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  1. ENHANCE! ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
  2. The amount of egos flying around here i thought DGN was back
  3. i believe it means you're a moron
  4. im glad you put recorded on phoenix thought this was somewhere else for a second phew close one you yoinked my song too idiot
  5. u mad? yes [ X ] no [ ]

    1. Majood


      Make SFG, grate again @KLW, and big rip for @Zobari & Lil rasta :(

  7. bunch of needy people
  8. These Merry Berry lookin' asses are some of the most obnoxious people I've ever witnessed Hopefully following the gang thread clean-up, we can have an obnoxious person clean-up too!
  9. I get the feeling you were trying to get up to the wordcount for an essay when writing this
  10. ay just saying if we a democracy up in this bitch then i think we got an answer my homie gizzles
  11. The rule has always been like that The only new thing is the Tank & APC bit People were able to know when to use the rule when it classed as an RP situation, if people are taking it as a simple conversation means it's just to ram, then just ban them... they're clearly morons. From what I've understood, you can ram people during negotiations (if needed) and during an active chase (without initiation) to level the playing field, past that, you don't ram. 🤷‍♂️
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