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  1. There's rules which are currently conflicting which people are being caught out on and are being banned, this is something which should have been done MONTHS ago but people decided to change rules when they felt fit to without actually assessing what would change in regards to the rule being altered and it caused conflicts which haven't been fixed, and if they were "fixed", it'd be done with so little thought that it'd just conflict with another. With this being such a sensitive area of the community, I don't get why it's being changed for V2 and not now as V2 doesn't have a released deadline so people are going to be infinitely waiting, playing on conflicting rules which will evidently end up with them getting into the trouble. I feel too much is being dedicated to this and the vision of this server is being lost, which is sad but far too much is being placed on the release of this and the risk is astounding... pretty booky ting ya get me dexers fine and comfortable
  2. why the FRICK are they being clarified for V2? They need clarifying now, everyone's gonna be banned by these rules before they get to play under the "clarified" ones smh my head
  3. Michael

    meme 1

    yeah dude that was funny ha ha ha
  4. Michael

    TITAN>Who again?

    the second i heard the hard-knock life song start playing i knew i was in for a great wank sesh
  5. ay pass me whatever you're smokin' homie
  6. i like my chicken medium-rare
  7. That's a solid yikes from me sir
  8. isn't this common sense? I thought it was always a thing you can't take the negotiator hostage if you've declared yourself to be one
  9. don't combine 2 songs, just use 1 song with the best clips dexter is the montage connoisseur
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