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  1. The exact same message Drunken wrote so to save time I'll just direct your attention to my earlier messages on this thread. We'll wait for Spawn to assess.
  2. It wasn't anything to do with a spikestrip. The Civ we were in the vehicle with drove recklessly and hit into a wall... No big deal. I care about the RDM because as we continue to allow "small rule breaks" to happen ,everybody thinks it's okay, and will continue to break rules, the amount of people that break these rules and get away with it is ridiculous... And I've vowed that if these things happen to me, that I'll be going to support with them. It isn't often that I even go, but especially since you knew what you were doing was wrong - unacceptable. Then report those 2 Admins, report the Medics and report the Havoc members and Civs. Just because our morals don't align, doesn't mean it's acceptable. You can't break rules and be shocked when you get asked to attend support and/or reported on the forums when you refuse to go. And it's not like I checked lol, I don't know who any of you are to care that much to do any research, I merely looked at the one other report at the time and you were in the video. Coincidence. -Shrugs.-
  3. Points 1, 2, 3 are irrelevant, I don't really care that our stuff was taken. I care that we were RDM'd, you had no right to make that decision. We gave no permission to be "executed" by a gang who wasn't involved in any way, please see: You are not permitted to execute a person if you were not involved in the incapacitation of that person. And 2.1 Breaking Roleplay - You may not break roleplay through voice-chat in any way, you must always stay in character when speaking in-game. You should see the situation through. If you require to take a situation to the TeamSpeak Support channels, please wait until the situation has finished. You can only use text chat to speak out of character. Under no circumstance is any of what you did warranted... Like I said, at first I'd prefer you just turned up to support, we would have had a chat and that'd would've been it. But the refusal of coming to support is what kicked this off and I'd like for you to answer for it accordingly. There's no reasons whatsoever good enough to warrant a flat out RDM. The breaking RP situation was only taken more seriously with your refusal to come to support - which still, has no reason whatsoever to be broken, unless you didn't know, which given the words exchanged in-game and your response here... you did know about the rule... Both rules. And by the looks of things, it seems your group is making the rounds on this server. Two reports in 30 minutes... Ouch.
  4. Time Submitted: 07:30:19 PM | 08/08/19 Submitted By: Obsidian (2092) Your In-Game Name: Obsidian Who are you reporting?: Drunken Acrobat / Benja Time/Date of event: 19:59 Rule's Broken: RDM / Breaking RP Explain what happened: A civ was driving myself, Deano and Jon around in his Hatchback and crashed into a wall killing us all (accidentally of course.) Afterwards, what looked to be two individuals decided to run around our bodies, picking things up from the ground and asked if he could execute us, we never gave them permission at any point. (The fact they asked would imply they knew of the server rules on this and did it anyway,) they then broke role-play by mentioning "server" usually I wouldn't really make that into a big deal, however they continued to do it. I attempted to ask them to come to Support, they pretty much claimed that there's no point and refused, which made me want to pursue this a little further. If they did come to Support, I would only have wanted to inform them further on the rules, however considering they refused and have shitty attitudes towards the rules of the server, it has had to be taken further and I don't think just a chat would suffice. Support ID: #17401 Evidence (Video/Screenshot): Video: 1:15 minutes in - https://youtu.be/_JrVyBgjhsA Responses to my request for them to come to support: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1828929086 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1828928163 Have you attempted to resolve the situation with the player?: Yes Support Member Involved?: Hector
  5. Agreed with what's already been said. Plus, your argument seems a little invalid. Shooting out a Drone - nobody loses their life. It's an unmanned vehicle. The responsibility is up to the pilot. You can fly those things 500m - 2km in the sky and still have eyes on the ground, (which is really what these vehicles are designed for...) It's not like people can write an OAB for it... And it's not like Drones are the easiest thing in ArmA to aim at either, considering they are the smallest vehicles in the game. Get better experience at flying them, and utilise them for how they are designed. You should know that those are just targets waiting to be shot. Otherwise, there's nothing else to combat these with, so is slightly unfair. -1.
  6. Obsidian

    Rusty Out!!

    Oh cool, acting toxic is such a constructive way to respond whilst in a debate. How else should that situation have ended?
  7. Then they need to get their priorities straight
  8. PCC's are not to go to Theo. They're to go to GC...
  9. This game will never succeed. It just can't. We don't have the hardware, the network or the software. On top of that, they'd have to build so many different systems to cater to different styles (Not just different jobs) to make this work. I'm assuming by the sounds of the trailer, the economy is controlled by the player. in order for that to work it has to rely on players 100% of the time... It just can't and won't work. Maybe in a few decades.
  10. Obsidian

    Combat Points

    I would tend to agree with you, but with my concept suggested above, there's a sense of loss as well. And it wouldn't be a case of killing a few people, you'd have to kill a LOT of people to get that high-end gear... And they'd need to re-do the process to get it again or something else worth a lot... I've never played Olympus, so if it's the same and/or incredibly similar, then it wasn't intended as such.
  11. Obsidian

    Cave System

    We lag with or without thinking of the size of the file though. I've been on servers where there's a shit ton of map objects on the map and doesn't affect frame-rates as much as it does on this server... Makes me think that perhaps there's something being overlooked somewhere.
  12. Obsidian

    Combat Points

    Combat Points would be a concept that would replace the current system with gaining experience points for killing people in the red-zone. Whilst I don't directly use this server as a way to combat (I join other game-modes for this,) I still appreciate the interest and the players that combat brings. My concept is this: (In the red-zone) For every person you kill, you gain one point. For every death, you lose a point (you never go minus, so the lowest amount of points that you would find yourself at would be zero.) Rather than just providing experience, which yes, can be useful, providing combat points could pose to be more interesting. What do you do with Combat Points that you've earned? You purchase things with them. More importantly, things that you can't just go out and purchase, such as higher grade weaponry (Perhaps a Cyrus, MAR-10, Zafir), or high-grade vehicles such as MRAPs... Again, more importantly, MRAPs you can't usually buy, such as Striders or Hunters. The gear mentioned above is quite high-grade, so it wouldn't be as cheap as like 10 "Combat Points" it would cost a lot more. Perhaps include scopes into the mix for those who truly earn their equipment this way. Include silencers, current weapons for really low amount of points, etc. Providing people with a different way of obtaining weapons could be a positive, and gives people a reason to actually use the red-zones and actually be rewarded for it, with a large risk of losing points too, it would be for the hardcore combat players. The trader should NOT be in the red-zone and I would go as far as to say even putting it in a green zone somewhere random on the map. This is just to make sure that those who have truly earned all of their points don't get fucked over by someone camping the trader. I do believe that this would also give the gang-bases more of a use. If you have a gang base, defending your base is bound to be better than not having a base at all... During times like +50% week, or during gang wars or specific events, this could affect the amount of Combat Points you earn from, say one as our example above insists, to like two, or maybe three points as a boost. Again - something the community could come together to consider with regards to what stuff should be implemented in the shops to make it worth the trouble. And finally, this should be primarily a Civilian/Rebel feature. Factions should not have the ability to gain these Combat Points as this is to purely boost rebel life from a completely different perspective. What do you think, and do you think this could add something rather interesting to the server?
  13. Obsidian

    Cave System

    I think adding a Cave System would be an interesting and a different idea. It could be to gather a specific substance (that the community can dictate), it could be used for special stores, or for many other reasons. The only way to get into the cave would be by swimming or by boat (Boat would only take you so far), from there you'd be able to traverse rocks, platforms and swim through pockets of water. 2 or 3 Caves could be dotted around the map, perhaps all of them do something different, or you need all 3 substances in order to process it into the final product (similar to weapon parts), but it has very high reward, or a type of reward that's useful, rather than purely for money. Or perhaps it's just rare minerals. Who knows? The main premise here, is the cave system itself as not many servers have this, and there isn't currently much to do in the ocean/water. This gives both factions a reason to cycle through and patrol each one with boats. Obviously this is just spit-balling and the suggestion can be developed further through the community's perspective.
  14. A way for both servers/islands connected in some way would be quite cool as well.
  15. Grats pal. Much love. Make sure you keep your red lunch box with you at all times.

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