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  1. Peter

    Just woke up today....

    If you kept your mouth shut you would have kept it, now admins will take it.
  2. Peter

    Ear Plugs

    Ye +1
  3. Peter

    Academy DSGT

  4. Peter

    Compensation Request - I | AmGroot - 05/09/18

    I mean I did have proof, like a month ago...
  5. Peter

    Cops gear

    Cops dont get money for seizing drugs
  6. Peter

    Cops gear

    If its one whats the problem? Surely you can kill one person? No?
  7. Peter

    Make X-ray a spec unit

    If your good enough to join these units it wont be a problem? Better people will get in and the worse ones will be removed? If you should be in it you will.
  8. 214b3be6c855c3ce593195a67d593a2c.png


    1. Adam



  9. Peter

    Add back ASP

    No just give asp to ct
  10. Peter

    Add back ASP

    +1 The community has spoken add it in now pls.
  11. Peter

    This has to come to an end! NOW!

    Hahahahaha wtf
  12. Peter

    redzone vdm

    TBH, Id say Vehicle vs Vehicle VDM should be allowed in redzone.
  13. Peter

    DBNO Script

    Cops cant seize comms
  14. Peter

    DBNO Script

    Cops cant