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  1. Peter

    MAR-10 mags

    I can sell your a MAR-10 suppressor?
  2. Peter

    Phoenix Minecraft Server

    I live in your house now
  3. Peter

    Some Ideas That Could Help The Server

    Just been in a situation, popup cartel. Cops brought an Armed Hellcat, Huron and two orcas... talk about limited freedom haha MK200s are HC only. MK1 is LT+ and T2 HSF.
  4. Peter

    Some Ideas That Could Help The Server

    You can go to a cartel with 10+ people ALL with atleast a MK18
  5. Peter

    Prestige colors

    When u get prestige 10 you can choose. Or donate.
  6. Peter

    More HAVOC things.

    And how exactly is that?
  7. Peter

    Roleplay bank document

    Ye, msg them on ts with it and they can choose to sign it or not.
  8. Peter

    Roleplay bank document

    Go get it signed by Gold Command.
  9. Peter

    Some Ideas That Could Help The Server

    -1 Its fine how it is now, HAVOC are a whitelisted faction and they provide an experience to the player, they cant exactly do that when they are doing runs 24/7 to keep up with loadout loss. HAVOC - Cyrus & AMS APC - 7.62 Supp & DMS Rebels LRPS & Zafir AMS - Mohawk (They already have a mohawk btw) I dont think that have exclusive items to each faction is exactly a bad idea but I dont think they should be this different. Maybe MAR-10 for cops Cyrus for HAVOC. And if were going scopes AMS For APC and Kahlia for HAVOC. Also with the MK1 prices, nah, its already a fucking joke on how easy it is to make money. Dont remove them, if anything make MK200's airdrop/craft only, but leave the rest. Dont think you need an EXCLUSIVE ROLEPLAY thing becasue then it would just be forcing people to roleplay, how it is now is fine YOU choose to roleplay a bank or just to shoot every cunt. Yes Yes. definately +1! The current bank location is atrocious and it definitely needs to be moved, and with the evidence locker its like it was just thrown in at the last second there is nothing custom about the compound it is currently in. Not a very original idea, maybe have specific cartels for specific dealer. E.g Northern - Kavala, Southern - Athira, Mazi - Dorida and with the arms cartels right now I believe it is 15% off rebel shop things currently. Yeah, +1 people go to a redzone for combat, on another server it is kinda stupid. but then having to wait 15mins kinda balances it out. Theres my 2 cents
  10. Peter

    Remove the DMS scope.

  11. Peter

    HM Treasury Location

  12. I also need a M320 with 10 mags and a LRPS. @NextCommunityManager
  13. Peter

    Police and Cartels

    loooooool, you're joking right? its already fucking ridiculously easy to get money
  14. Time Submitted: 02:50:00 PM | 04/07/19 Submitted By: Peter (207) In-Game Name: Peter :') Steam / Player ID: 76561198086346545 Date of Event: 04/07/19 Link to evidence (player report or video): https://gyazo.com/d63e9fddb1f3be7baacdf24e66b69945 - Before kick https://gyazo.com/3f3fa6df3b764943b381d3a7d97edcc9 - After kick https://gyazo.com/13a6e3b01dc00452bf91d23e02d65b98 - Date&Time before kick https://gyazo.com/ab9c8b06714e4f52e180ca67eb003e45 - Date&Time after kick Details of Event: I had a MK1 with a 4x 7.62 suppressors, and a Kahlia (Tan) before a mass kick then I then I reconnected and had an ASP loadout from about an hour before. Compensation Amount: 4x 7.62 Suppressors (Unpurchaseable) 1x Kahlia (Tan) (Unpurchaseable) Confirmation of legitimacy: Yes I understand and agree.
  15. Peter

    7.62 Suppressors

    because it takes 0 skill to sit 800m away with a suppressed mk1 shooting people and they have 0 clue where there being shot from because its suppresed