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  1. Peter

    elite super sniper man

    actually can confirm the pilot @luca enjoyed it very much it was muchos funny
  2. Peter

    house keys

    Not sure if its been fixed or not but the last day i was given keys for house and i pressed windows key to access and it would only let me turn on the lights
  3. i wish i could hold left click
  4. Bit weird when people use ur name aint it? guess fans are fans


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    2. 「︎JB⌝


      Where can I join the Peter lane club?

    3. Jack Knight

      Jack Knight

      Its HSS xD

    4. Sanders


      Peter your famous bro I honestly wish I was u xxx

  5. not even bob the builder could fix this....
  6. Fuck! It's Thursday! Use cocaine on a thursday. 😉 if u know u know
  7. Absolutely +1 rubbers in all guns should be limited to PCSO's / CSO's
  8. I think it would be better if there was one on each side of the map, however they are both classed as "Major Crimes" and both have large payouts
  9. I do feel like I could have roleplayed it more, but I saw the cops and was like eh maybe theyl help and I wasnt in the mood for loosing 12mil, happened anyway.
  10. I kept my mouth shut because anything I say is apparently "rude" or "toxic" by your standards....
  11. lmao you didnt even attempt to resolve it
  12. Ok fair enough But our virtual stores are quite literally taxed
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