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  1. Peter

    A New Meme Is Born

    Someone didnt believe us until they saw how garbage u were ingame lmao
  2. Peter

    Lets redo the triathlon

    A holding W contest? No thanks
  3. Peter

    Toxicity Rule.

  4. @Scarso Please remove the airdrops getting like 15fps its spamming them again

    1. Scarso


      I was sleeping 😛 #BlameSky

  5. I think that there should be a separate tool for vehicles like jets and blackfish and xian etc, something thats more expensive than lockpicks that could also break, maybe you could use a hacking device or maybe a seperate tool all together like an angle grinder or something.
  6. Peter

    Licence to buy some sort of SCOPES

    No thanks also wrong section
  7. Peter

    Bring back ZAROS

    yes it does
  8. Peter

    Bring back ZAROS

    Lol no, this server was at its worst when it was in Zaros lmao
  9. Merry Christmas boys

  10. TBH Sway/Fatigue is very annoying and would be better off removed.
  11. Peter

    what happend??

    Doesnt mean that there is anything happening on the server
  12. Peter

    Police lost there marbels

    TBH dont think thats true
  13. Peter

    Corrupt Community Board.

    ur not even staff lead kid shut up #AlexFAKEStaffLead