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  1. I disbanded the gang, However it seems that the houses have sold themselves after a couple of days so was able to re-purchase them with the new gang.
  2. This has been brought to Gold Command many times, I will look into seeing if we can do something like this.
  3. Update: Old gang is "The Durag Gang" and would like the houses to be transfered to "Ares" if possible.
  4. Ares Ares was formed in 2019 with the aim to become the kingpin for drug trafficking within the Mediterranean, They first landed on Altis with the aim to exploit the land for their own benefit. Roster
  5. So I renamed my gang multiple times yet our houses etc did not transfer, They say that they are still owned by the previous gang however. I have spoken to Stephen about this issue
  6. The reason I started shooting is because you started to drive off, I was not aiming for the people inside I was aiming for tires. I only moved to aim for the people inside when you jumped out with a weapon.
  7. Currently we are unable to Pull People out of Vehicles, meaning we are unable to transport suspects
  8. To be fair, They have sorted out a fair few of the issues that the game had on launch. I played it for a little bit last night and enjoyed it.
  9. If its for all that I'll happily pay 11mil
  10. 1Mil You got a buy now price?
  11. The police also offer this if there are enough officers available.
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