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  1. Abdul

    Gang Wars Live

    my team will be posted shortly.
  2. Abdul

    I recommend....

    Once upon a time there were 2 twin brothers who were not alike at all. Their names where Sonny Asif, and Harry Bifta. The twin brothers lived right across a candy shop. Harry Bifta always chooses the spicy candy to eat, on the other hand Sonny Asif always chooses the sweet candy to eat. One day as they were picking their candy from the candy shop and eating it. While they were eating the candy, their father said to have a race around the park. So they went to the starting line. As soon as the race began Harry Bifta started to run but Sonny Asif walked slowly behind. A few minutes later Harry Bifta went for a drink of water because he was thirsty of all the running he did and the spicy candy started to kick in. While Harry Bifta was drinking Sonny Asif got ahead. Then After Harry Bifta’s drink was over he looked behind and thought Sonny Asif was really behind but really he wasn't. So he sat on a stump and was playing with a twig. A few minutes later Sonny Asif crossed the finish line and he won the race. As soon as Harry Bifta found out the news he wasn't mad he congratulated his brother and lived happily ever after they got what they wanted for Christmas which was a Phoenix RP unban. I recommend Unbanning these two delinquent's asap as feds done em dirty and we need our Broski's back xx @Sonny Asiff @HappyHour Have a good Christmas on your own you two nob'eds ♥
  3. #3UpHarryBifta #3UpSonnyAsif ♥ Feds done you dirty. soon home, soon home! xx

  4. Abdul


    n0 oFfEnCe bUt do you have a family? xD ♥♥
  5. Abdul

    Medic: My Irish goat

    sound lad, one of the more useful medics on an empty server. thanks ;3 xox @My irish goat
  6. Consultant Ben & Consultant Squeeker: 2 top notch jokers, what a pair of lads. @Ben Watkins @LilRastaMouse
  7. Abdul

    HM Treasury Change?

    So after my first visit to the hm with some random gang from black market i was able to see the new compound. I know that the hm has probably been changed 5000 times already as this is one of the most common suggestions fount on Altis life servers. But what exactly needs to be changed? -The structures currently there: some of the windows are not penetrable from weapons, idk if this is because its a user placed structure or there was a mistake with making the building invincible? -The location of the hm and how its built. Seems really one sided, which is expected as its a user created structure but theres literally nowhere to hold without being exposed and shot instantly which is somewhat unfair and means that people wont actually do banks.. whats the point of having one if no one will do it? Suggestion: Put the hm back at the domes in Telos as this means that: -The structures wont be broken like they currently are. -Domes, houses, command buildings are on the map meaning its easier for both sides to mark things on the map. -The military compound fits the use of the "HM treasury" as its a well protected compound instead of some shabby half broken "compound" in a football field in a derelict town (who thought this was a good idea in the first place, just out of curiosity?) -Its more open to more than one way of fighting for the compound due to its surrounds, i.e the town within 200m, the hills and the airport. -Its in a more populated location, nearer to Athira, on the msr, next to the Airport meaning theres chances of an anti-fed instead of being tucked away in the middle of nowhere. I know the current compound was probably made to be an improvement but i personally feel that it would be better of back in Telos but thats my opinion. This suggestion isn't going to be favorable to some people so leave your thoughts and dont just trash talk as that isnt going to help the server improve now is it? Thanks x
  8. Abdul

    LUKER | PhoenixRP 5

    You're Insane ❤️ -no.1 fan xox
  9. Abdul

    Ban Appeal - Abdul - 12/19/18 - Altis Life

    @Kiran done buddy, thankyou.
  10. Time Submitted: 07:42:08 PM | 12/19/18 Submitted By: Abdul (2007) In-Game Name: Abdul Steam / Player ID: 76561198293063283 Administrator who issued ban: Foxhound Date of ban: 12/19/18 In your opinion, why were you banned?: I was banned because i lashed out when i felt like i was getting trolled who ended up being an 'admin' as it looked like he was trying to kill me with his rotors, so i killed him. What reason was given for your ban? RDM Why should you be unbanned? Okay, I should be unbanned as what i did was a genuine mistake, i knew it was a stupid idea but i did it out of frustration when i was trying to do something. I know that its not acceptable on the server as i have been a member long enough to know that. I've never gone around blatantly breaking rules to upset people or to irritate them. I hope foxhound can forgive me for my stupid actions when i RDM'd him. I enjoyed playing on the server and would hope to experience more of that. I have a few friends in the police and was hoping to apply and spend my spare time there. Thankyou for reading this and i hope you all have a good winter holidays, and hope we can play together on the server soon What platform / server were you banned on?: Altis Life Link to initial report (if applicable): n/a
  11. Abdul

    Looking to buy .338 mags

    for you, you get 31 back for 750k xx
  12. Abdul

    Looking to buy .338 mags

    give me one, ill give you 21 back for 1m.
  13. Abdul

    SCO-19 VS HSOS

    WorrrrrrrrrrDDD!!1! tank ye, wee gavvo xx