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  1. Michael

    It's time, Max is out ;)

    AY I'LL TAKE IT Dexter says bye
  2. You're just talking out of your rear now, you've changed lab not cool
  3. I never said you never said you hadn't smoke exploited
  4. You literally wanted drama what is wrong with you
  5. 🤡 Referring to what Connor said, you were fine having the advantages of being his friend and playing with him but when one of your friends is banned for something he was pretty much asking for, you use it as a way to prove a point, but all it does it make you look like a ssssssssssnake. "I'm not cheating but my friend is so I'm totally innocent!" Correct Interesting justification, whatever floats your boat i suppose The principle is there, you've always said you hated snakes, yet here we are. It does come full circle for you I suppose! If we're talking about petty, the fact that someone gets banned for a valid reason, and then goes on to expose something unrelated, and then you defend them... idk mang weird you just like stirring the pot though dont you
  7. @Labrador The ban on Scottish was inevitable either way, it was clearly exploiting, a lot of people knew about the smoke exploit and the fact that it was in so many montages just shows that Scottish doesn't care. bit weird how you're being a rat on other people now, it's not like you've got a crystal clean record so I don't believe you have any morale high ground here, but neither do I as I can't so I've been the best boy throughout my Phoenix years, but I'd never resort to being a rat kek u stink m8 not cool
  8. this is an issue in itself, just trying to find ways around rules when they're clearly stated as one thing. the comp request says "CLIENT DESYNC" and gives the exact example which the comp request was claiming whatever dood and you want people to report their friends for VDM when it clearly wasn't intentional and then to make a comp request? desync ramming is not the same as desyncing backwards without intention wtf
  9. best keep them to ourselves yeah x
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