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  1. This is leaked classified information, You'll be hearing from my Legal Team.
  2. Clearly you're not understanding what this post is about, So I shall leave you with this.
  3. I think we need to remember this is a game, A place where people come to have fun. We join police for the fun and roleplay it brings, But you can get burnt out of it incredibly quickly. Being able to play as a rebel when there are 10 cops on was a way to mitigate getting burnt out quickly. Now we have a problem where some if not most police officers are not coming on as APC because they are burnt out of playing as a cop all the time and are actively playing else where. The decision to change this was made without informing the rest of the APC and was made from a vote from Police Board, Who while they may have had the best intentions when bringing in this rule, Made a vote when hardly any of them come ingame an experience what its actually like on a daily basis. It feels like we're being forced to play as APC on a game. A lot of officers have commitments outside of the APC myself included which means they are unable to play from 12-12, Which means they essentially cant play as a rebel. This was a suggestion post, Instead its turned into a post where people are saying we should either leave cops or deal with it, Which is completely unreasonable.
  4. Sure let me pay £30 upfront, Then £10 a month to run around in my gang skin with a rook.
  5. I also own a gang package that I can no longer use due to this rule and am a sponsor because I wanted access to the "Black Market". However I don't see much point cause all I can do now is change my name colour and give myself a number plate.
  6. If its a case where you're going to force people to choose between playing as APC or Rebel, A lot of cops are going to leave because they are currently unhappy with this rule.
  7. We shouldn't have to leave a faction to play as a rebel, Quite frankly that's a stupid idea.
  8. Time Submitted: 07:26:16 PM | 05/20/19 Submitted By: John O'Connor (2035) In-Game Name: John O'Connor Steam / Player ID: 76561198134081875 Date of Event: 05/20/19 Link to evidence (player report or video): https://gyazo.com/8748e59463b0c2c73b2375798b14fca7 Details of Event: Bid on a blackfish on the ingame market for 35.1 mil, Money taken from account but no vehicle in garage. Unable to provide full evidence as it was an auction that was won when I was offline. Compensation Amount: 35,100,000 Confirmation of legitimacy: Yes I understand and agree.
  9. This is why I have posted this in suggestions, So its not only a police discussion, It's one that the whole community can see and give their opinion on the matter.
  10. Recent changes to the rules has removed the ability for APC to play as a rebel past Midday. This is something I feel should be changed because we all have commitments outside of the APC and it feels as if we are being forced to play as a cop. I myself am very rarely able to play during the morning due to college/work and I know the same could be said for most people. I have added a poll onto this to get people opinions, Lets not flood the post with "+1" or "That's a terrible idea" instead lets all vote.
  11. The Sinaloa Cartel Requirements Advanced Rebel License A Stable Bank Account Good Communications ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Roster ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Application Template: Name: Steam ID: Timezone: Hours in ArmA: Tell us a bit about yourself: Members of SC that can vouch for you: Please place applications below, We will get back to you as soon as we can.
  12. Recently our gang funds have decline over time without anyone using them. We was on around 7mil but now currently only have 1 mil. Unsure as to what causes the issue but decided to put a bug report in anyway in hopes that someone knows.
  13. When buying upgrades such as the Garage Upgrade, It kicks you for the following restriction. Update - It also bans you.
  14. Due to the recent update by Bohemia regarding magazine proxy, Black and Khaki magazines are no longer available for weapons without the correct class names being in the store. I know its not a massive issue but it does look a bit weird running around with a weapon with a different coloured magazine. If it helps I've attached the new class names for the magazines below. Black - 100Rnd_65x39_caseless_black_mag - 100rnd MXSW 100Rnd_65x39_caseless_black_mag_tracer - 100rnd MXSW Tracer 30Rnd_65x39_caseless_black_mag - 30rnd MX 30Rnd_65x39_caseless_black_mag_Tracer - 30rnd MX Tracer Khaki - 100Rnd_65x39_caseless_khaki_mag - 100rnd MXSW 100Rnd_65x39_caseless_khaki_mag_tracer - 100rnd MXSW Tracer 30Rnd_65x39_caseless_khaki_mag - 30rnd MX 30Rnd_65x39_caseless_khaki_mag_Tracer - 30rnd MX Tracer
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