there isn't much to do except those gun fights. But I believe if both factions put a stronger role-play standard, other members of the community *Cough [I ] and IN cough* will be inclined to follow suit. If they don't follow suit, well, their lack of role-play standard will stand out a lot more. We need the Civilian life to be a lot more oriented towards new players and providing a great experience for not just yourself, think about the opposition. We're all here to do one thing: escape life and get immersed in a game that we all enjoy, and a game-mode that we all are let's face it, addicted to, on a community that while it has it's downs, certainly has its ups and can be a great place to let the time fly.
  15. Obsidian

    YouTube Thing

    +1. Just don't promote "frag montages" with it. They turn this place toxic lol.