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  1. Maybe he did and they didnt respond?
  2. If anything you are fucking failrping and being a general cunt. They say to be quiet and you fucking ear rape them. You sir are as they say "dumb af" Also, Blackie was simply valueing his life, he was hardly going to go against 3 armed rebels.
  3. BLACK AK12

    Not if your blind,
  4. NEW BANK?

  5. Moonshine Runs - Risk = Reward

    Id say you get 2000 when none are online, and 4500 between 1-5 havoc online then after 5 it increases by 250 per person
  6. JUMP

  7. christian police channels

    Is this a joke ? If you cant handle some swearing you shouldnt be playing Arma.....
  8. Bugs

    When you use the jaws of life as a medic, it says "The Jaws Of Life Where Successful!" instead of "The Jaws Of Life Were Successful!"
  9. Shoutout to @FoxHound for bouncing us off a roof and into the water in a heli.
  10. HAVOC poor RP

    I am being genuine.
  11. HAVOC poor RP

    Really? I find HAVOC to have extremely good RP?
  12. Compensation Request - James Hunt - 10/14/17

    I think he means 999999.
  13. Cartels or Drug Dealers?

    Maybe we could have a chat later this evening when everyones on teamspeak.
  14. I | Immortal

  15. Cartels or Drug Dealers?

    This is cartels?

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