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  1. Matt

    Hey mate hope this finds you well!


    have a good day!

    1. Lester


      Stop. Please.

    2. Blitz


      Oh hI @Matt Blitz here!

  2. Matt

    Hello Kevin I found a video I think you’ll like.



    Enjoy ur day cutie :)

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      thats me going to the fridge at 3 am

    3. Kevin


      Just going to bleach my eyes brb

    4. TJ Splifta

      TJ Splifta

      Thats kinda cute ngl

  3. Sit bot Sit bot beep boop beep boop plz report to @Lolyhase for further bot instructions
  4. Hello Michael Sano plz let me know where you bought your client I am intrigued
  5. Matt

    Yo @Kevin wanna make a late night booty call 🤑

  6. yo you up @Kevin 😏🍆🌊

  7. Issuing punishments for stuff said off of a PhoenixRP discord 🤔

    1. Show previous comments  10 more
    2. Ollie


      I don't support you Matty you're a fucking cunt

    3. Nathan Fish

      Nathan Fish

      +1 on this one 

    4. StarWars


      thats really toxic ollie matty should clip that

  8.  Giving a blackfish away on stream!


    1. jamie.
    2. Tiger


      when am I getting my jet?

  9. Thanks for the 5£ PayPal for the acting gig mate appreciate it hope this clip blows up and gets me famous
  10. Ah yes a lovely Revenge report... 😪 How far we’ve fallen huh Conway
  11. I recall you also messaged a few other admins @Peter. being one. Peter can you tell us what he messaged you?
  12. Who ever said no shouldn’t be an admin than which admin said that?
  13. Kevin this is being escalated because Conway manipulated the situation and got multiple admins to tell him that he didn’t break a server rule by asking them if he was correct regarding a rule break that he did break but worded in a way so the admins being asked the question answered in his favour.. @Kevin
  14. Conway this is being escalated because you manipulated the situation and got multiple admins to tell you that you didn’t break a server rule by asking them if you were correct regarding a rule break that you did in fact break but worded in your favour @TV_Conway Kettle @Kevin
  15. As I was in Athira and also involved in this situation I would like to add some additional information. Conway kettle when he arrived at the Athira Police Station hopped out of his hummingbird and started to scream down his mic saving active sit active sit active sit which confused both me and Anthony after stealing the helicopter Conways friends on the ground started to taunt us that Conway was in the right and the Gods can’t touch him etc etc, later it was found out that an admin named Fulton watched this in admin camera and didn’t intervene in any sorts, after speaking to multiple admins and getting info on what Conway said to them in PMs it appears that Mr Kettle was asking the vague questions about rules so that admins would answer in his favour even thought Me Kettle knew himself he broke a rule... if you pulled up his stream when he got called to support he was shitting himself it’s also been brought to my attention he was brought to support roughly 3-4 times this night but didn’t receive any punishments 🤔 i feel as if Conway Kettle knew the rule he broke and played stupid in support in front of Sam so he wouldn’t be punished. I also feel like Conways past support cases should be pulled up and taken a close look at and a decision be made regarding this player. We are a RolePlay server at the end of the day and not some playground for kids 🤭
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