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  1. Michael


    Did you attempt to use the in-game dispute menu - That's the way you should attempt to get someone into Teamspeak to resolve it.
  2. Michael


    Any reason as to why you haven't tried to resolve this?
  3. Michael

    Option to BUY vehicles not RENT for HAVOC

    I'll refrain in future from giving my opinion. Thanks for the input. Very constructive.
  4. Michael

    Option to BUY vehicles not RENT for HAVOC

    There's no reason making is so cheap, it won't do anything. I still don't understand why they only pay 10% for their gear. It's such a reduced amount that it doesn't really do much but be an inconvenience to have to pull money out. They need to be a price where they're going to utilise them well and not treat them like ATVs. But this is obviously something that won't stay for ever If I was to be in charge, Just to give them a slap as say stahp!
  5. Michael

    Sanders departure

    Bye bye Sanders
  6. Michael

    server lag

    There's only been a few hiccups from the time I've been on, nothing major.
  7. Michael

    Option to BUY vehicles not RENT for HAVOC

    I mean personally I've gone to H.Command about the use of vehicles within HAVOC. The amount of vehicles they pull out with little-to-no care is mind blowing. When you guys used to do banks at the Dome compound you'd have 2 Tempests blocking EACH entrance + 5 for the gold + 2 Striders + 1000000 qilins. I don't see how you can call this balanced. Along with this, the use of some thermal vehicle at every scenario, pulling out armed hellcats like they're ATVs and just not having any care in the world for them. If there was a more detailed & set punishment system in HAVOC which wasn't primarily down to discretion there wouldn't be much issue to me, but from what I've experienced this will be a good way to tame down the use of your vehicles may it be a bit too high but there needs to be some form of physical restriction may it be a £1,200,000 price tag or a T3 Warning Point & Demotion that makes you not use them so carelessly. In the APC there's written punishments that if someone was to break, They'd be issued a warning based on the tier, 1 through 3. Of course there's still context to all situations which can be resolved there and then, but having a set document of guidelines would benefit you guys more than you'd think.
  8. Michael

    Fav Founder!

    not matty
  9. Michael

    The Server Is dying

    Maybe don't get banned in the first place and plus, we're fairly lenient on unbanning community members anyways.
  10. Michael

    RULE 2.9

    It's not forcing roleplay at all, it's a standard we expect people to follow, nothing more, nothing less. If they can't meet that standard, then they'll be dealt with 😄
  11. Michael

    Server issues..

  12. Michael

    SCO-19 VS HSOS

    dexter approves
  13. Michael

    A* In Initiation Class

    Locked for obvious reasons
  14. Michael

    Vanquish Arma & CSGO Montage

    To be fair, I am a CSGO professional and this aim isn't what I'd call natural