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  1. idk about you but hands up if you value your life is a prime example of not roleplaying
  2. we should all initiate like cake 'hands up if you value your life'
  3. any montage, not just a phoenix. link pl0x
  4. im struggling to see what this has to do with anything sir, please explain
  5. pretty sure this is just arma
  6. it'd be nice seeing the admins doing some proper admin work, instead of banning people for calling them smelly 🙄 just kidding haha
  7. I personally expected an influx of players, but it seems to have had little change, there's been such a slight increase in population on Battlemetrics you wouldn't even notice 3000 people had been unbanned. It's bizarre that it's not had a larger effect, maybe I should be in charge of handling the community email appeals
  8. @Mike Sano is in montages more than im in bed with ladies!!! this is crazy!
  9. It's meant to be a thing because no one knew about the loyalty rewards, so now they're open for you so you can claim and be on your merry way
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