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  1. Peter

    Location Change - HM and Evidence Locker

    there fine where they are
  2. Peter

    Zafir and M320 LRR and CSAT

    All his shit got seized.
  3. Peter


  4. Peter

    Police House Raiding

    It only does Y items.
  5. Peter

    HAVOC Huron chopping for a whopping 16,000!

    TBH, even though the Huron isnt worth anything id still steal it, so not upping the chop price doesnt do much, just a little bonus.
  6. Peter

    Evidence Locker - Major Crime

    +1 But first I think HAVOC should get a bank or weapon cache or something like that.
  7. Peter

    Factions Should'nt Be able to go to Cartels.

    To be perfect honest, when i'm on holiday I enjoy it when factions come, 95% of the time i'm going for a fight.
  8. Peter

    Factions Should'nt Be able to go to Cartels.

    I don't believe they need to be online anymore.
  9. Peter

    24h 60mil giveaway

    Because just give it to me.
  10. Peter

    CT had fun with what HAVOC Donated xD

    Thats offensive to Arma 3 GODS like @maiko who were born with 1 arm and a stump and 1.4 legs.
  11. Peter

    Cancel bid on PAM

  12. Peter

    Gang Wars

  13. Peter

    move black market

    And move the Sofia one back down to South East of Pyrgros. Kinda OP how its within 1km of a spawn... and flat ground to drive there within 1 minute.