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  1. Michael Constantino

    It's time

    Peace fam x
  2. Michael Constantino


  3. Michael Constantino

    Petition for the popo to be charged for their equipment

    That's simply not true, 9 times out of 10 you don't get revived because a medic has slammed into a pole Here's a previous post around the matter
  4. Michael Constantino

    Death Sentences

    A frags a frag
  5. Michael Constantino

    Maximum Jail Sentence

    Think of it this way. realistically, w're not going to ticket someone for murder, it just doesn't make sense We ticket for minor crimes/1st offences
  6. Michael Constantino

    Maximum Jail Sentence

    Let me list ALL of the charges he had for that specific situation @Leo C - Possession of Illegal Firearm - Possession of Illegal Attachments - Possession of Illegal Magazines - Hostage Taking - Assisted Murder - Aiding and Abetting of the Murder of an officer - Fear or Provocation of violence and a few others, I'm going off what I can remember from a sit 2-3 days ago. But I'd suggest before you slander my name, you ensure what you're saying is 100% factually correct before posting it here on the forums, or anywhere for that matter.
  7. Michael Constantino

    Maximum Jail Sentence

  8. Michael Constantino

    A Newcomer's Guide to Getting Help

  9. Michael Constantino

    CTSFO Patrol Limit

    As I said, we're utilizing what we've got. If I can go on CT patrol I'll go on CT patrol. That's why it's there, to be used.
  10. Michael Constantino

    CTSFO Patrol Limit

    With cartels being removed for the moment we've not been able to appropriately deal with those - they're a large part of the rebel economy and that's where a large amount of our time went prior to them being removed. I agree we should be a response unit, that's what we were in a sense, but when there's no one requesting backup, what do you expect us to do realistically? Sit in PD and do nothing? We're here to play and have fun as much as you are.
  11. Michael Constantino

    CTSFO Patrol Limit

    Reducing the patrol limit won't be as effective as you think it'll be - during large operations such as today which involved 6 illegal vehicles the Specialized Unit Operations channel will be utilized where units can work together, may that be 2 CT Units of a different combination of units. We're utilizing what we've got.
  12. Michael Constantino

    CTSFO Patrol Limit

    Negotiations are never called off "randomly" - It's always a last resort. And with this being said, CT can't negotiate, so CT are not involved in negotiations.
  13. Michael Constantino

    CTSFO Patrol Limit

    9 times out of 10 CT aren't the ones to initiate the gun fight in the first place
  14. Michael Constantino


  15. Michael Constantino

    Ban Appeal - Richard - 07/02/18 - Altis Life

    Declined The video evidence provided is more than coincidentally timed "server lag" There's 3 accounts where you can hear your weapon shotgunning, all times it was used against the people who were trying to attack you. For this, I'll be declining the appeal. Feel free to re-appeal in 7 days.