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  1. Ban Appeal - [V] Magicz - 08/20/17

    Which staff members told you this @Frankie Wood
  2. Ban Appeal - lil gamz - 08/20/17

    I'm not willing to unban you if INFIstar aren't willing to unban you, have a good one!
  3. Whys my poor server down rip 😢😢😢

    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. Leeza


      Weve been stealing all the hobos money Matt

    3. Matt


      #AdSense looking lowww

    4. Leeza
  4. Player Report - Tim - 08/14/17

    Can I ask why your "warning shots" hit the officer? Also why did you go up to an armed man and initiate as a unarmed individual??
  5. Looting bodies

    I'm gonna say no
  6. Fox Hound

    Foxhound is a cunt
  7. Matt, why you inactive man?

    1. Matt


      No internet currently 




    3. Matt


      How are you Logan how's arsenal @LOGANPAUL ALL WAYS PLUG

  8. Heli land glitch

    Should of used auto hover to be looked into regardless!
  9. Ban Appeal - Bradley Green - 08/04/17

    Let me just add that as I was on the other team speak you started chatting shit about my community and then to top it off you delete the docs. I don't think you're sorry I think you're just bored.
  10. Speed cameras

    Where in the air @Toxicbacon
  11. Ban Appeal - Jay brean - 07/26/17

    If you say so?
  12. Ban Appeal - Jay brean - 07/26/17

    I didn't issue this ban
  13. New economy + Working in HAVOC land.

    Im talking to a person about the economy? @FlashPie
  14. New economy + Working in HAVOC land.

    I have been talking to an individual about the economy for about an hour and a half now and half in support? @FlashPie
  15. It's done...

    Mikey is not management