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  1. Still shit lmao

  2. still no tags in any post u make smh. at least im ins some of the photos
  3. didnt edit it quick enough lmao
  4. How tf would u know that from such a small poll
  5. why u still here mongo
  6. @Dimmy for editing gamrs
  7. Alex Gavin

    Gear list

    Make it so you can see your gear before you spawn in somewhere so you know if u have to gear before hand
  8. Reward

    1. Alexander


      Yeah you dont deserve one.

    2. Josh .
  9. Jck,Alex,ALI,Eson,Rappy,Rush,OJ,Wrigh new team
  10. Alex Gavin


    +1 1. Make it so that East arms (Rebel Outpost) Has access to advanced rebel+ as well since it is inside a redzone and it would just help in many ways. 2. I would also add a DMT to east arma all other places are fine without DMTs but just personally think there should be one at East arms, if you dont add that plz move the buy sign from the top of the HQ to inside it. 3. I think there should be a 3rd gang base added to the new redzone as it just looks empty without a 3rd one and I also feel as if all the bases within the redzone should be moved more towards the bottom of it since it looks so empty that no one will go down near the bottom of the redzone since it has legit nothing there except Mazi. (Just realised there is a 3rd one at South Peninsula island but I think it would be better on the same island as the other ones 4. I think the HM should not be in Zaros, fairly sure there was a vote for this so this one probs will get denied but I really think it should either be where it was or Telos compound. 5. I think that everyone that does a pop up cartel in a a gang thats in the zone should get 1mil each or lower if its to much. 6. Cartels right now are not worth doing at all, It should be made that you should get like 5k per person on the server every 15 mins or something like that as well as cuts of peoples runs or arma depending on how that is.
  11. Ye defo on a and d server. Prize be nice tho
  12. Theo get some prizes plz admins would probs give out if u msg them or something like a ts tag on ts or like everyone gets a mil on the winning team.
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