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  1. Michael

    [SI] Max

    You must have the wrong Max, this guy is stinky.
  2. Michael


    god damn dev team always flips this lever for no reason
  3. Michael

    hazordous area responce team

    I thought the whole idea of being able to put incap'd people in your vehicle & stuff like that also factored into redzones. There's still a CHANCE you can get rev'd if you die in a redzone, just takes a bit of time and effort from someone else.
  4. Michael

    A New Meme Is Born

    Here we go again
  5. Michael


    Nick & Melantha for CC!!
  6. Michael

    [APC] M. Pearce

    I heard he's a stinker^
  7. Michael

    Need loan if someone can.

    Sorry, the bank is closed.
  8. Michael

    patrol missions

    I'd only like to see this if there was some form of internal system within medics for this. Such as some guidelines in order to do one. For example, if there's not been a death for X amount of time then you're able to do one, but if a death comes up and you're within X distance from the mission end, you need to divert and attend to the patient. There's a lot of dead air time within medics but there's also a lot of time where there's "too much" and people don't get attended to. So It's something that'd be cool, but there needs to be some internal guidelines with it. That's just my opinion though 😄 +1
  9. Michael

    nice developer tbh

    +1, Scarso's a nice guy 😄
  10. Michael

    Whats your favourite past of Christmas?

    Pigs in plankies
  11. Michael

    Move Fed to its rightful place outside Telos.

    I liked the Zaros bank 😄
  12. Michael

    Prestige 10 name color

    This is a great idea for the 1 person who has it! ;D
  13. Michael

    Rule Rework - VDM

  14. Michael

    Make load outs and ifrits cheaper

    I thought MK-1 loadouts had already been reduced?
  15. Michael

    MPU Vehicle Spawn point

    I believe this was questioned due to it being somewhat abused due to it's location near the Northern Cartel as it could be used to spawn there, and then drive directly to Northern. This is more of a police suggestion but it could be regulated to a degree if implemented 😄