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  1. Taru For Orca

  2. don't know y folloing u

  3. What the APC do after winning a bank.

    That doesn't happen cops get slapped
  4. When you have little money

    This is bullying
  5. Replacing Wasted

    Atleast i own a computer than can run arma!!!
  6. It was a good run...

    See you later kid!
  7. Replacing Wasted

    I accept the community manager roll @Kevin @Conner Merlin
  8. Rachel Reddington

    Harry won’t be able to make it he’s quite “busy” @Rachel Reddington @Raymond Reddington
  9. Best management member

    Bring back the bill payer
  10. best support member i ever talked to

    Tbh I helped this guy too @Quinn but I hear that @Matty James is using in game currency to get reccomended
  11. Rachel Reddington

    Your ugly
  12. Rachel Reddington

    I welcomed you???

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