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  1. Matt


    Unbanning everyone won’t bring people back there just gonna get banned again and ruin whatever players experience you got left i’m disappointed @Paddy McCarthy

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    2. Labrador



      I'm sorry to say this to you.

      This isn't pre-2016 and no one cares about giving roleplayers the 'RP' roles :) 

    3. Gill


      @Labrador you say that, every time i take a role it works really well and everyone is happy with it. Maybe its not as dead as you think.

    4. Labrador


      @Gill You're 1 guy mate, look at the server. You're the minority. 

  2. You put way to much effort into this post. Sorry for the time lost...
  3. Matt



  4. Matt

    It's time, Max is out ;)

    Kinda weird you mentioned Kevin but not me 😏
  5. Matt



  6. Matt



    1. Kevin


      this drama is brought to you by RAID: Shadow Legends

    2. Aron


      I've never been much of a mobile gamer, but, forget everything you think you know about mobile games because Raid Shadow Legends is one of the most ambitious RPG projects of 2020 has just been released and will change everything. Just look at the level of detail of these characters! If you use the code in the description you can start with 50,000 silver and join the Special Launch Tournament, and you better hurry because it's getting big fast! You can play for totally free with the link below on your smartphone.

    3. Jord


      Open management spot for Matt?

  7. Matt


    No time for a long post. It’s been fun. Bye!
  8. Ace Boyden


    Couldn't see it my bottoms : ( i have to wait an entire restart

  9. Matt

    Frankie MacDonald

    good one gamer @CRACCOON
  10. Matt

    Im outa here

    Didn’t give me support before leaving mad man 😕
  11. Matt


    1. Peter.


      Responded 😁

  12. Matt


    Hello @Conner Merlin @Ted Hope y’all are doing well I would like to purchase the sign right outside kavala for 50£ a month 

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    2. Ted


      interesting indeed...

    3. Matt


      I would like it to say Matty P is the rightful heir to the PhoenixRP throne all must bow down before me :)

    4. Ted


      @Matt we're considering making the Kavala one into  "highest price wins the slot" next month, so sadly the person who put in the google form first this month will not be able to be outpriced.


  13. Matt

    Just some venting

    It's about time i write a long ass post with the intention that management open there eyes and look at how the server I spent $1000 of dollars on and years of my time building to where it is now. I'm gonna be honest with everyone, I may seem like someone who doesn't give a fuck about the community as per all the shit I've done in the past and present which has led me to be removed from Founder but in all honesty it's the complete opposite... PhoenixRP is something that I very much love and very much care for, I've been here from when we were a Takistan server just starting out, till we are now. There was months in between where we would get super popular than die the next week, there was times where management were ready to call it quits, but I said no and we persevered, poured money into rent months after months without expecting anything in return, why because I loved the small community we built up all the awesome amazing people that would come on daily to play arma with 20 players or even just the people that connected just to chat. I loved them all. To where we are now, servers pulling consistent high numbers that brings more and more players to the server, unfortunately we have a massive issue on the server, Havoc has gone to shit, Management are useless, I hear and see shit coming from the Staff team, even the odd Police incident comes up but it is handled swiftly and they are doing a good job. That leaves the medics, OnePumpTrump and TylerB did an amazing job while they were CMO and Montgomery is continuing to lead thay faction down the right path and its going smoothly. Phoenix is in dire need of Someone with the power to sort everything out and save the community. As it is One Major faction just self destructed. No one knows what's going to happen with the faction and at the end of the day I hope it gets sorted as Havoc is a major attraction to the server and it's a valuable asset we can't afford to lose. I've been at the top of the community and I have been at the bottom of the community. I know how much pressure and stress there is from everyone around you to make sure stuff keeps flowing smoothly on the server, but this can't be done with the current management, i love them all Stephen, Cryant, Fisher you need to pull your weight, you may be doing stuff in the background but do more stuff publicly as you're getting a bad rep from the community, Zinner can't carry the weight of the server alone, Please help support him by restoring order to Havoc and than tackle the rest of the things on the server Staff leads I also got some controversy for you as well, you complain about me daily making these stupid status updates that just cause shit for everyone but when I message you privately you say hey i'll deal with this tomorrow and nothing ever happens to it, or you say Matty you're abusing your friend tag by messaging you. I've seen countless situations where I personally and others feel as if it was dealt with in an ill manner but we can't say that because you will our status updates, or we get warning points / Minus rep points even as far as banning us. Another issue is when someone is trying to get a hold of you to speak with an issue you're never there but the second there is a possibility to issue a punishment all 3 of you are on and ready to hand out punishments, please please please make yourselves more readily available to be contacted. To the staff team & players, theres one major issue with these parties right now. It has to do with them both playing with the intention to report. Countless times I've seen admins purposely follow a player around until they slip up the slightest and they whack them with a ban and than run off and brag to there friends saying we got em boys, or in the case of a player 9/10 sits ends up in support wasting everyone's time. Arma 3 is an 18+ game we're all here to have fun so lets all relax a little bit and we can all get along and have fun on the server. So many new players end up getting banned for the slightest rule breaks when in reality we can teach them the rules instead of banning them and who knows they could end up being the next staff lead, help them out, nurture them, and watch them succeed! One solution I propose is for Management to prove to us that they are working on fixing this, management needs to address all the concerns and issues publicly, possibly by making a list that will hold all management members accountable and can be easily checked up on by community members. Another issue is the development status on Phoneix it seems to be at a stand still we need to get some more developers or relight the flame within Scarso and Zyn. To put it simply, everyone with power needs to come together and work together to sort out all the bullshit that is going on the server right now. Please as someone who thinks of Phoenix as there pride and joy, someone who would give everything to make sure Phoenix stays succeeding please please please help it. With all this being said, i will now be taking a leave from the community for a little while, hope everyone stays safe, don't get Corona, and see y'all in the Gulag!!!
  14. Matt


    Blames the Staff team as the reason he’s leaving 3/4 of the staff team are his friends. 🤔 


    1. Lolyhase


      Free up my guy Matty and fuck the dinosoures mate 🦕🦖

    2. Obsidian


      He meant Management, not Staff. 

    3. Lester


      Wait who

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