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  1. Ban Appeal - (TC) Proxjr - 10/14/17

    Then I guess their unbanned
  2. nice picture dude

  3. Ban Appeal - Fleming - 10/20/17

    76561198057743984 is the 64bit steamID
  4. IPCC Report

    Hello As for the seizure of Ken's firearm it was seized due to the fact that while flying above you guys i received shots from you guys and based my decision to cease that firearm off you based on the facts that had been laid in front of me thanks - Jinder Mahal
  5. Ban Appeal - (TC) Proxjr - 10/14/17

    This steamID is not banned on this server?!? @Mikey Kearns @(TC) Proxjr
  6. christian police channels

    This whole community needs Jesus Christ of Nazareth
  7. Ban Appeal - MK-1 - 10/15/17

    if caught duping / exploiting again your ban will be reinstated and won't be able to appeal! Accepted!
  8. Compensation Request - Sheepe - 10/12/17

    Compensation Request Approved Money has been put in his account 10/13/2017
  9. Ban Appeal - [TITAN] Bert - 10/02/17

    I like you bert ill give you one more chance @Tim @BertSon-G @Jelle
  10. Runs

    Keep running your mouth lil boy @[NL] Brandon
  11. Runs

    I shall not repost that disgusting terminology on the fourms
  12. Runs

    You were calling me names in support room 1 we can bump that up to a T1 if you'd like?
  13. Runs

    thanks @Webby have a great night!

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