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  1. John O'Connor

    Moonshine needs to be drinkable

    +1 to this, Give's people a reason to actually have moonshine on them instead of just instantly selling it.
  2. John O'Connor

    The McCuck Family | Recruiting

    The McCuck Family Our Story The McCuck Family originated from the deserts of Takistan, originally a joking insult among NATO officers, the officers then decided to continue the trend when they began dipping their hands into illegal affairs while on deployment, usually consisting of weapon and drug seizures suddenly disappearing and being resold, as well as high value bounties being conducted. They would do anything for the right price. These days the disgraced members of NATO have switched to full time crime, the founders deciding to take up the McCuck name as a sly nod to the easy days within NATO and the good times they had. Now the name is used to mark either the founders of the family or those trusted enough by the founders to hold the title. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Roster What we expect from those applying - - Minimum of 16 years - A role play name (Eg. John Doe) - Mature personality - ArmA 3 Experience - Good situational awareness and the ability to communicate accurately --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Application - Name - Age - Nationality - Steam Profile - Player GUID - What can you bring to our team? - How can you help better the team? - Why should we choose you over others who apply? - Tell us a little bit about yourself - PLEASE WAIT PATIENTLY AFTER APPLYING, WE WILL GET BACK TO YOU. Best of luck to those applying.
  3. John O'Connor

    Dallas's Life Vlogs

    Promoted in the Gang. Congratulations.
  4. John O'Connor


    Instead of removing them completely, Why not just make it so its a 1 in 5 chance of being a rubber bullet? In reality, A person isn't going to get knocked down by 1 rubber bullet.
  5. John O'Connor

    Sector Control

    Maybe have a shop in the area that you can buy weapons/gear from with the Gang Funds, Give gang funds a bit more use too
  6. John O'Connor

    cars not appearing in garage

    Me and a few of my friends also had qilins disappear.
  7. John O'Connor

    10th Mountain Goats | Recruiting!

    @ninj Unfortunately at this time we are going to have to deny you, You do not fit the activity requirements we are currently looking for. Feel free to apply in the future. @Devin @RIPshard Congratulations, You have been accepted into the 10th on a trial basis, during this time we will asses you and see if you are fit to join the permanent members. Please ask a support member on TeamSpeak to give you the Gang Tags. If evidence is required. You may show them this comment or refer them to the roster.
  8. John O'Connor

    Gang Warehouse / Storage

    I believe it would give gangs something to go for on the road to becoming approved, A place where everyone can store gear for people to share would be useful. The ability to hold virtual items would be good because it means they could stockpile. This would create a situation where a rival gang could break into the other gangs warehouse. There could be some sort of rent placed on it too, So it's not just a one time purchase etc Making it so if a gang doesn't pay the rent, the warehouse is lost along with the items inside.
  9. John O'Connor

    Gang Warehouse / Storage

  10. John O'Connor

    Gang Warehouse / Storage

    I don't know how hard it is to implement, But make it so that gang leaders can purchase a warehouse for the gang to use as storage. This will allow gang members to store items and such together. You could also make it so there are upgrades eg. Security, Capacity, Garage etc. The money would come out of gang funds so it gives it a bit more usage.
  11. John O'Connor

    8 million giveaway! [CLOSED: Jord Won]

    I mean, Free money
  12. John O'Connor

    Black Type 115

    +1 Would be a great addition.
  13. John O'Connor

    Athira PD

    @Bosh Download this addon, lets you place most buildings in the game. Just got to search for them. http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=20821
  14. John O'Connor

    10th Mountain Goats | Recruiting!

    @James C For disrespecting a member of the gangs command structure and failing to follow instructions, you have been blacklisted from joining.
  15. John O'Connor

    Tazer range fix?

    In my opinion, It should be made that 1 in 5 bullets is a rubber bullet, so it gives people a chance.