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      Gang Initiation   03/22/18

      Please note the below rule is now in affect!
        3.4 Gang Initiation - If you or a gang member are involved in an initiation, any other identifiable gang members are also initiated. Gang tags and gang uniforms can be used to help prevent confusion, this is not classed at metagaming reading the players tags. If a gang of 4 or more people want to use this rule they must have gang tags in their name. Failure to do so will mean the gang initiation is not valid.


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  1. HMU

    He means the combat fats that act as a wetsuit
  2. invisible backpack

  3. So i got told off for buying so many quadbikes

    Not as bad as the "Taxi Situation"
  4. [Havoc] Lil swizz

    +1 to Swizzle ma nizzle
  5. 30mil transfer request

    Honestly cant believe you..... Im not angry im just disappointed.
  6. 30mil transfer request

    What about me huh?
  7. What Pingu is saying is have a chop shop like place that u bring a car to and pay the money you would get from chopping it to make it your own, and I think this is a way better system than the current one.
  8. Ya there is but the way pingu is saying it is way better.
  9. big blackfish and huron to harley x

    why not to me huh???
  10. NLR

    I mean if iniatiation is over and its outside radius its not NLR?
  11. Gag & Blindfolds

    Its not fun when you are blindfolded and gagged for 10 minutes....
  12. Gag & Blindfolds

    They were removed because they restricted rp. So I doubt they will be added back.
  13. Rule Changes

    I havent read all of this shit but what i gather is your upset you cant shoot unarmed people capping the cartels? 7.4 Cartels - These areas are areas on the map that can be contested and captured / neutralised by rebel gangs or factions. They are clearly marked by a red zone and a smaller yellow zone with a 100m radius. The red zone is considered to be a KoS or Kill on Sight zone for anyone involved in the contesting or capturing / neutralising of the zone. Combat may only take place inside this zone unless member(s) of a gang or faction leave the zone, in this case opposing gangs or factions may continue combat outside of the zone.

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