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  1. y0rkie

    Alex King has a nice chest

    Was a very funny sit 😉
  2. y0rkie

    Less rain

    I don't mind the rain, but it could be turned down just a tad'
  3. y0rkie

    Solitude Society [SOL] | Recruiting

    Good luck 😄
  4. y0rkie

    Compensation Request - Gromit - 04/25/18

    Compensation given by the player in report. Resolved.
  5. y0rkie

    Ban Appeal - Harley xxz - 04/25/18 - Altis Life

    I've re-opened the report to give you a chance to voice your side. You are also unbanned as of now, please reply to the player report ASAP. Thanks
  6. y0rkie

    New Whitelisted Faction - NATO

    CTSFO are the better cops, combat wise
  7. y0rkie

    New Whitelisted Faction - NATO

    -1, I don't believe it would work, it'd render one faction useless and there'd be no balance
  8. y0rkie


    144hz of sexiness
  9. y0rkie

    ban appeal

    Denied. If you've got a problem with a staff member take it to A Staff Lead For now though, you'll be able to re-apply in 7 days due to your attitude.
  10. y0rkie

    Compensation Request - Ho Lee - 04/24/18

    Unfortunately I'm going to have to decline this compensation request due to lack of evidence. Compensation Request Denied.
  11. y0rkie

    Player Report - SKYLANG - 04/24/18 - Altis Life

    Game Ban issued to SkyLang for RDM Game Ban issued to Povar for Fail Initiation Player report accepted.
  12. From checking the logs we can see that you revived black and then he proceeds to shoot you afterwards, Game Ban issued for Killing a medic.
  13. Unfortunately we don't compensate for ArmA 3 glitches. Compensation Request Denied.
  14. Do you have any video of the gear you had in your backpack?

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