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  1. Or just make hacking longer in general but a one time thing, like 15 mins of hacking or something then you're in
  2. Most of the buildings from other DLC look ugly as fuck when they're not on their respective maps -1
  3. Michael

    Bye, again.

    dexter isn't happy
  4. There's nothing saying you can't act like this though....
  5. Maybe you nerds shouldn't have left, then there'd be nothing to complain about bunch of nerds right, dexter? right!!
  6. That's not entirely fair or balanced... It's fair and balanced the way it currently is.
  7. Michael


    It would annoy the shit out of me -1
  8. -1 dexter doesn't like you! You shall not run this island!
  9. +1 I view this as a way to help combat the amount of Mk-1's being used for "self-defence". People always complain about not having enough firepower to combat other weapons, if in the right hands, a 55.6 can easily take down a mk-1.
  10. Michael

    Heat Waves

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